Top 5 Moments of January 2024

The first month of the year was quite eventful, and we can safely say that this year started off on a good note. With the New Year Bonanza taking place, the Christmas Crusade ending with a peace treaty, a healthy rivalry between two S/M armies, and the Legends Induction happening, January has been a month to remember.

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As it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of January 2024. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. AustinFraud Retires from Army of Club Penguin

Written by: Mchappy

AustinFraud retired from the Army of Club Penguin on January 21 wherein 56 individuals attended his retirement party. He was first made the 50th Commander in Chief on May 28, 2023. Leading alongside Calgocubs21 and Coolguy, AustinFraud was able to break many records for the Clover army, including winning its very first Legends Cup trophy and, once again, becoming the number one army of the year. AustinFraud’s rise to leadership is especially unique considering he rejoined as the second-to-lowest ranked member at the end of 2022, making his way up naturally to the spot of Commander in Chief. His leadership will be remembered as a dominant one filled with wars, like World War IX, trophies, and being known as one of the most successful AUSIA leaders in the private server era.

AustinFraud’s Retirement Event

4. Christmas Crusade Ends With Peace Treaty

Written by: Edu14463

Following controversial findings regarding the army’s internal affairs, the United Front Alliance, originally composed of the Army of Club Penguin, Coup Crusaders, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Templars issued a war declaration against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin on December 22nd, 2023. Throughout the last two months, a total of twenty-seven battles took place, showcasing the intensity of the conflict. To the surprise of many, the Elite Guardians managed to turn the war score in their favor, marking a 15-0-12 [W-T-L]. After almost a week without battles, on January 21st, 2024, a peace treaty dubbed ‘Treaty of Mammoth-Zero Grau’ was signed between both parties, marking a neutral end to the war and formally ending all hostilities.

Treaty of Mammoth-Zero Grau

3. People’s Imperial Confederation Declares War on Winged Hussars

Written by: Mchappy

On January 21, the same day that the People’s Imperial Confederation ended their Christmas Crusade against the Elite Guardians, they immediately hopped into a war against the Winged Hussars, allies of their enemies. In the heat of the Christmas Crusade, the Confederation pointed towards misconduct that occurred on the Winged Hussars’ Discord as inappropriate and needing action taken against. Hopefully, the war would showcase the strength of the small-medium army community, and that it did. Despite some no-show battles, the armies fought vigorously for two weeks. Considering both armies have Polish themes as their army’s inspiration, a healthy rivalry was forming right before the community’s eyes.

Terms of the War

2. Army of Club Penguin and People’s Imperial Confederation Announced as Victors of New Year Bonanza

Written by: Ugly

The New Year Bonanza saw a fabulous return after 2 years since the last edition. This latest edition saw a total of 9 armies participating, 5 being major armies and 4 being Small/Medium armies. Since this tournament doesn’t have the normal format of battles taking place, all armies clashed against each other as they faced a different army in each room, with the twist of not knowing who they would be facing next. After a bunch of massive battles, the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation managed to make it to overtime. The People’s Imperial Confederation managed to find a quick win as they instantly were declared the victors of the Small/Medium title. The Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation fought a hard battle against each other for the champion title, but in the end, the Army of Club Penguin managed to come out victorious and win the Major title of the tournament. This tournament saw a lot of positive feedback from the community, seeing the intensity and great performance of all armies participating and generally a good show of sportsmanship and entertainment.

Small Medium Army Victor – People’s Imperial Confederation

Major Army Victor – Army of Club Penguin

1. Legends Induction results for 2023 are announced

Written by: Disha

On January 3rd, the Legends Induction process started for the year 2023 with the Major as well as Small/Medium Nominations being announced. There was a change in the workings this year, as the Legends Committee Team announced that there would no longer be a community vote. Instead of that, they introduced the “community nominee” vote wherein the community would vote on who they would like to see nominated for legend with each person being allowed to vote for up to three individuals. Further, the top two people who received the most votes would then be getting the community nominee spots in the nominations. As a result of this, Coolguy and Alucard were added to the nominations list, in the major and small/medium categories respectively. Following this, the results of Legends Induction were announced on January 18th, with Calgocubs21 being inducted as an Army Legend for the year 2023.

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what the next month shall hold for the army community. Do you think February will be an exciting month? What were the top moments in January for you, and why are they so?

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