Legend is one of the most coveted titles in CP Armies, only currently held by a total of 84 individuals; thousands of people have come and gone in this community over its eighteen years in existence. The process of receiving Legend is a long process, that sends your name to review by a group comprised of Legends who cast votes. Usually, inductions happen in January of the next year to decide the newly inducted legends for that particular year. Below outlines the process for selecting and inducting legends as of 2023.

How the legend process works:

  • A committee is put together by three acting Legends Committee Heads, one of which also serves as the S/M Manager.  Any legend from previous years is able to be invited.
  • As of the 2023 inductions, the longstanding community vote was replaced with Community Nominees, which allows the community to vote for two individuals of their choosing to be submitted as nominees for the year, alongside the list put together by the formed Legends Committee.
  • The committee will then debate the nominees over a few days, discussing their strengths and gaps. This will be followed by members of the committee voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (or ‘abstain’) on each candidate in a private voting room that would be overseen by a minimum of two Committee Heads.
  • In order to be inducted, nominees must have more ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes.

While a limited amount of alterations were made by the 2020 Legends Committee, any legends selected in 2016 or before were done by CPA Central. Inductions in 2017 were done by CPR Army Central, 2018 legend inductions were completed by CPA Wiki and 2019 inductions were done by the CPA League. Any alterations or changes before 2020, as well as the 2020 inductions, were undertaken by the Legends Committee associated with CP Army Hub. 2021 inductions were continued by the legends committee, backed by Club Penguin Army Headquarters.  2022 inductions and onwards are continued by the Legends Committee, backed by Club Penguin Armies.


2023 brought headline after headline to a community that desperately needed some action.  Perhaps it all kicked off with the retirement of Army Legend Xing, insinuating the end of Templar dominance and leaving the top of rankings and tournaments up for grabs.  The closeness in sizes and Top Ten finishes between many armies caused tempers to flare, which lead to World War IX; one of the most divisive wars in army history.  The battles were a slog-fest, and the final treaty between the Sapphire Concordat and the Blue Sunset Alliance essentially made the result a wash.  Of course, the result cannot be mentioned without acknowledging the Rebel Penguin Federation’s accidental treaty breakage, which saw them lose all of their land as a consequence.  The year ultimately belonged to both the Army of Club Penguin- headed by the revered Calgocubs- and the “new” kids on the block: the revived Elite Guardians.  While ACP’s highlight of the year was winning Legends Cup XIII, they defeated EGCP in a war shortly after, asserting themselves as the biggest army of the year.  Despite this, EGCP sustained a stranglehold on the Top Ten, ending the year with the most first place finishes.  But it was the Water Vikings who rode off into the sunset in the annual Christmas Chaos tournament, beating both ACP and EGCP en route to their first major tournament title.  While the armies were busy dogfighting, a power struggle befell the Club Penguin Armies organization early in the year, culminating in the coup d’état of Spotty and Rowan at the hands of Wynn.  She would go on to lead CPA until October, when she retired and promoted her replacements: Mchappy, the enduring legend, and Disha, the young prodigy.



Former 2009 ACP veteran Calgocubs would rejoin ACP in 2021, officially joining the staff ranks in July of 2022. In just two months, Calgocubs would find himself at the helm of the army. Amid trying times for the ACP, Calgocubs essentially revived the army, bringing ACP out of S/M and reestablishing its status as a major contender. He would see his first of many #1s on the final Top 10 of 2022, just 3 months into his leadership. ACP would then become the #1 army of the year by 2023 Top 10 rankings, winning multiple league awards including Biggest Army of the Summer/Winter, Most Tactical Army of the Summer and Winter, with Calgo receiving awards such as the Best Major Army Leader of the Summer, Most Achieved, and the Bluesockwa Award (Biggest Influence). Calgocubs was known for his avid love for war, conquering the CPA map with the most land out of all armies in the 2023 iteration, fighting in multiple victorious wars against SWAT, Dark Vikings and the Elite Guardians. Despite being declared war on in June by 3 major armies-the Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, and EGCP- Calgo demonstrated his capacity as a war strategist, uniting the rest of the community under the Sapphire Concordat, garnering support from allies such as the Help Force, SWAT, PIC, Templars and Napalm Corps, walking out of an initially seemingly one-sided war- dubbed World War IX- unscathed. With multiple victories under his belt, he went on to lead ACP to victory in Legends Cup VIII, setting the highest max of 2023 with a total of 61 troops online and became one of the only five armies to have ever won a LC tournament.  The win also served as ACP’s first Legends Cup win in its history. To crown his incredible year, he was voted as the Person Of The Year in 2023 by Club Penguin Armies; a testament to how legendary of a figure he was.

The year of 2022 was, in many ways, a culmination of events and conflicts sparked within 2021. Though rivalry between Club Penguin Army Headquarters and Club Penguin Army Network persisted, Mr Max, alongside his media allies, paved way for a United Media initiative that allowed for numerous independently operated tournaments. March Madness VII echoed results in the previous year following a victory for the Ice Warriors under leadership like Kally. A new army-based private server, CPA Battleground, provided a new platform for war following the closure of CP Rewritten. With the divide between the major media organizations beginning to narrow, the two agreed to form Club Penguin Armies in June. The Templars continued a streak of dominance under Xing and Racecar4, materializing in a win at the finals of Legends Cup XII against the Water Vikings led by Aaronstone42. Maintaining a reputation of tenacity, the Rebel Penguin Federation, led by Elexonck, became triumphant in a conflict with Templars as well as extending their Christmas Chaos XII.

Aaronstone42’s first taste of success came as the leader of the legendary Underground Mafias Army. In just a handful of months, the army would rise from the bottom of the Small Medium Army Central rankings to 9th place on the Club Penguin Army Central top ten. He then moved on to the army he is most associated with today: the Water Vikings. Dubbed the ‘Blue Summer’, Aaron helped WV become relevant during the second golden age of CPA, earning the status of one of the ‘Great Leaders’ in the WV hall of fame. He later went on to lead the Pretzels and the Blue Miners Army; both of which reached sizes of 50+ and top five placements in CPAC under his command in 2015. In the CPPS era- though he began as an advisor- he would go on to lead the revival of WV in July of 2021. The army quickly rose to sizes of 25+ and competed for 5th place in the top ten. WV also declared themselves winners of a war against the Templars after their enemy stopped showing up. The crown jewel of Aaron’s career was their domination of Champions Cup VI- the first major tournament win for WV. Despite a turbulent surrounding cast, WV peaked at second place under his command in the summer of 2022 and took down Special Weapons & Tactics in the second Eagre Foray war. The culmination of his efforts came to be in Legends Cup XII, as his army advanced to the finals before a close loss to the Templars despite sizes of over 50. Even with his retirement on October 15th of 2022, he remained a key figure in the Water Vikings government, assisting the army’s tie in a war against TCP. A testament to how much he was the lifeblood of WV, the army would close on the 13th of November, less than a month after his retirement. Aaronstone’s dedication to his leadership is unrivaled, and for that, he deserves this legend nomination.

Elexonck would first begin his army career in 2018 by entering RPF and becoming a member of staff by the fall of 2019. After reaching the position of 2nd-in-Command in 2020, Elex would take part in leading many of RPF’s successful war invasions against the Recon Federation, Water Vikings, and other enemy armies at the time. Elex entered the leadership in February 2021, alongside co-leader F6sixer. He then continued to lead RPF to 100+ sizes at the 14th RPF anniversary celebration and preserved RPF’s champion titles by winning both Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI. By 2022, Elex triumphed against the Templars against all odds and led RPF to new heights in the Summer Sovereignty War. RPF came out on top and powered through Christmas Chaos XII, taking home yet another title. Throughout this RPF Icon’s leadership, he has led the rebels to the #1 spot on the Top Ten and represented how powerful this army can be.

Kally first joined the Ice Warriors in early 2020, quickly making her way up the ranks to achieve Leader in Training in the fall of 2020. Before finally achieving the official rank as Leader in the Ice Warriors, Kally aided the leaders as a Leader In Training during the CCX Tournament and March Madness 2021 tournament, helping solidify IW’s 1st place victory. In the Spring of 2021, Kally officially became Leader in Ice Warriors, and later earning the title of IW Legend. During her time as Leader, she brought the Ice Warriors to the Semi Finals in the Legends Cup XI tournament with sizes of 80+, the finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament with sizes of 65+, and the finals in the Ausia Arena with sizes of 50+. She also maintained the Ice Warriors in the 1st / 2nd place in the Top 10 for a majority of the year, which eventually lead to IW becoming the #1 army of 2021. She also led the Ice Warriors to their victory in the March Madness 2022 tournament, maxing sizes of 60+. In addition to leading countless battles, Kally helped innovate IW by creating the IW News Center and worked with her Staff to form the IW Olympics. Outside of IW, Kally was a major contributor in the media aspect of armies, serving as Associate Producer of CPAH and Editor in Chief of CPAN and CPA. Kally was also heavily involved in the unification discussions between CPAN and CPAHQ, which helped to create the formation of CPA. During her time as Editor in Chief at CPA, she worked alongside the admins and co-editors to set up the foundation of CPA’s media. In addition, she has been an active judge in the community since 2022, judging several major tournament battles and wars. Throughout Kally’s CP army career, she has been an influential figure to many, both on the leadership side of armies as well as the media side.

