New Year Bonanza 2024: Results

The so-expected and exciting New Year Bonanza was a success. With nine armies competing, the army community saw intense and chaotic clashes taking place. Let us find out the winners of the first tournament of the year.

New Year Bonanza

Designed by Wynn

The New Year Bonanza tournament saw five Major armies clashing against one another, as well as four Small/Medium armies going against each other. However, only one army could emerge victorious from their respective divisions. Were the community predictions accurate?

Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians

Throughout the entire room, the Army of Club Penguin commanded a healthy size advantage against the Elite Guardians. Even though both armies suffered from gappy formations, the Guardians managed to dominate the room through their fast tactics and better performance. The Clovers, however, picked up their speed, but it was not enough to secure a win. Therefore, this resulted in an EGCP victory.

New Year Bonanza

The Two Rivals Face Each Other

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The deciding factor, besides a 10+ size advantage to the Rebel Penguin Federation, to determine the victor was formation choices. The Rebels used their neater formations and faster pace to their advantage, successfully covering most of the Help Force‘s formations. With all those factors combined, the judges deemed the Rebels as the winners of this room.

New Year Bonanza

RPF covering HF

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

This conflict was deemed as one of the closest of this year’s New Year Bonanza. However, once again, formation choices were the deciding factor. While the sizes were very similar throughout the room, ACP showed their dominance by displaying better formations that managed to cover the Water Vikings. With neater forms, the Clovers attained their first room victory.

New Year Bonanza

WV and ACP covering each other

Elite Guardians vs. Help Force

The Guardians commanded the size advantage this time, with a size difference of 8 troops. However, the Helpers outperformed the former with cleaner formations and a better troop:tactic ratio and speed. Comparatively, EGCP did not make good use of its size advantage and was slower at times. Therefore, the Help Force was crowned as the winner of this room.

EGCP and HF in a close battle

Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The first tie of the tournament saw both armies engaging a very close combat. Despite the healthy size advantage on behalf of the Clovers helping them sometimes, both armies switched the domain of the room. Both ACP and RPF started performing at a similar rate halfway through the end with similar paces and tactical performance. Therefore, the room became a tie.

The First Tie of NYB

Elite Guardians vs. Water Vikings

Once again, formation choices played a big role in the judges’ verdict. The Vikings used their size advantage wisely and covered the Guardians in several instances. Therefore, due to WV displaying fewer AFK troops and showcasing better formations, they won their first room.


Overtime: Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Once again, the Clovers and the Rebels met on the battlefield. At first, both armies experienced messy formations and switched control of the room. However, halfway through the end the Clovers accelerated their pace and outperformed the Rebels, who had some AFK troops across the room. Therefore, due to their faster tactics and neater formations, as well as having a better troop:tactic ratio, the Army of Club Penguin won the room and New Year Bonanza 2024!

Army of Club Penguin beats the Rebels in the OT room

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Winged Hussars

The first clash of the Small/Medium division saw the Penguins of Madagascar battling against the Winged Hussars. The Hussars commanded a healthy size advantage and, thus, managed to easily cover POM and defend well against their movements. Therefore, with their better performance, WH acquired their victory.

WH vs. POM in the Inside Mine

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The People’s Imperial Confederation debuted in New Year Bonanza in a showdown against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The battle saw both armies with similar sizes at some points. However, PIC managed to showcase better tactics and formations, outperforming SWAT. Therefore, the Confederates won their first battle.

PIC vs. SWAT in Forest

Penguins of Madagascar vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

In this battle, POM gained momentum and gave their all against PIC. The Penguins defended well against PIC’s movements and at some instances covered the Confederates. However, given the latter’s size and better tactical performance, PIC attained their second victory, highlighted by good formations.

PIC and POM in a fierce battle

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Winged Hussars

This time, SWAT was leading the size advantage. Both armies suffered from a lack of coordination and seemed a little lost on the battlefield. The Hussars managed to cover the Agents at some points as both armies shared the same formation for a while. However, this room was deemed as a tie because of both armies’ inconsistency and AFK troops.

New Year Bonanza

WH covering SWAT in Stadium

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

In this room, SWAT’s performance was seen to decrease in quality, while POM managed to cover the Agents and display better formations. The judges noted that SWAT overused BWB and spent considerable minutes still without sending tactics. Therefore, POM was declared the winner of the room.

New Year Bonanza

POM in a Diagonal against a Scattered SWAT

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Winged Hussars

The last battle of the tournament saw PIC clashing against their war enemies. In this room, both armies had a commendable performance, with practically no AFK troops and creative formations, making the size difference irrelevant. Nonetheless, thanks to the Confederates’ more consistent tactics and less messy formations, they were declared the winners of the room, and, therefore, the New Year Bonanza S/M champions!

New Year Bonanza

PIC Covering WH in the Iceberg

New Year Bonanza Major Champions – Army of Club Penguin

New Year Bonanza Small/Medium Champions – People’s Imperial Confederation

Club Penguin Armies reached out to ACP leader Coolguy and PIC commander Sweater in order to comprehend their impressions of their victories.

Coolguy: ACP’s victory in the NYB is an amazing achievement for ACP and personally for me too. In the 8 months I’ve led ACP, we have taken home the LC with the triumvirate intact, the Trick or Treat Trials with Austin and now the New Year Bonanza which is just incredible. ACP worked hard this week and we wanted this win…we needed this win. ACP may be at the top of the Top Tens but at the end of the day, an army’s performance in battles/tournaments shows the army’s true standing/strength. Winning this proved that despite Austin stepping down, despite not winning the Christmas Chaos, ACP are still going to run riot in tournaments and we shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. The armies we faced gave us battles which gave us something to fight for and they gave a lot too but we were glad to overcome that. Now, we look towards the future and only time will tell what is next for ACP but we will be aiming for the sky. The staff and HCOM within ACP share the same hunger and we want to continue reaching high

Sweater:  I’m really proud of everyone in PIC. Not just the leaders, but the new recruits who are taking a serious interest in these types of events. It’s great to see. I didn’t really think this would go another way, we are the best SM army right now with the best leadership, but it was still really fun.

We, at Club Penguin Armies, would like to extend our gratitude to all participating armies and, of course, our partners Club Penguin Army Judges for ensuring a good procedure for New Year Bonanza 2024. Congratulations to the Army of Club Penguin and the People’s Imperial Confederation for attaining the first tournament trophies of the year! What are your thoughts on tournaments of this format? Do you think it should become a tradition within CPA?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 January 28, 2024 (4:16 am)

    EGcP shouldn’t have been invited!

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