Legends Inductions 2023: Community Nominee Results

For the first time ever, the community has put two individuals up to the plate in their hopeful bids’ to become a Club Penguin Army Legend.

Before we divulge the results of the community vote, there are a couple changes in the Legends Committee personnel to announce.  Firstly, 2020 Major Legend Regan left the board before discussions began because of personal reasons.  Also shortly before discussions took off, 2019 S/M Legend Mehak and 2011 Major Legend Roberto entered the committee.  Though we typically do not accept late entrants, exceptions were made due to the new stipulation of every legend- regardless of activity- being able to participate.  That being said, here is the final legends committee list:

  • Iceyfeet12342008 Army Legend
  • DMT 2019 Army Legend
  • Orange2016 S/M Army Legend
  • 32op2020 Army Legend
  • Aaronstone42 2022 Army Legend
  • Csy2020 Army Legend
  • Edu144632018 Army Legend
  • Elexonck2022 Army Legend
  • Epic1012018 Army Legend
  • Ganger902011 Army Legend
  • Kally 2022 Army Legend
  • Kingfunks42013 Army Legend
  • Mchappy2011 Army Legend
  • Mustapha102015 Army Legend
  • Roberto2011 Army Legend
  • Silverburg2017 Army Legend
  • Superhero1232019 Army Legend
  • Twitchy5432018 Army Legend
  • Wwebestfan2011 Army Legend

S/M Legends:

  • Freedomist2020 S/M Army Legend
  • Mare2021 S/M Army Legend
  • Mehak – 2019 S/M Army Legend
  • Revan2015 S/M Army Legend
  • Sidie92012 S/M Army Legend
  • Ulysses Nardo2017 S/M Army Legend

With that out of the way, it is now time to reveal the first ever Community Nominees!  The Legends Committee would like to congratulate:

  • Coolguy – Army of Club Penguin (Major Nominee)

  • Alucard – People’s Imperial Confederation (S/M Nominee)

While there were many who received votes, Coolguy and Alucard were the clear frontrunners, with over 50% of voters voting for the former and over 25% voting for the latter.  Let it be known that the legends committee will labor over these nominees and factor in their popularity with the community into their decision.  On behalf of the committee heads, I would like to thank everyone who submitted votes this year.  This year is sort of a “trial run” on the idea of community nominees and we look forward to expanding upon it in future induction cycles, gathering input from both the community and the legends committee!

Finally, I can share the remaining timeline for the 2023 Legends Inductions Cycle.  The committee will continue to discuss the nominees until the end of this week, and voting will begin promptly afterwards.  The community can expect the results of the inductions on January 18th, 2024.  Please be mindful that because of the increased board size this year, it is necessary for the process to take a bit longer than previous years.

Once again, we wish good luck to all nominees and look forward to inducting another class of Club Penguin Army Legends!

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