Max has held multiple high-ranking positions as a 10-year army veteran, including successful stints in the Doritos, Pirates, Redemption Force, Water Vikings, Nachos, etc. Returning to the army community in November 2019, he served predominantly in the Army of Club Penguin as a Second-in-Command, eventually making it to Commander-in-Chief in June 2021. During his time in ACP, he has led multiple successful wars and tournaments, winning the inaugural Project: Conquest under his leadership. Armies aside, Max is perhaps best known for his passion for writing. He served as the Vice President of Club Penguin Army Media in 2020 and helped to push the merger with Club Penguin Army League to form the Club Penguin Army Hub. He played a key part in the CPAH administration, working hard behind the scenes to improve the unified map and top 10, something the community had not seen since CP’s closure in 2017. With the community once again thrown into divide in March 2021, Max was one of the leading charges of unity, forming United Media to host AUSIA Arena and later March Madness in 2022. He later played a key role in the unification of the CPAHQ and CPAN to form Club Penguin Armies, serving as CEO of CPA until his departure in October 2022. Max is also known for his love for community events. Hosting multiple community-wide events such as the Color Wars, Spring Showdown, and two successful Community Pride Parades, Max has been one of the leading voices of pride within CPA’s LGBTQIA+ community. Without someone like Max, someone who has been at the unification table twice, it is unclear if 2022 would’ve been such a success up to his retirement.

Racecar sees his second legend nomination here after a truly incredible 2022 at the helm of Templars. His journey truly began in late 2020 in a sudden return to the leadership he quickly ascertained the respect of many amongst the Templars greatest. Racecar was critical in Templars 5th Holy War against RFCP leading several successful attacks resulting in victories against them, assisting the army rise from a languishing medium army in the midst of struggles, to one considered a formidable force with official major status being handed out in May 2021. The year 2021 truly saw Racecar come to the forefront of the community with himself being a major player in multiple conflicts with the Water Vikings as well as leading Templars to glory in the 6th Errantry War against the Magma Clan as well as victory as well as victory in wars against SWAT and Silver Empire. 2021 didn’t stop there for Racecar with a plethora of successes in tournaments, leading Templars to the Champions Cup 2021 Finals as well as Christmas Chaos 2021 and Legends Cup 2021 Semi Finals seeing sizes of 80+ in these tournaments, a feat worthy of admirable praise within Templars due to recent woes in tournaments. Templars won awards such as Biggest Rise of 2021, firmly stating his prowess during this calendar year once more. Finally, 2021 saw Racecar’s induction into the Templar Hall of Fame, being only one of two recipients in this year. This dominancy continued throughout 2022 with the year starting strong for Racecar with a victory in the 2022 New Year Bonanza as well as another war victory this time against Red Ravagers. Sizes kept increasing, first place kept coming for Templars in the Top Ten with none to oppose them leading to what was dubbed the “Golden Domination” of the Top Ten midway through 2022 when Racecar smashed the Top Ten record as they celebrated their twenty first week of first position in the weekly Top Ten on June 5th 2022. Racecar had a prominent role in 2022’s greatest war between Templars and RPF, distinguishing himself at the pinnacle of leading, assisting the Templars to victories against RPF during the conflict. Racecar’s domination continued throughout the latter parts of 2022 with war victories against SWAT and Lime Green Army also contributed to Templars being the gold standard of 2022. Perhaps Racecar’s greatest achieved happened on October 15th 2022, when Racecar led Templars to their first ever victory in the 2022 Legends Cup maxing 83 at the finals, becoming only the fourth ever army to win the competition and followed up with an equally strong performance in the 2022 Christmas Chaos, narrowly missing out on victory in the Final. With the Templars absolute domination of 2022, there can be no doubt as to Racecar’s status as one of the best leaders of this generation.


ImageThis year was one of the more turbulent years in CPPS Army history, as it began with the move from flash to HTML5, which came with numerous challenges for armies. Following the collapse of CP Army Hub, CP Army HQ formed and became the main news organisation. There was controversy surrounding the March Madness tournament, which saw the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors split to form their own league – CP Army Network. However, it was a big victory for the Ice Warriors who, under the leadership of Flamez and others, won March Madness. There were numerous wars, including a significant world war between the Vengeance Alliance and Western Bloc, while RPF won both the Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI.

Flamez started his career in CP Armies over a decade ago, working his way up the ranks of multiple legendary armies. Between 2ic in RPF to leader in Pirates, Golds, and most notably the Ice Warriors, Flamez has built up a renowned portfolio during his career. During the CPPS era, Flamez was primarily a Leader in the Ice Warriors, but he also helped revive the Golds in 2020, aiding them to get back on their feet, and eventually reaching sizes of 80+ at times during their war with DCP. In the Ice Warriors, Flamez helped lead the army to two March Madness tournament victories, one of which the Ice Warriors reached a whopping size of 165+, and the other 100+. On top of this, he also lead the Ice Warriors throughout the entirety of their ongoing wars against DCP and later the NDA, reaching sizes of 100+ during several battles, and eventually bringing the Ice Warriors to victory after the downfall of the NDA. At both the Legends Cup X and CCX tournaments, peak sizes ranging from 100-120+ were also achieved under Flamez throughout multiple rounds. Outside of the battlefield, Flamez was inducted in both the Ice Warriors and RPF Hall of Fames, as Ice Warriors Legend and RPF Hero. In addition, he was one of the core founders of the Black Ice Alliance, the strongest alliance in modern day armies. Under Flamez leadership throughout 2021, the Ice Warriors remained in 1st / 2nd place in most of the Top 10’s. Upon his retirement, Flamez has been actively advising the Ice Warriors throughout the remainder of 2021.


Nobody could have foreseen what would happen in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic bought numerous veterans back into the community, sparking the ‘third golden age’ of CP Armies and unity between CPR and CPO armies. This unity came in the form of a merge between Ayan’s CP Army Media and CP Army League, to form a new league – CP Army Hub. This year was strong for the Army of CP, led solely by CSY and the Ice Warriors under numerous leaders, but notably Regan. The most dominant army this year was the Rebel Penguin Federation, with Crazzy one half of a dual leadership, as they won four tournaments including the 10th edition of the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos.

Ayan first began his journey in armies in 2018 around the outbreak of World War VII. His army, Help Force, did not take part in the war, instead focusing on growing. During the 2018 Legends Cup, Help Force was eliminated in the second round, but this was still a revolutionary feat for a newly formed army. Help Force quickly became a strong military power that would reach sizes in the 60s and higher. Under Ayan, Help Force became very well-known through the community and engaged in numerous wars with Club Penguin Online alliances, defeating armies like the Pirates, Templars, and Light Troops. Ayan’s Help Force also defeated the Pirates at the 2019 Summer Bash and accomplished an arguably greater feat: the Help Force Exodus, which moved Help Force from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten with an entirely new Discord Server. Ayan, however, is most known for his work this year in the media, with emphasis on his leadership of CP Army Media and the founding of CP Army Hub. His work as Chief Executive Officer of CP Army Media included heavy post-production, upkeep, and administration alongside his partner, Emcee. He also worked to help unify the community under one league and one news site, leading to CP Army Hub. Ayan was undoubtedly a trailblazer in anything he did, from founding popular news sites and leagues to creating what is arguably one of the most successful armies to be created during the CPPS army era.

Crazzy is well-known in the army community for her work in the Rebel Penguin Federation, her home army since 2019. Working from private, she quickly ranked up to 2ic right before World War Rewritten. As a 2ic, she was given the task to lead against ACP land in multiple battles, most notably leading the defense of Tuxedo, the biggest CPR-side battle in history. Following the war, she was given Rebel Commander at the beginning of June where she began her reign of dominance alongside Cosmo. She was able to lead RPF to victory in the Legends Cup, reaching sizes of 162. Following the tournament, she played a key role in the foundation of the Black Ice Alliance, the largest alliance in recent memory. She led RPF through wars versus DCP and RFCP, reaching sizes of 100 and chasing both of them out of the league. Her next big achievement came in October where RPF won the Fright or Fight tournament, sweeping ACP 3-0 in the finals, surpassing 120 once again. Subsequently, RPF declared war on Water Vikings. Dubbed as the Black Seas War, RPF was able to go undefeated once more. Under Crazzy’s leadership, RPF has been the most dominant army of the year, being first on the top ten for almost the entirety of her leadership. She has been able to surpass expectations as Rebel Commander, helping RPF reach sizes of almost 130 in December.

CSY, one of the community’s key AUSIA figures, joined armies in 2015. Since joining, he’s held successful positions including AUSIA leader in the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, and Water Vikings prior to the original Club Penguin shutdown. He also took part in a brief spell as Chief Executive Officer of news organization Small-Medium Army Central. During his most recent stint, CSY joined the Army of Club Penguin high command in November 2019. Following months of diligence at the head of the army’s AUSIA division, CSY succeeded leader Koloway and became the 48th leader of the Army of Club Penguin in February 2020 and continues to serve as the Commander-In-Chief to this date. Since then, he established the army as a consistent top contender, with many in the community believing the army has been strongest under his leadership since Boomer’s famous 2010 generation. CSY even claimed the number one spot on the Club Penguin Army Hub major top ten, just one of three armies to do so this year. Most notably, CSY played a pivotal role in the infamous World War Rewritten and took his army to the Fright or Fight finals, where the army saw an enormous size of 116 online. His AUSIA division has also proved to be very successful, breaking the previous size record of the AUSIA division creator, Flipmoo. CSY currently holds the Bronze and Silver Medals within the Army of Club Penguin, awarded by guardian Mchappy.

