Top Ten Armies of the Year: 2023 in Statistics

With another year in the book, we can reflect upon the top tens of the previous 12 months. The CPA team is excited to release the in-depth statistics of 2023 in this year’s Top Ten Armies of the Year.

As noted in the research conducted yesterday by our Editor-in-Chief Coolguy for his editorial, The Downfall of Armies is Not Here, this year has seen areas of improvement compared to the year prior. This year has also seen more competition with the end of the Templars‘ 47-week top-ten streak at the hands of the Army of Club Penguin who achieved first place at the bookend of last year.

With the end of Templars’ golden era under its Emperor Emeritus Xing, we saw immediate shiftings in first-place as the community was shaken up. In the first three months alone, we witnessed eight different armies (including the reigning top army of 2023—the Templars) take the top spot; this has never happened in the history of the Top Ten Armies of the Year. In fact, save for 2016, this year had the most first-place finishings ever.

The void left by the end of the Templars’ unprecedented streak that set the all-time first-place record allowed for a roller-coaster of a year. The return of the Elite Guardians, the nearly 2 weeks long World War, the October Avalanche multiplier (and the subsequent December multiplier), and general changes in the wider community fueled the changes seen this year.

With that all said, we would like to introduce the top ten armies of this year:

Top Ten Armies of 2023

Ranking Army Icon Army Name Scoring Change
1. Army of Club Penguin 916


2. Help Force


3. Rebel Penguin Federation 867


4. Water Vikings
841 ↑2
5. Templars of Club Penguin


6. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
750 NEW
7. Special Weapons and Tactics
8. People’s Imperial Confederation
531 10
9. Dark Vikings
481 4
10. Penguins of Madagascar
346 NEW

Close to the Top Ten

Ranking Army Name Scoring Change
11. Napalm Corps
146 NEW
12. Ice Warriors
144 ↓8
13. Dark Pirates
100 NEW
14. Coup Crusaders
84 NEW

Click here to see the total for all armies.

The Top Ten scores of the top armies in 2023. Click here for the version with labels.

The Army of Club Penguin for the first time in its history has come in first place for the yearly edition of the Top Ten. Accomplishing their first-place finish of the year on March 19th, the ACP competed heavily with the freshly revived Elite Guardians for the latter half of the year, rotating spots with some minor interruptions in between.

The Top Ten noticed heavy spikes during World War IX, with the highest score of the year coming on June 11th. Whilst nowhere close to eclipsing Templars‘ 94.29 on July 31st of last year, 4 armies accomplished scores higher than 60 which had not been seen since the wee weeks of 2022—having to go back to February 27th, 2022.

Below are some statistics that can help put this year in perspective:

 2023 in Statistics

Top Scores of the Year

The highest overall score this year was the Water Vikings‘ total concluding the week of June 10th, 2023. This came in the middle of World War IX which saw other armies spike in scoring. Below is the full list of the top 10 scores of the year:

1. Water Vikings (81.63) – Week 23
2. Rebel Penguin Federation (81.09) – Week 23
3. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (76.58) – Week 23
4. Water Vikings (71.91) – Week 22
5. Army of Club Penguin (71.24) – Week 22
6T. Army of Club Penguin (68.5) – Week 11
6T. Army of Club Penguin (68.5) – Week 31
8. Templars of Club Penguin (67.00) – Week 1
9. Army of Club Penguin (68.50) – Week 23
10. Water Vikings (62.58) – Week 21

Longest Streaks at #1

The army that held first place the longest was the Elite Guardians, stretching from November 12th to December 24th. They would hold the first-place spot for 7 weeks straight. Below is the list of the five longest streaks this here:

1. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (7 weeks) – Week 44 to Week 50
2T. Water Vikings (4 weeks) – Week 21 to Week 24
2T. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (4 weeks) – Week 27 to Week 30
5T. Army of Club Penguin (3 weeks) – Week 31 to Week 33
5T. Army of Club Penguin (3 weeks) – Week 37 to Week 39

Most Weeks at #1

The army that held first place the most this year was the Elite Guardians with 15 first-place finishings. They hardly edge out the Army of Club Penguin who came in a close second with 14 first-place finishings.

That wraps up another year in the books. It has been an amazing year for the community. Whether or not we will see this level of competitiveness remains to be seen but with a new map coming soon anything is in the cards. This year was only possible with the people who took part in the community this year. This also means army leaders and troops, not just their own armies.

Club Penguin Armies remains steadfast in our commitment to provide the best top tens in the entire community for the foreseeable future. With the strides taken this year, we look forward to what 2024 has in store. A special thanks to Rowan Alden who provided the calculations, and a further thanks to Frostty, Omsk, Shalissia, Spotty, Aubz, Edu, Jojo Teri, Litt, Mogi, Princhi, Rooboo, Nicky, Zenishira, Alemax, Sweater, Ugly, Jakob, and Spinster for all contributing to this year as committee members.

From myself, Mchappy, Disha, Link, and the rest of the committee, we wish you all a Happy New Year, CPA!

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