Christmas Crusade Ends With Peace Treaty

Two days ago, the Elite Guardians and the United Front Alliance signed a peace treaty, marking the end of the Christmas Crusade war. After weeks of several fierce and fiery conflicts, which circumstances led to this agreement?

Christmas Crusade Treaty

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A month ago, the United Front Alliance, originally composed of the Army of Club Penguin, Coup Crusaders, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Templars issued a war declaration against the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. Following controversial findings regarding the army’s internal affairs, the alliance deemed it fundamental to fight against the Guardians, willing to deliver accountability. Throughout late December and January, 27 battles took place, marking a close and intense conflict. The war score was 15-0-12 [W-T-L] in favor of the Elite Guardians.

CC Treaty

Christmas Crusade Last Battle

On January 11th, the Coup Crusaders and the Guardians signed the Treaty of Covfefe. In the treaty, EGCP claimed victory in their conflict against the army. Moreover, this marked the Crusaders’ official withdrawal from the Alliance. This was the first sign pointing towards a possible end of the war.

Following the conclusion of the twenty-seventh battle, the combatants spent a week without scheduling invasions against each other. Therefore, the army community was under the impression that the war was finally coming to an end. Thus, in the early hours of January 21st, 2024, the Treaty of Mammoth-Zero Grau was signed between the EGCP and the UFA. This armistice marks the formal end to all hostilities between both parties and, consequently, the conclusion of the Christmas Crusade.

Christmas Crusade Treaty

Christmas Crusade comes to an end

Aiming to understand the reasons behind the peace treaty, Club Penguin Armies approached the leaders of the signatory armies. The organization also asked them to provide their reflections on the conflict and their prospects for the future.

Fitsuki, EGCP Leader: Initially, I didn’t think EGCP would do so well in this war. I imagined that we would always be at a size disadvantage, but it wasn’t like that. Due to the lack of unity of the “United” Front Alliance, the result was very different from what I thought it would be. It was a shattering of expectations for me and I imagine it was for many others. This episode showed how strong the Elite Guardians and their alliance with the Winged Hussars are. Not even 5 armies were able to stop us. It’s surprising. Just imagine, trying to pit the whole world against two armies and ending up losing to them, even with the whole world on your side. Yes, we won, and nothing will change that. People can speak ill of us and even try to cancel us, but nothing will change what was done on the battlefield. But anyway, we signed the treaty because we have more important things than this senseless war, we have our own plans to grow even more in 2024. We are on neutral terms now, so the hostilities finally ended. However, the treaty was not signed out of exhaustion, at least not on the part of the EGCP, since the Elite Guardians are tireless and can remain in war for months and months.

Coolguy, ACP Leader: The Christmas Crusade war saw four armies carry on a war from World War IX way back in June. Of course, this time it was the other side (United Front Alliance) declaring. The war broke out on December 22nd which is exactly a month ago, as I’m writing this. The timeline is important to keep in mind when reflecting upon the war and talking about the treaty because these armies, especially ACP and EGCP have been fighting non-stop for the best half of 2023. You had World War IX, Summer Survival War and now the Christmas Crusade. With that in mind, it had to end sometime. With a month closing in after a war which saw both sides or the war come out on top at one point or another, it was clear to see that neither side wanted to give in. However, I think we can all agree when I say that sometimes you need to know when to end the war. Without a mutually agreed treaty, this war could have raged on for months with neither side wanting to lose and no real way to end the war because armies are reliant on maps nowadays which can be a big cry for help regarding wars. Armies don’t have servers they “own” like they did in the past or that can get taken so both sides are just fighting but with no real goal which is why you saw no-show battles I assume. I think the CCII war is a realisation for armies as it made everyone look carefully and realise different things. The declarations shined a light on the armies, EGCP and the Winged Hussars but it has also had an impact on every army within the community, whether it involved their armies or not. I’m not just talking about connections to the aforementioned armies but if we look at propaganda for example, I think it has opened people’s eyes in many ways because we’re all aware that most armies have been guilty of creating some sort of propaganda during their time, especially for OG armies, which upon reflection shouldn’t have been but it serves as a realisation for many. Of course, I’m not going to delve into everything because there is simply no need to, the end of the war has seen all hostilities cease and by no means is this description intended to be hostile in any way. As for the war battle themselves, I think it’s clear that the community needs some sort of system. If we don’t have a map, let’s whip some servers out and do it OG style but more organised. Let’s be ruthless. Otherwise, war will die out and armies will drop off with sizes decreasing. The community lives and dies off of wars, even the news does so I believe that something should be done before that happens. It’s quite simple really. Now, I’m not saying ACP is coming out of this war looking for war LOL, we are not. However, when thinking about the community, the aforementioned statement is very much true.

Dawnables, TCP Leader: The Christmas Crusade war was definitely a huge success, while we didn’t meet all of our goals, our impact won’t be ignored. The war had begun during the Christmas break season, making it uncertain as to when the war would meet an end. The treaty was brought to the table once the war score became equal to finally reach a neutrality to this war. The intentions and feelings of the Templars won’t go away because of the treaty, we will continue to want more change to better the community.

Sidie9, PIC Leader:

Undoubtedly, this war will go down in history as a memorable one. Even though all the odds were against the Guardians, they managed to swiftly take control of the conflict. On the other hand, the United Front Alliance certainly achieved its goals of fighting to keep the community safe. However, many questions are posed: do you think the UFA presented an effective way to fight against alleged toxicity? Will the Elite Guardians adapt to the community standards? What are your thoughts about this conflict?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 January 24, 2024 (1:23 am)

    I think UFA did outstanding and fought against alleged toxicity, no offense to EGCP. But i still don’t trust y’all after what you did!

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