Regan began his venture in armies when he joined the Ice Warriors in 2010 as a private. He spent five years with the army and ranked up to Second-in-Command while Ice Warriors dominated the community. He rejoined armies during the COVID-19 boom when he rejoined the Ice Warriors for Second-in-Command. He was apart of their HCOM when IW hit their record size of 165. He was quickly promoted to leader and helped guide the army to reach incredible sizes during the Club Penguin Online era. Once Club Penguin Online shut down, he was able to help Ice Warriors onto a brand new CPPS with ease, where the army continued to dominate the community. Regan helped give Ice Warriors an impressive Legends Cup run where they exceeded sizes of 100+ multiple times. Following the tournament, he was influential in the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, the most dominant alliance in recent history. With the foundation of this alliance, they defeated the Doritos in war and added to Regan’s undefeated war record. The Ice Warriors also went on to win the March Madness tournament under his guidance. Despite the multitude of significant retirements in the army, Regan was able to maintain their impressive sizes, almost always holding a top three ranking in the top ten under his leadership including displacing RPF for consecutive weeks. Currently, he has led IW into the Christmas Chaos, surpassing sizes of 110+. Outside of Ice Warriors, Regan was selected as one of the original Head Judges. He played a pivotal role in creating the judging rules for the newly merged league and also helped recreate the Water Ninjas who have held rankings on the major top ten an abundance of times.


Armies saw the beginning of its current golden age this year. Armies remained split into two communities: the CPO Army League and leagues such as CP Army Syndicate and the CPA League. This year saw many old armies revived for the new generation and the return of many influential veterans from the original era, as well as a new influx of many new CPA members.

32op has been in Club Penguin Armies since 2012. He started off his career in the Doritos and has been loyal to them ever since. In December 2016, after Mustapha10’s coup for multilogging, 32op led DCP to great heights including defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation during the 2016 Christmas Chaos, giving the Doritos their first ever tournament win. After his 2016 stint, 32op would comeback in November 2019 to help Mustapha10 revive the Doritos on CPO. With 32op being the main leader of this new DCP era, the Doritos would become the biggest CPPS army in a matter of weeks, defeating alliances such as TWA, achieving first throughout the remainder of the year and winning the Christmas Chaos 2019. For the first few months of 2020, 32 would continue to maintain DCPs status as the biggest CPPS army, achieving #1 week after week and defeating armies such as the Pirates easily in wars. Along with his work in the Doritos, 32 started doing work for the community by making Top Tens. During March 2020, 32op would lead the Doritos in the biggest battle CPA has ever seen, with both armies maxing over 150, 32 led the Doritos to a successful victory over the Ice Warriors. Soon after, 32op became the head of the Club Penguin Army League and an administrator in the Club Penguin Army Media. With this, 32op used his influence in both sides of the community to finally unite them, creating the Club Penguin Army Hub. After uniting both communities, 32 would continue his work in the Doritos maintaining them as a Top 3 army.

Doctor Mine Turtle, known in his later years as DMT, joined the Club Penguin Crew in 2010. As years went on, he gained leadership experience in various armies, most notably the Striking Raiders and the Chaos Army. His most notable position was as leader of the Army Republic in 2015. He was chosen by Burr and Vinny to lead the second generation of AR alongside Ace/Gasp56 and Victory889. DMT helped usher in a successful return of the historic army. He is most attributed to establishing an intricate recruiting force, which helped the army reach sizes of 40+. He retired at the end of 2015 due to health complications, though he made a brief return as an ACP 2ic in 2016.  However, DMT is mostly known for his administration position of the 2019 league “Club Penguin Armies”. During his time as Admin, he strove to create a fair environment in which armies could compete; setting up infrastructure and tournaments, and judging battles himself extremely often. DMT could be called the face of 2019 CPA as he published weekly Top Tens, mediated disagreements, set standards, and even wrote provoking philosophical pieces on the nature of modern day armies. Without DMT, the army community would have been much more stagnant than it was in 2019, and for that, he is a Legend.

Koloway split off from RPF when he heard McHappy’s trumpet sound for ACP revival. A veteran of the old army, he looked to make a name for himself and he did so quickly, taking over the army as its leader, Chainpro, completely disappeared. Taking the reigns without hesitation, Koloway proceeded to bolster ACP until it rivaled RPF. Despite entering the game late, he managed to lead his army to the #1 spot in less than 3 months, snagging it away from RPF, a feat not easily accomplished at the time. He also led ACP to its first tournament victory and the first win in a tournament against RPF. Though the Finals were held within the first days of January 2020, the Holiday Tournament was held throughout December, and ACP’s win is known as one of Koloway’s pivotal 2019 accomplishments. Known for his passionate, determined attitude and non-stop motivation, Koloway made his presence and ability known as a force to be reckoned with.

Superhero123 first joined the community as a member of the Hot Sauce Army. He was recognized as a promising AUSIA leader who rose to prominence with the Smart Penguins. Super led every generation of SP, which saw sizes of 20+ in 2014 and beyond. They became the representation of the AUSIA community, and Super was at the forefront of that. However, Superhero’s most significant contribution came in the form of Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPA:TG), a revolutionary CPPS battlefield loaded with army-centric features. CPA:TG transformed the landscape of modern CPPS armies, introducing a personal CPPS as an integral element for all organizations. With a multitude of servers, CPA:TG placed a renewed emphasis on the imperial side of armies, and Super maintained the CPPS throughout 2019, providing armies with an authentic battleground. Superhero continued to shape the Club Penguin Army community in 2020. He founded the Warlords of Kosmos and, in a strategic move, merged it with the Golden Guardians in May of the same year. Under Superhero’s leadership, the Golden Guardians experienced significant success, hitting sizes of +20 during their first AUSIA event. The Golden Guardians later transformed into a new generation of Water Vikings, with Superhero leading them until early 2021. In June 2021, Superhero123 would return by reviving the Smart Penguins for its CPPS era debut. This revival played a pivotal role in the SM armies with the Golden Intelligence War, where SP and PIC faced off against the Golden Troops. Superhero continued to innovate in 2022, by creating CPA:Battleground, a new CPPS in HTML5, adapting to the post-Flash era and providing armies with a new platform to operate. Since 2020, Super was also recognized for his help in sustaining the community organisations, being always involved in behind-the-scenes work in CPAH, CPAHQ and CPA (2022). His commitment to the community, technological expertise, and creative initiatives earned Superhero123 the status of CPA Legend, revered and loved by many for his everlasting contributions to the army community.

Ultipenguinj, called Ulti by most, rejoined RPF in Summer for Second In Command. A former RPF Leader in 2014, he quickly relearned the ropes of leadership, adjusting for the new CPPS era, and became Rebel Commander in only a couple of months. He was well known for leading RPF’s Strike Force, its transitional special forces unit that initiated the army’s transformation from just a Club Penguin community back to a competitive army and league participant. With Ulti at the helm, RPF remained #1 on the Top Ten for the majority of 2019, won the Summer Circuit Tournament, and defeated their rivals, EGCP, in war. His guidance would also realize RPF’s goal of hitting 100+ in December. He displayed exemplary leadership, had a widely respected and fair reputation, and was an innovative strategist and negotiator. Returning to the community, Ulti outdid his past self, and earned the Legend title.


This year saw the transition to the primarily S/M based community into a community with more major armies. This year saw the end of Romans’ first CPPS generation, revivals of the UMA, a revival of the Pirates, and formations of armies like the Pizza Federation, Templars, and the Help Force. This year also saw the rise of the Elite Guardians and the Templars, two armies that would become major status, which would be the key armies who would rise against the Rebel Penguin Federation, leading to one of the biggest wars in CPA history: World War VII.

Edu14463 first began his army career in 2015 by joining the Water Ninjas. He would be a temporary acting leader in the army at this time. He would rejoin the army community in October 2017 by helping his friend Cookky2 found the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. He would help raise their sizes to 30 by January 2018, which was unseen by any S/M army since the advent of CPPS armies. His career would peak in summer 2018, after winning a series of wars and beefs against the Templars, he would join the Templars in the war against the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would help found the Red Dawn Alliance and become one of the five main leaders of the alliance. During the war, he would help create a face for the army’s anti-RPF values alongside his co-leader, Cobra. Both would form a duo of diplomacy that would stick in the community for the next two years. He remained leader all through the rest of 2018, leading EGCP in tournaments and wars against the Templars. Edu14463 would go onto lead EGCP until their closure in 2020, being one of their heads of diplomacy alongside his colleagues and would be one of the outspoken leaders of the army to create a face for the army for the next years.

Epic101 has been recognized in the past for his work in the Light Troops and other armies like the Marines and the Redemption Force. This time around he has been inducted to become an army legend for his recent work in the Pirates and his contribution to armies this year. Epic101 returned to the army community in July 2018, by leading the Templars army, who at the time were maxing sizes of 15, he rose the Templars up over the course of his leadership to sizes of 50. Shortly after this, he departed the Templars and began leading the Omegas, which became the Pirates. Since leading the Pirates, he rose them to notability and high sizes, peaking in mid-September. By late 2018, the Pirates rose to be the top army of CPOAL. Aside from his leadership in armies, Epic, with the help of Club Penguin Online Admin, Riley, reformed the Club Penguin Online Army League and in November 2018 he hosted the second army tournament since the leagues formation, the Christmas Chaos. In the end many armies took part and enjoyed the various amount of battles and the army league rose to have over 50 registered armies, and is one of the most successful army organisations since Club Penguin’s Closure in 2017. CPPS armies reached an all time high since 2018, being the most active the community has been since Club Penguin closed. Epic’s work in the Pirates, Light Troops and above all, armies as a whole, has made him one of the most influential figures in the community since 2017. For all of the above reasons, the public has decided to vote Epic101 in as a Club Penguin Army Legend.

Popsiclebeak began his career in 2016 by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. By 2017, he became leader and was well known as their main leader after the coup of Elmikey, in which Popsicle assisted in. Popsicle was known for his leadership attitude, which sparked controversy all across the community. During his initial leadership, he rose RPF through policies of isolation and cooperation with the Club Penguin Rewritten CPPS. He is credited as a RPF legend for growing the army to getting alleged sizes of 100 in early 2018, which ensured RPF’s dominance as the biggest army of the time. By summer 2018, he was still leading and declared war on the Templars. However, he underestimated the enemy, namely the Elite Guardians, which had sizes similar to RPF. Despite RPF’s loss in the war, Popsicle alongside XxToysoldier, would win the 2018 CPOAL Summer Legends Cup against the Elite Guardians. Popsicle is one of the most influential early leaders of the CPPS era of armies, and one of RPF’s most influential leaders of all time, and for that, he has been inducted as a 2018 major legend.

