Army Board

  • The army board will consist of all the armies that appeared on Top Ten Armies for four consecutive weeks, excluding proxies and colonies. 
  • The board will consist of one member from each army, who must be very active in the community and willing to engage in discussions. This member can be switched at any point. 
  • The army board will vote on everything related to the league rules and map. A 60% vote* is needed for all league decisions to pass. The number of reps needed to pass the vote will be rounded up or down depending on how many people there are on the board. For example, 7/12 or 8/13. 
  • Once a topic is discussed, it cannot be revisited until 1 month in time has passed.
  • The army board will be consulted about tournaments and community events, although their organization lies on the administration’s side.
  • The admins have full decision-making power over the war and invasion, terms, treaties, bans or unbans.
  • The admins have the right to forfeit a representatives spot on the Army Board with consultation with the rest of the aforementioned board.
  • * There will be a reasonable deadline to cast votes (between 24 and 48 hours), and the 60% pass needed will be 60% of the total people that voted – not 60% of the entire board.

Definition of a proxy/colony/meme army: “A proxy/colony/meme is defined by having shared members and/or staff in the leadership and/or any other hierarchical position (such as higher command, modship, etc) with another army. These are not defined rules which determine if an army is a proxy/colony/meme and the final declaration is up to the administration’s discretion.”

The army board has complete power over league rules and map decisions unless they want to pass that decision over to the administration to make on their behalf. A 60% army board vote would be needed for this to happen.

If an army does not hold an event for four weeks, they will be removed from the league/army board and their servers will be released as free-land. If they wish to rejoin the league, they will need to reapply.

The Meeting & Voting Process

A ‘Head Representative’ (HR) will exist on a 2-week rotational basis and rotate through the armies on the board. They are responsible for working alongside the administration to facilitate and host the meetings and subsequent votes. Together, the HR and administration will ensure a thorough discussion of the topics and issues that have taken place before a vote is held. Once the vote is done, there is no going back and the administration cannot intervene. The administration will execute whatever the board decided.  In the discussion, the HR & administration will present arguments for/against specific issues and then counterarguments to ensure a thorough analysis of every angle has been considered by all. They may present many opinions but not attempt to sway anyone into a specific decision. A board member can’t request a revote sooner than a month after the previous discussion concerning the topic took place.

If an army is present on the board, its leaders can be given access to read ⁠#board-announcements, #board-general ⁠and #meeting-room. They will not be able to message in them, nor will they have permission to see ⁠#voting. Plese contact the administration if you wish for your leaders to be added.