Twitchy first began his career in December 2008 after the end of World War IV by taking part in the Red Raiders. Twitchy began to experiment with armies, taking part in the Underground Mafias Army and the Army of Club Penguin. He managed to climb to owner within UMA and left ACP. Twitchy would then spend time leading and taking part of other armies at this time, with Elites and Water Vikings being most notable. Twitchy would later join Rebel Penguin Federation in 2013, and requested to start at the bottom. Commando, however, felt his reputation and experience was too much to let go of, and gave him fifth-in-command. Twitchy would lead in 2015 after the 2015 Legends Cup against Water Vikings. He would retire later on and returned in 2016 for a short period of time to the RPF to lead, reaching high sizes. He would return once again in summer 2017 to lead RPF and is well known for leading the migration of Club Penguin Armies from the chat site Xat to the chat site Discord, which is still used to day. During his career he earned titles such as Romans Legend and Emperor, RPF Icon, and UMA Crew. Most notably in his CPPS-era career, he founded and ran the Club Penguin Army Syndicate, the first CPPS-era army league in February of 2018. This league saw an increase of activity within the community, specifically the S/M side, from February to April 2018. He would return to lead RPF in October 2018, not too long after their loss in World War VII. By January 2019, he retired from the leadership. Due to this, he was inducted as a 2018 CPA legend in 2019.

Xing first joined armies in 2012 but his activity was on and off until 2017. He was first known for creating several armies at this time, while forming a following of loyal troops. His rise to prominence occurred in April 2018 when he founded the Templars army alongside Elmikey, which the latter would merge his Rebel Penguin Marines army into Templars. Templars became controversial for their ethics and morals of the army. They would go to war with EGCP not too long after, which became known as the First Great Holy War. Most notably, Xing and Templars would be the catalyst for World War VII, after controversy regarding multilogging accusations began being thrown at them from the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite Templars’ losses at the beginning of the war, he would help form the Red Dawn Alliance with several other army leaders and would take part in leading it to a victory against the RPF. After the war, he would lead the Templars on and off throughout 2018. He would take part in leading the Templars in the Third Great Holy War, but would ultimately lose. He would then take part in the 2019 migration from CPO to CPR. For the years from 2018 to present, he served as the charismatic face for the Templars and would get them to their heights, sometimes solo. They have been banned multiple times from several leagues (notably CPAH) due to their controversy, but have still made a remarkable impact on the army community.


The final year of the original era of armies, 2017 saw the transition into CPPS armies by armies such as the Underground Mafias Army and the Rebel Penguin Federation. This year saw the revival of the Romans for it’s first CPPS generation, as well as the formations of the influential New Viking Alliance and Elite Guardians. However, most armies would be plagued with S/M status until the following year, where armies would see a surge in popularity. This year also saw the final CPAC Legends Cup, resulting in a Nachos victory under the leadership of Cookky2 and others.

Silverburg first joined the community in 2013 by joining the RPF. By 2014, he rose up to become a leader of RPF, being one of the fastest to achieve this rank. During his initial time as leader he was able to lead RPF to number 1 on CPAC’s Top Ten during RPF’s post-Elmikey age. He went on to become a leader within the Dark Warriors, leading to notable heights. By 2015, he returned to RPF and led the army during the 2015 Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, as well as went on to lead during the 2016 Legends Cup. He is also credited with transitioning RPF to CPR in April 2017 alongside Elmikey, being one of the founding fathers of the CPPS era of armies, going onto lead RPF throughout the year before retiring. He was one of the people who kickstarted World War VII, after being the initial person to accuse Templars of multilogging. He would go onto lead the neo-RPF to moderate success in August 2018, before leaving due to personal differences. He returned to RPF one last time in 2019, and led them to 100+ at peak. Due to his career in the RPF and being one of the founding fathers of the CPPS era of armies, he has been inducted as a 2017 major legend.

Chip first encountered armies with the Army Republic, however he did not join. He would join armies officially in 2014 by joining the Golden Troops. Chip rose up to an owner in the army, before leaving to join the Water Vikings as a fifth-in-command in 2015. He quickly rose up to second-in-command before being promoted to leader later that year after a while. He would leave eventually due to disdain for drama but returned for second-in-command and then leader for the remainder of the year. During his leadership, he led WV during two Legend Cups finals, and reached multiple number one positions in the CPAC Top Ten. In 2016, he would lead RPF alongside Bounce to again, achieve number one positions. Chip returned in 2017, by joining the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would be seen sometimes at second-in-command and leader. During this time, he would become one of the many faces and strategists for the RPF, leading him to receive the title of RPF Icon. During his leadership in the first RPF CPPS golden age, he reached many feats as leader. This would make him one of RPF’s most influential leaders ever. He would help found the United Armies of Club Penguin Online the following year, an influential alliance in attempt to defend against the Red Dawn Alliance, however they were defeated. This marked the end of his career, as he retired. Due to Chip being an influential WV and RPF leader, he is remembered as a 2017 major legend.


This was largely seen as the most difficult year in the history of CP Armies, as sizes slumped and armies struggled to survive knowing that Club Penguin was going to shut in the early months of 2017. The Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation were the more successful armies, particularly through the summer, as they both reached the Legends Cup final for a second year running, while the Night Warriors had a successful return under the strong and experienced leadership of Xxtoysoldier. The Underground Mafias Army, Doritos, Light Troops and Night Rebels also had numerous spells as the number one army. 

XxToysoldier started his career with the Doritos of Club Penguin in July 2012 and within a month soared through the ranks to staff. When Doritos came back in 2013, he became an active high command and was promoted to leader in August 2013 due to his recruitment prowess. Toy would lead the army through the war between the New Dawn Alliance and Bloodline Alliance and a finals berth to Champions Cup II. After a rift between him and Mustapha10x, Toy would set up camp in the Dark Warriors, and during his sporadic tenures throughout 2014 and 2015, Toy along with his “Agents” co-leaders would lead to 32 first-place finishings (including a 9-week streak), another Champions Cup finals berth (this time winning), peak averages around 60+, numerous awards (such as Biggest Army and Biggest Rise), and becoming statistically the number one army of 2014 (with the army in the top 5 for all but 2 weeks and top 3 for 3/4th of the year). As a part of a plan for a clean state, Toy and Drake would revive the Night Warriors from the ground up and see the army play an infamous role throughout the year. After a final rodeo with his first army the Doritos, Toy would retire his original alias and come back to the community in RPF under the name “Left”. Toy would rank up from the bottom up under this fresh start and would become RPF leader in September 2017 due to his continued strong recruitment ethic and battle leadership skills during the Great Tuba War. Aside from a brief interim where he left between late December and March 2018, Toy—alongside Popsiclebeak and Chip—would lead RPF as a de-facto triumvirate where he (as the army’s diplomatic figure) pioneered a golden era that such it dominate early CPPS. Toy would craft RPF’s first venture outside of its isolation where they won Legends Cup 2018. Toy would be a leading figure of late-original CPA and was one of the main figures of early CPPS.


Largely viewed as a period of transition, 2015 brought several faces into the spotlight, as the Doritos became the top dog of the community for a majority of the year. The Ice Warriors, Water Vikings, Dark Warriors, and Rebel Penguin Federation all also had periods of great strength. After the departure of the Blue Brothers, Zakster held the position of Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central, making the most out of minimal resources and following up his success as a leader with success as a media mogul.

Zakster played a role in the rise of many armies and held prominent leadership positions in others. His largest accomplishment is the creation of the former world power, the Water Vikings, who has held spots within the Top 5 often since 2013 and has reached first. Since he created the Water Vikings in 2010, he’s been leader through a part of all five generations of the army, seeing them through some of their most successful ages. In his earlier days, he was the head of CP Army Express during its most affluent era. Following the collapse of CPAE, Zakster worked for CPAC and, after four years of service, became the successor to the Bluesockwa Brothers alongside Kingfunks4. As CPA Central CEO, he has looked into several scandals and has successfully helped CPA Central adjust to a time of transition throughout the community.

Mustapha10x joined the Doritos in 2010 and would become a vital high command. By July 2012, Musta would be promoted to leader in the midst of a war against the Shadow Troops. Musta would oversee the army’s first #1 finishings, consistently vie for top three placements, and making it deep into multiple tournaments (including the Legends Cup IV and Champions Cup II finals) in his first 16 months. By late 2013, Musta cemented himself in the leader scene serving as one of the main figures of the New Dawn Alliance during its three-week-long major conflict against the Bloodline Alliance—which DCP and its allies would be formally victorious. Musta and the Doritos would continue to see major success spearheading the Nations of Dominance against the New Regime Alliance in 2014 and overseeing a long stretch of Doritos dominance in 2015 where they held first for 7 straight weeks (along with other stints at the top)—maxing 80 and being at the forefront for most of that summer’s major conflicts (such as WV-NDA war and a victory against the Power Alliance). The Doritos would finish the year as the statistically number one army of the year of 2015 and Mustapha as Person of the Year. Years after the original Club Penguin Armies closed, Mustapha would bring back the Doritos with Freezie66 and 32op where he saw the army become victorious in Christmas Chaos IX, consistently maxing 100+ at its peak (peaking at a manually counted confirmed 146 max in the March Madness semi-finals), and regularly finishing first in a highly competitive top ten (being edged out by the Pirates for statistically number one army of 2020 CPO by a singular point). Mustapha has established himself as one of the most successful leaders of his time and was responsible for numerous Doritos golden ages—pioneering the army into the conversation for some of the greatest armies of all time.

Andrew24 returned to the Community thanks to contact from Freezie66. Andrew returned as a Board Member of the League and was initially just watching over the community before taking over a short-term stunt in the Pirates alongside his Crew including members like Agent 11. The Pirates had some highs and lows during this period, however, following Epic101’s return and re-takeover of the Pirates, Andrew and his crew recreated the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors went on to become arguably one of the biggest Club Penguin Armies in the community in just under two weeks. They dominated the Army Scene thanks to their efficient recruiting techniques on the #1 CPPS, CPOnline & went on to dominate in Wars against armies such as the Doritos. It must be noted that, thanks to Andrew & his leadership, the Ice Warriors managed to max sizes of 150 on multiple occasions and never dropped to sizes below 60 during his tenure. During the Ice Warriors peak, they saw a max size of 165 troops at the March Madness semi finals, a size that was never seen before. Due to his hard work within the Ice Warriors & his running of the Army Community alongside Freezie66, he has been inducted as an Army Legend.

Bepboy9 started his career in the very army he made his name, joining the new Water Vikings as a low member rank during its first generation under Zakster and Jed Pen. Soon after though, he was inaugurated as Pirates Leader when the Water Vikings changed their name in the summer of 2011, and his career took off from there. Since then, he’s been a mainstay inside the leadership of the Water Vikings, seeing them through the famous “Blue Summer” of 2013 where the Water Vikings were seen as a world power, dominating the top ten and reaching numerous later stages of several tournaments, as well as the generation following that, where the Water Vikings became a consistent Top 5 contender and even reached first. In 2015, he led the Water Vikings to nearly pull off what would have been the greatest upset in the history of the Legends Cup, as the Water Vikings reached an army record 80+ on CP in the Final. Previous to the final, the Water Vikings reached 50+, 60+ and 50+ again in the run-up to their huge battle against the RPF. Outside of the Water Vikings, Bepboy9 has made rounds in army media, holding Vice President of CPA Central and Chief Executive Officer of Small/Medium Army Central. Overall, it’s fair to say he’s one of the most important figures in the history of the Water Vikings.


The year 2014 saw a revitalization for CP Armies, despite it being what many consider the end of the Second Golden Age. It was a year of innovation, as Bluesockwa1 and Bluesockwa2 solidified themselves as the most influential sibling dynasty armies had ever seen. CPA Central reached new heights in terms of views, largely because of the Brothers’ new dedication to hard-hitting investigative reports and discussion-provoking editorials. The Army of CP saw heights not experienced since early 2012, as Flipmoo/Slimball2007 reformed the landscape of the army. His push for an AUSIA Division in the community gave many new troops the opportunity to play the game, and changed war forever.

Bluesockwa1 was the sixth person to oversee operations at CPA Central. Promoted to CEO by Bluesockwa2 in July of 2012, Blue1 reformed many parts of CPAC, and tested the self-hosting waters for armies. Under him, CPAC became an organization that worked better and faster than ever before, also reaching a new views record in January 2014. The site began to not only report the news, but influence the news, and CPAC under the Bluesockwa Brothers was able to stand alongside, and often above, the powerful armies of the day. Above all, through facets such as investigative journalism and editorials, Blue1’s CPAC uncovered scandals, brought down leaderships, and anchored a changing army world, leading CPA Central to become a site that, in the words of Woton, was the best it had ever been. Towards the end of his career, Blue1’s editorials became a powerful force, shaping the political climate of CP Armies.

Though he served in multiple armies throughout his career, Bluesockwa2 is most known for his long career in CPA Central. He was the first to make a career out of the media, joining CPAC in 2010. In August 2011, Bluesockwa2 was promoted to CEO alongside Kingfunks4. Serving beside him, and later beside Bluesockwa1, Blue2 began the revitalization that led to the Golden Age of CPAC, where its community outreach, influence and participation where at record highs. He made the site into a professional, strictly run, high-quality machine for the first time and a political powerhouse thanks to the weekly Top Ten Armies. Bluesockwa2’s CPAC became a major source of funds for various startups and programs and released hard-hitting investigative reports that shaped the political climate of armies for months to come.

Flipmoo/Slimball2007 is known for his contributions since the early days of armies, beginning with his creation of the Impossible Mission Army Force, a powerful army beginning in 2007 and spanning many years. However, Flipmoo’s contributions in the Army of CP changed the landscape of armies forever. Before even taking over the army, Flipmoo was the leader of its AUSIA Division. Through ACP, Flipmoo brought AUSIA to prominence in armies, giving AUSIA troops the chance to become involved in armies, and leading many other armies to start similar divisions. ACP’s, however, was unmatched, and the success of this division helped propel ACP through countless wars, and in total, has achieved a nearly perfect winning percentage under his leadership.  Upon taking over leadership of the ACP, Flipmoo brought the army to heights not seen since its fall in 2012.

Freezie66 joined the Redemption Force in November 2019 as an advisor but after a dispute with Reacon, he contacted Mustapha10 and recreated the Doritos. Freezie with the help of Epic101 & Mustapha and 32op, managed to recruit hundreds upon hundreds of new members to the Doritos in just a matter of weeks and defeated the Redemption Force in a War after just a matter of battles. Following this, Freezie left the Doritos and recreated the Dark Warriors with the help of a DW Legend, Spi101.  Within a matter of months, he had won the Christmas Chaos tournament and created a truly amazing community that is simply incomparable. The Dark Warriors are still living on today thanks to Freezie’s amazing contributions and teachings and many leaders in the current community look up to Freezie for his hard work & teachings. Following his retirement from the Dark Warriors, he joined the Army League Board and ran the league along side Andrew24 in the absence of Epic101, without Andrew & Freezie’s leadership, the Community would have collapsed. Thanks to these guys, the Community flourished and became the #1 News Provider & was host to the biggest & best Club Penguin Armies since Club Penguins Closure with armies averaging sizes between 50 – 150 week in and week out.


2013 was the beginning of the Second Golden Age of armies, as the members of the community finally began to accept that ACP had fallen. While the Hot Sauce Army held onto the number one spot for a decent amount of time, the new number one army was the Nachos. Under Puckley and other influential leaders, the army sustained the number one spot. In May of this year, the Rebel Penguin Federation returned to prevalence and became a huge rival for Puckley’s Nachos. The Rebel Penguin Federation’s leadership then spearheaded the future of recruiting and innovation in all Club Penguin armies under Elmikey and Tax1. The Army Republic also peaked in 2013 as it spearheaded the White Alliance in the earlier parts of the year and continued to remain powerful under Buritodaily and Vinny. The Ice Warriors also saw a return late this year and the following year, with Kingfunks4 at the helm in the best showing of his career. 

Puckley was one of the most dedicated Nachos ever. Joining in February 2008 and still leading to this day, he never missed a battle and always had good spirit. His excellent ideas got the Nachos very far, and without him they would be much different. Throughout all of Person1233′s leadership, Puckley led alongside him. He worked with Person1233 to organize most of the things that Person1233 is credited for, and Puckley is by far one of the greatest friends of the Nachos. Puckley is also known for leading in 2011 along with TanMan626. Together, they made the Nachos the best they have been in a very long time. He also defeated the mighty ACP empire during the summer of 2012, and is arguably the most responsible person for the fall of the army that year. Puckley was also famous for the long and hard war fought against the newly-reformed Rebel Penguin Federation in the summer of 2013. Always respected and held at high regard in this community, and is without a doubt one of the best we have ever seen.

While Elmikey also contributed to the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2007, he was one of the most controversial figures of 2013 following his return to armies in May. Elmikey led the Rebel Penguin Federation out of its slump into new heights, challenging armies like the Nachos and the Army Republic, and hitting 19-month record sizes on Club Penguin with the RPF. Elmikey was also one of the leaders of the New Dawn Alliance, which formed in late 2013 to combat the “evil and corrupt armies.” Due to these contributions, among others, Elmikey became the most controversial person of 2013 and was the cause of all sorts of wars and conflicts throughout armies. He was named CPA Central Person of the Year in 2013. While commonly debated, Elmikey is undoubtedly one of the most important people of the Second Golden Age.

While the Army Republic played a major role in the community for a few years since its creation, 2013 was a peak for the Army Republic under Buritodaily, who was one-half of the “Vindaily” duo that brought the army to power. Under Burito, the AR spearheaded the White Alliance and won World War VI in early 2013. Throughout the year following this, the Army Republic reached new heights in the Top Ten and fought wars against the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, among others. Burito,  along with Vinny, were the greatest leaders the Army Republic had ever seen, and brought them to new heights and prosperity under their multiple terms as Leader.

Vinny, the second member of “Vindaily”, was usually regarded as a more reserved leader of the two. However, he played equal contributions to the rise of the Army Republic and their peak in 2013. Under Vinny, the Army Republic spearheaded the White Alliance and defeated the Black Alliance in January of 2013, bringing an end to World War VI. After breaking ties with the ACP, the Army Republic became a major ally of the Nachos and fought against armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin throughout the year. Without Vinny and his partner Buritodaily, the Army Republic would never have seen the golden age it saw in 2013.

During his time in CP Armies, Funks was most noted for leading world power armies, the Water Vikings, Army of CP, and Ice Warriors. Other notable leaderships included leading armies such as Federation and Pretzels to major army status. His leadership of the ACP took place during 2012 and 2013, where over two spells he helped to keep the army together through a tough Black Alliance war. His big success’ came in though 2013-16 where he lead the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors – leading IW to Legends Cup success and numerous first placements over two spells as the leader. He also propelled the Water Vikings from the bottom of the SMAP Top Ten to the top of the CPA Central Top Ten, while reaching the Legends Cup VI Final, to help make Water Vikings a World Power in 2015. His final leadership in original CP Armies was in 2016, leading the Water Vikings to consistent first placements during the Summer and to the Legends Cup VII Final. His other notable achievements include being four-time CPA Central CEO – creating tournaments such as the Champions Cup and Christmas Chaos. His final two roles as CEO came in 2016 and 2017, as he was the final CEO when Club Penguin shut. His influence on CP Armies was evident on a yearly basis as Funks was the only person to be listed on every CPA Central ”Person of the Year List” from 2012 to 2016. During lockdown in 2020, Kingfunks4 returned to help unify the CPO and CPR sides of CP Armies, by assisting the merge of CPAM and CPAL, both of which he was CEO of at various points. Following this, he helped recreate the Water Vikings and led them to major status in one of the armies best generations, maxing 70 at his retirement event. He remained to be a vital member in WV behind the scenes, guiding them towards becoming a dominant and consistent CPPS army.
In retirement, he became the ‘legends committee manager’, in-charge of the process to induct new legends. He helped streamline the process, making it more organized than ever before. Lastly, he played a vital role in the formation of CPAHQ and helped bring stability to the league and the community.


While few Legends are listed for this year, much did take place in 2012. The Army of Club Penguin finally fell from their pinnacle at first during the Summer of this year, and the number one spot was finally up for grabs. The Nachos, Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and many other armies all had bids at first. SaW, one of the most notorious people in armies, returned to the Dark Warriors in 2012 and led them to World Power Status alongside xiUnknown. Pochoma123 reached the peak of his career during this year, leading the Ninjas to major and finishing runner-up in the Legends Cup that year; his graphics were also legendary. One of the most notable events in 2012 was the rising of the Pirates army under Waterkid100, who is most noted for being the catalyst of World War VI.

Pochoma123’s influence on army also spanned across many years. Majorly involved in both the Roman Fire Warriors and, following the name change, the Fire Warriors, Pochoma played a prominent role in their rise and status as a major army. In 2012, Pochoma123 was most-known for his army the Ninjas, which finished as runner-up in multiple CPAC Tournaments and contended with ACP for the number one spot on multiple occasions. He was the resident graphics designer of CPA Central for some time, helping to modernize the formerly impressive but messy and in-your-face graphics of previous eras. Outside of armies, Pochoma was well-known for cheats site and his graphics, which were regarded as some of the best in armies during the time.

SaW is one of the most notorious leaders of Club Penguin Army history, however SaW truly is a legend and one of the greatest leaders Club Penguin Armies has ever seen. He is credited with leading both SWAT and the Golds to the Top Three, and with leading countless Dark Warriors generations into the Top Five, including the most recent, which held first for a month straight. SaW is also known for his fantastic recruiting talents and his ability to rise an army to World Power status in a work or two. SaW will forever be remembered.

Often known as part of a dynamic-duo similar to the Night Warriors combination, xiUnknown led countless successful Dark Warriors generations alongside SaW, and is similar to his partner not only in leadership skills but also in notoriety. However, xiUnknown led many Dark Warriors generations into the Top Five, most notably during the Fall of 2012 when the army held the number one spot for many weeks, and has also had stunts in armies such as SWAT. The Dark Warriors thrived under xiUnknown due to his recruiting talents and his leadership skills, and he is one of the greatest leaders the army has ever seen.

Waterkid is known for leading the Pirates and Light Troops to commanding positions in CP Armies. He is most known for recreating the Pirates army and leading them, alongside others, to consistent top three spots in their peak. The Pirates, alongside the Black Alliance, spearheaded the one year long war against the Army of CP in 2012 and Waterkid was known as the leader of the alliance – in an attempt to end ACP’s domination. As a result, Waterkid was named the Person of the Year in 2012. He also is a famous leader of the Light Troops, leading alongside Waterkid and Roberto over many years during his career. The LT also experienced many periods of domination – in particular in the summer of 2014 where the LT were only 2nd to a dominant Dark Warriors. This stayed true throughout all of 2014, as the Light Troops were named one of the most powerful armies of 2014. In 2015, Waterkid revived the Light Troops and brought them to prominence once again, all the while revolutionizing recruiting through an extremely controversial method known as bot recruiting. While he is a very controversial figure, he has had a lasting impact with his leadership of the two armies.

Ganger90 joined Club Penguin Armies in August 2008, founding the Warriors of Club Penguin. After merging with Woton’s Military of Club Penguin to form the Military of Roman Warriors, Ganger would strike a deal with the Fire Warriors in April 2009 to merge them into a rebrand known as the Roman Fire Warriors. Not to be deterred afterwards, Ganger would become a leader in the rising Sun Troops which would be instrumental to the formation of Golden Troops. As its founder and leader, he would oversee the army be a perennial top 3 army and in August 2011 tip the Flen duo’s Army of Club Penguin out of first place (one of the few times during their long leadership). Ganger is most known for founding the modern iteration of the Special Weapons and Tactics. SWAT would regularly be a major army under his leadership as well as taking part in many major wars. Ganger would be a major figure in the Black Alliance in WWVI and its future iterations such as in 2014 against the Justice League. SWAT under him also regularly fought with the ACP—seeing a constant stream of wars in one of the biggest rivalries in army history (due to both armies’ claim to Mammoth). Ganger would return in 2020 to SWAT which saw the army see success in a highly competitive year including a major conflict with the Water Vikings and would be the only constant figure of SWAT in every generation since during its major success.


The year of 2011 saw the ACP’s place at number one challenged once again by their old rival the Nachos, as well as a new army: the Light Troops. On the ACP homefront, Mchappy fought against the Night Warriors as World War V came to a close, and Flipper7706/Kenneth100 sat in the leadership soon after — they both have one of the best track records together, of recent ACP Leaders. The Army Republic, created years before, finally rose to prominence under its creator 122344a — the Light Troops, as well, were created by Waterkid and resided in the Top Five, alongside fellow leader Roberto, while constantly speaking out against ACP and changing armies’ view of them. And under the leadership of Tanman626, the Nachos reached sizes of 75+, and won major victories against countless armies in their continuous fight for first. Also notable from the year, Ganger90 played a prominent role in the rise of both the Golden Troops and SWAT, along with Wgfv pulling UMA out of their long slump into another Golden Age. Also rising to prominence in 2011 was the Doritos who, under the guidance of their creator, Wwebestfan, were able to quickly establish themselves as a powerful presence.



Flipper7706 rose to prominence as one of the Golden Warriors creators, and later an original leader of the Golden Troops following the merge with the CP Sun Troops. Under the leadership of Flipper and others, the Golden Troops became a major army and a common contender for first, finishing in second place and reaching 40 on one occasion. Following his career in GT, Flipper would eventually became the leader of the Army of CP alongside Kenneth1000, where, under him, the army remained in 1st place 85% of the time and he served as leader for 15 months. At the end of 2011, ACP was awarded Army of the Year and Flipper7706 Leader of the Year.

Kenneth1000 joined ACP in April 2009, and in rising through the ranks, earned 3rd in Command in May 2010, 2nd in Command in October 2010, and finally ACP Leader in March 2011. Over his 66-week leadership with Flipper7706, ACP never once fell out of the Top 3, with 40 straight weeks in the Top 2 and 19 straight weeks in 1st place. Overall, they spent 85% of their leadership in the #1 spot. Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 had a tremendous record in CPAC tournaments, winning three and finishing runner-up in multiple others Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 also excelled in war, with conquests over the historic defeats of the Black Alliance on two separate occasions during their leadership.

122344a created the Army Republic in 2007, which is now one of the strongest armies in CP Warfare. His courage and activity is one of the reasons AR stands where it is today. He never let his army die and definitely built a reputation around it. While many other legendary leaders such as Vinny and Buritodaily led the Army Republic to greatness, 122344a was always willing to take a leader position after a dramatic fall, which happened multiple times. 122344a is indeed a warrior, veteran, and a great leader who will never be forgotten in this community.

Mchappy is considered one of the last great leaders of the ACP. Spearheading the army multiple times, Mchappy is commonly associated with the 2011 war with the Night Warriors. Under him,  ACP reached record sizes of 135+ during the CPAC Decades End Tournament, sizes not seen since Boomer20. Mchappy also holds the record for the largest chat size recorded during the same event. Outside of ACP, he had successful Top Five bids in both the Elites — who reached 2nd — and the Arctic Warriors — who reached fourth, and was an essential part of both SMAC during its initial founding as an administrator, and in CPAC as a Vice President under Bluesockwa1. Mchappy is also commonly regarded as one of the kindest people in armies, which greatly helped ACP during his time as its leader.

Tan joined the Nachos in February of 2009 during the Golden Age of Nachos.  He was arguably one of the best Nachos Leaders ever.  Tan always had a good spirit and managed to obtain great leadership skills from the best. During his leadership Nachos successfully broke 75+ on Club Penguin and took ACP’s home capital Breeze away from them twice, and taking the great Mammoth from ACP once. Tan also has saved the Nachos from turmoil multiple times, returning to bring them out of the dirt. Tan retired officially from the Nachos in September of 2012. To this day, he still drops by during hard times for Nachos and usually brings them out. Without Tan, who knows where the Nachos would be today. Tan is forever, the big brother of the Nachos. He will always be remembered as one of the best.

Wgfv is considered by many as one of the greatest UMA pioneers, responsible for the appropriately-named Wgfv Era spanning from 2010 to 2011 in the Underground Mafias Army. During this time,  a third golden age came to the Underground Mafias Army and they reached maximum sizes of 50, remaining in the Top Ten for one of the longest spans in a long while. Wgfv pulled UMA out of its slump and introduced a Communist government to the army, also being the first to deal with army colonies; an idea which is a major part of our community today. Since his golden age in 2011, Wgfv has lead the army multiple other times in both 2012 and 2013, and will forever be remembered as a figurehead of UMA.

Daniel/Eyes521 is considered by many to be one of the greatest Underground Mafias Army pioneers, responsible for bringing up the Underground Mafias Army from nothing to something in the modern-day era. Daniel is the second longest-serving leader in the history of the Underground Mafias Army alongside Wgfv and Trickster. He reconstituted the state of the Underground Mafias Army on multiple occasions, most eminently his Summer 2013 leadership. Daniel is by far considered one of the greats along with Pink Mafias, Wgfv, and Trickster. Daniel has fought many wars with the Underground Mafias Army that have always seemed to surmount their enemy due to their sheer tenacity and remarkable vigour instilled within them by Daniel’s profound and articulate manner when it came to writing. Daniel fought against armies such as SWAT, DCP, RPF, and Light Troops, consistently stacking the odds against them and defeating them in a vast amount of wars. UMA during Daniel’s leadership is by far visually perceived as one of the most revered generations of the UMA since Wgfv’s independent era in 2010.

The creator of the Doritos, Wwebestfan began what became a dynasty throughout Club Penguin Warfare. As leader of the Doritos, Wwebestfan brought them from a nobody to one of the strongest armies in warfare in 2010 and 2011, bringing them to rival several high powers of the time such as the Army of Club Penguin and the Night Warriors. He brought the Doritos to World Power status and maintained that for some time as he quickly became one of the strongest leaders in warfare. He continued the Doritos’ dominance throughout 2011 and into 2012, where he led them to achieve 1st several times on the Top 10. During his 2+ years as the leader of the Doritos, he led them to several victories in wars against armies such as the Night Warriors, Nachos, Underground Mafias Army, and more, as well as leading them to become one of the strongest forces in armies. During his last stint and known as his “final run” in Club Penguin armies, he returned to the Ice Warriors – his first army. He returned during the time of the Ice Warriors rebuilding period alongside Tax. The two later led the Ice Warriors to incredible sizes, another golden age, and inevitably claimed the top spot on the top ten for months. Wwebestfan retired after this last great run of his and will be known for his achievements in armies.

Roberto is most well-known for his achievements in the Light Troops, though he was significantly involved in other armies as well. Roberto led the Night Warriors in 2012, bringing them to their most successful generation since the collapse of the army in 2011. Rob was also a major player in the Sky Troops and Sky Mafias, where he met Ioioluk. Commonly regarded as the more reserved of the pair, Roberto was just as responsible for LT’s rise as Ioio was. Roberto led alongside Ioioluk in the army’s golden age and was at the heart of the army due to his recruiting abilities, resulting in the army reaching 1st in the Top Ten and successfully leading the army against the ACP in the famous LT/ACP war. Roberto was also involved in KappnKrunch Productions, one of the only video production companies in armies. Outside of his highly successful escapades in 2011-2012, Roberto has contributed as leader of the Light Troops several times, being successful during every single attempt. In 2015, Roberto pioneered the community’s exploration into OldCP, a CPPS which allowed armies to battle in a completely different way, which has revolutionized how the community can recruit.


One of the major things the year of 2010 is regarded for was the rise of many armies, most notably the Night Warriors. Tomb147 and Vendetta, known as the “dynamic duo” of the Night Warriors, led the army to extremely successful sizes — and they prepared for war. After the creation of CPA Central in 2009, Sklooperis would become its acting Head of Site in 2010, where he would implement some of the most revolutionary things that CPA Central currently possesses, most notably the first official Top Ten formula. Sklooperis’ predecessor, Iasgae56, was also influential through his work as the leader of the Army of Club Penguin and through his work at CPA Central, where he was able to establish one of the most famous annual events in warfare — the Legends Cup.

Although Vendetta did not create the Night Warriors, he led them into the Top Ten and all the way to first. The ACP vs. Night Warriors war of 2011 was one of the most legendary conflicts in armies and was arguably the biggest one-on-one war we have seen to date. Vendetta kept the NW in the Top Three until he retired, with the army falling soon after he retired. Soldiers left and Vendetta returned too late to save the NW from falling. Being one half of the “Dynamic Duo” of the Night Warriors, he was in charge of recruiting troops into the NW. Vendetta was considered the heart of the NW and is also recognized as one of the greatest politicians of his era.

Tomb was known as the greatest leader of the Night Warriors and a revolutionary in CP Army Graphics. Tomb created and perfected the idea of a “CP Army Custom Penguin”. He also led the Night Warriors alongside Vendetta in their golden age of the Top Three.  He lifted the NW back into the Top Ten when they fell out of it and made the army rise more and more by the day. Being one half of the “Dynamic Duo” of NW,  he was in charge of leading battles on CP. While Pringle64 was the revolutionary of graphics, Tomb417 perfected army graphics in many ways, modernizing them alongside Pochoma123. As well as all of this, Tomb also was a prominent Nachos leader before his time in Night Warriors.

Iasgae 56 is best known for leading ACP alongside Shaboomboom in 2010 from February to May, where ACP held first for most of his reign. Despite maintaining ACP’s sizes, his leadership was largely uneventful. He is also well known for succeeding Woton as CPAC Head of Site following Woton’s disappearance. As head, Iasgae maintained CPAC’s influence in the community while also founding the first Legends Cup. He also played a role in the operation of the Club Penguin Army Council, briefly taking over as head after Boomer20.

Sklooperis is most credited for the evolution of CPAC into something bigger. He became Head of Site after Iasgae left and led CPAC to one of its most prosperous eras. He formally established the Legends and Servers pages on CPAC, two very notable pages to this day. He also kept the site alive despite numerous hacks. More notably, however, is his development of a true Top Ten formula, which would be revolutionary for the site. Outside of CPAC, Sklooperis is credited for the creation of the Sun Troops, which later merged to create the Golden Troops after his retirement. He also held the ranks of ACP 3rd in Command and ACPTR Leader.


The year of 2009 was both a year of record sizes and a year of innovation. The RPF and ACP battled it out for the title of the number one army, with Boomer20 reaching the largest sizes ever seen. However, all was not well on the ACP homefront, as Omega39, considered one of armies’ greatest political minds, began many rebellions against the army. During this point, Pringle64 — considered the first great graphics designer — worked together with Woton to found CP Army Central, the very site you are reading. Toward the Summer of 2009, Person1233 lead the Nachos to fantastic sizes which left him regarded as one of the greatest tacticians in army history. Finally, 2009 began Trickster’s well-known hop from army to army, causing all of them to rise, as well as the scandal in which he impersonated Pink Mafias. 

Known not only for his brilliant leading of the Army of Club Penguin, but for many other feats, Boomer is truly a renaissance man of Club Penguin Armies. The good times for ACP during his leadership have been nicknamed the “Boomer Era”. Under his leadership, ACP won back to back Army of the Year in 2008 and 2009, as well as the Christmas Tournament of 2008 and the Decade’s End Tournament of 2009. He is credited with some of the largest army sizes in history, including 150 soldiers at CPAC’s Decade’s End Tournament, and for creating the circle charge tactic. Boomer has also worked with countless political alliances, but he is most noted for the CP Army Council. Boomer pioneered the council and brought the idea of unification to a dreadfully split era of Club Penguin Armies following the Black vs White Alliance wars. Through the early 2010s, Boomer was also the original ‘legends committee manager’, as he created and pioneered the process for inducting and selecting new legends, a system that has largely been kept in tact through CP Armies’ existence.

Woton is best known for founding and creating CPA Central, which has become a vital piece of Club Penguin Warfare. He was able to innovate Club Penguin Armies through CPA Central, by inventing many of the concepts we use so commonly nowadays, such as Top Ten. He completely changed the way Club Penguin Armies operate by bringing in the factor of media. He also had an excellent career as a part of various Club Penguin Armies, such as creating a Top 10-caliber army, the Military of Club Penguin,  and leading the Fire Warriors and the Nachos. His legacy will live on forever.

Omega39 is given credit for writing the first ever constitution on an army site, and for creating the first army boot camp. He also created the original Tundra alliance. Finally, he is given credit for creating the Renegade rebellion, and playing a major part in the Next Gen. Rebellion against ACP, along with several other revolutions which would eventually lead to the Black Alliance and other anti-ACP organizations. Omega39 was also a major member of the Rebel Penguin Federation, known for its major Big Brother-esque agency known as COBRA.

Pringle64 has been in armies since 2006, and created his first army in January 2007. He was a part of the founding of the Fire Warriors, once a Top Ten army, which later became the Ninjas, who held the 3rd largest army position, and was a Nachos 2nd in command. Pringle64 was not only a major army leader, but is on this page for being the first major revolutionary in the army graphics field. Alongside Woton, Pringle used CPAC as a forum to reinvent graphics in armies as we know it, and without him graphics in armies would not be the same.

Led the Nachos Army during one of its golden ages in the community. Person1233 was one of the greatest leaders the Nachos had ever seen, but also was known for his unmatched sense of humor. Person was, in many ways, the personification of what the Nachos are known as today — the jokesters of the community. However, Person1233 was also responsible for many great wars, including many conflicts against ACP, Order 66, and was a major supported and advocate for the Anti-Hacking Bill alongside Shaboomboom and Boomer20.

Trickster was known as a person capable of bringing any army for nothing to something during the year of 2009, arguably one of the first major “army-hoppers” in this community. He was the first to lead many armies into their golden ages during 2009, some of the most notable being the Roman Fire Warriors and the Underground Mafias Army. Trickster is famous for the 2009 claim that he was Pink Mafias after rumors arose of this, and was successful with the claim until it was proven fake by one of CPAC’s first investigative reports under Sklooperis. Trickster was also responsible for the creation of the “L” formation, which is seen everywhere in armies nowadays. Trickster was one of the most talked about names of 2009, and for that he is remembered.

Known particularly for being the second ever female leader of a major army, Abercrombie29 is most remembered for her successful tenure in the Underground Mafias Army alongside Angelg8i, following the retirement of Pink Mafias. During her tenure, she restored UMA from the brink of collapse in December of 2007, wresting control of the army with difficulty away from Compwiz5000. One of her most notable accomplishments was the introduction of regular practice battles to armies, a concept which remains a favorite of army leaders to this day. Following her tenure in UMA, she, ironically, achieved Co-Leader in ACP, the very army UMA tried to destroy in WWIII.


Many would argue that 2008 began the Golden Ages of armies. Though having created the Ice Warriors the previous year, 2008 was where Iceyfeet1234 and his Ice Warriors began to achieve status as a major army. In the Watex Warriors, who were rising due to Watex’s blogging about armies, Dialga80 and Wii Mountain led the army to greatness during the Watex Wars. The Army of CP and the Nachos continued to rise under some of their greatest leaders, Shaboomboom and Shadow2446, respectively. Finally, following the creation of ANTA, a move to eliminate small armies was made, but Mr. Deedledoo, forming the CPUN and uniting small armies, prevented their destruction. 

Creator and legendary leader of the army Ice Warriors and made the first “Warrior” army often used today. The Ice Warriors was formed during 2007, however it is still thriving today. Iceyfeet led the Ice Warriors for six years, retiring in the Summer of 2012. He led the Ice Warriors to great sizes and is often credited with the first golden age in the Ice Warriors. Iceyfeet led the Ice Warriors for so long and met the face of glory several times, seeing wars beyond the first world wars, and has been a substantial figure in the community to this day. The Ice Warriors will forever be known as Iceyfeet’s army, and he currently holds the record for the longest amount of time as a Top Ten Army Leader by a huge margin, no one to this day has beat Iceyfeet’s reign in the Ice Warriors.

Shaboomboom is recognized as one of the greatest ACP Leaders, and one of the three Godfathers of the army, alongside Boomer20 and Oagalthorp. Shaboomboom led the Army of CP during 2008 into new prosperity and sizes, and has come back multiple times to save the army in many tight spots. Shaboomboom is also recognized as one of the greatest philosophers armies have seen outside of the ACP, and was a major advocate against hacking, DDOSing, scamming, and others things of that sort. Shaboomboom was one of the major drafters of the Anti-Hacking Bill, which was revolutionary during its time and led to the actual banning and suspension of people who broke the rules of the bill.

Dialga was the first leader of the Watex Warriors and lead them through the Golden Ages of warfare and through World War 2. While Watex formed the army in his name, Dialga80 was responsible for the rise and success of the Watex Warriors as we know it, recognized as one of — if not the — greatest leaders the army has ever seen, Dialga kept the Watex Warriors as a World Power when the competition was tough against ACP and the rising Nachos, and is known for his fantastic leadership skills.

One of the most respected people in all of warfare — Shadow2446 is regarded as one of the greatest Nacho Leaders in history. Joining the army in 2007, Shadow rose up the ranks until later that year, when he single-handedly led the Nachos out of a depression to a extremely large troop base, and helped the army to win many wars. He was also one of the finest tacticians of not only his era, but armies as a whole — most notably the line tactic, and the use of emotes to cover up enemy penguins.

Founded the Club Penguin United Nations, one of the first Club Penguin Army-related organizations. During the large-army plan of Order 66, Mr. Deedledoo united small and medium armies using the CPUN, and paved the way for the idea of uniting bodies and forums in the community. Considered a sort of founder of the small and medium community, Deedledoo will be forever remembered for his work in uniting armies as we know it. He paved the way for sites like CPA Central while giving a voice to tons of small armies who did not have one.

Kg 007 is best known for being the first person to lead two major armies, those being the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, despite both tenures being relatively short. He succeeded Commando717 in RPF, and despite being in his shadow, Kg was able to keep RPF in constant contention for the largest army in warfare. Kg later won the first ever leader election in ACP, though his time in ACP was much less notable. Aside from that, Kg is also credited for creating the first documented rules of warfare alongside fellow legend Shadow2446. He also is credited with creating the first ever comprehensive record of army history, as well as the first ever army-wide tournament in May of 2008, which saw the RPF place second under Kg’s leadership.

Known as being the leader of the Watex Warriors who, despite many setbacks, some as severe as the word “Watex” being blocked on Club Penguin, he was able to keep WW growing steadily. He could lead with unfathomable skill, and was one of warfare’s most loyal leaders, who never turned his back on an ally, rain or snow.

As one of the most accomplished female leaders in history, Spaceybirdy is best known recognized for her accomplishments in the Watex Warriors. Following the retirement of fellow legend Dialga80, she saved the Watex Warriors from collapse and was able to stabilize the army to keep it one of the prominent “Big 6″ armies. She came out of retirement numerous times to save WW from near death after her initial tenure as WW leader. Outside of WW, she held high ranks in the early Black Bandits and Fort Ghost Recon, resurrecting the former after its destruction during the Tundra Wars.

Most famous for the role he played during World War IV, Batista was responsible for the formation of the grand alliance – UMA, Nachos, and Ice Warriors. UMA was able to max 40 at times during the war. During his second term as leader he was responsible for the first coup in UMA history overthrowing a poor leadership. He and Trickster formed a dual leadership and lead UMA to 4th in CPAC’s Top Ten. Batista helped to develop tactics such as the “L” formation. He will always be remembered for reasserting UMA’s influence in modern armies and holding his own against many of the great armies of the 2009 Golden Age.


2007 was where armies truly began to take shape, and we saw Pink Mafias’s UMA take on Oagal’s ACP in what became known was World War III; Db Penguin’s CP Air Force became an early ally of ACP during this time. As the Romans fizzled out, new armies came to power, such as the Dark Warriors, created by Ambrosha. Elitesof, evolving from his role in the Color Wars, founded both Fort Ghost Recon and the Elites. CollinZFresh, considered one of armies’ greatest political minds, brought the People’s Republic Army to power. Watex, an essential CP Blogger, brought an extreme amount of recruits to armies by featuring us on site. During this time, Gu Gu Pengu also became known as Club Penguin warfare’s first real antagonist as the figurehead of the first fully UK army, the Gugu Pengu Romans. Finally, Commando717 rebelled from the UMA to create the Rebel Penguin Federation, which would go on to become a superpower, and Zippy500 led the Nachos to power with his no-quit attitude, following on from Tom Wolf’s creation of the modern day Nachos.

Commando717 created and led the RPF through the biggest rebellion in army history. In RPF’s Golden Age under Commando, they were one of two major superpowers, alongside ACP. Commando is forever remembered as not only one of the most brilliant leaders and politicians of armies, but also as the face of the Rebel Penguin Federation. What began as a small rebellion inside the Underground Mafias Army spawned into one of the most politically smart and legendary armies this community his seen, and Commando, as RPF’s founder and figurehead, is forever remembered for that.

Known as the creator of the modern day Nachos, Tom Wolf established the Nachos’ first website in February of 2007, officially establishing them as a formal army. He held high positions in the Nachos’ rogue days until he took over as leader following the retirement of Jamesbond1. He established the Nachos’ reputation as a legitimate army, as well as leading them through WWII and WWIII. He retired in August of 2007, handing over the reins to Zippy500, but his impact would be felt for many years to come.

Db Penguin was the first significant female in a Club Penguin army. She created the Club Penguin Air Force (CPAF) in February 2007 and it grew into a solid medium army. When ACP found itself facing off against the massive UMA army led by Pink Mafias in May 2007, Db Penguin and CPAF was the first to ACP’s aid. Together with ACP and RPF, she helped take down UMA in WWIII, arguably the most important war in Club Penguin army history. Db Penguin continued to lead CPAF until it merged to create the United Penguin Army (UPA), where she was elected Leader in a landslide and helped them achieve Top Ten status. Without her and CPAF, it is quite possible that UMA would have defeated both ACP and RPF and completely changed the landscape of armies as we know them today.

CollinZfresh was the founder of the People’s Republic Army (PRA) in October 2007. Known as one of the greatest minds in Club Penguin Armies at the time, he led PRA to near-major army status while operating one of the most complex and well-organized governments in history. Referred to by Oagalthorp as a “military mastermind” and a genius of army philosophy, CollinZ’s ideas benefited a wide range of other legends, including Oagalthorp, Mr. Deedledoo, and Boomer 20.

Watex, owner of one of the most popular Club Penguin cheats websites of all time, created the army the Watex Warriors using his personal power as a blogger and fans from his site. Not only did this bring hundreds of new recruits to Club Penguin Armies and create a series of excellent wars, but it demonstrated the idea that Club Penguin armies and other websites, such as cheat sites and forums, can be intertwined. The idea that recruits could enter Club Penguin Armies from cheat sites brought new hope for the size this community could reach. This idea later influenced much expansion among Club Penguin Armies.

Given credit for the existence of the FGR and the Elites, two of the most legendary armies of all time. Elitesof created Fort Ghost Recon, a very early army in the community who greatly influenced it. Elitesof was a veteran of World War I, and is attributed as Korn, the leader of the Red Clan during the Color Wars.

Zippy took over the Nachos following the retirement of Tom Wolf in 2007. He was one of the greatest Nacho Leaders to date, leading the army through both World War II and World War III, taking major victories home for his army. One of Zippy’s most famous qualities was that he did not take crap from anyone, even when other armies attempted to put the Nachos on the backburner during major World Wars. Because of this, Zippy500 transformed the Nachos from a sort of “club” into a competitor for the number one spot.

Ambrosha founded the Dark Warriors, an army who frequented the Top Five throughout many years following their creation. Outside of the Dark Warriors, which he both founded and led to success, Ambrosha had careers in the Warriors Army — an army created from a super merge between the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Fire Warriors, and Aqua Warriors — along with the Golds. In all of four of these armies, Ambrosha was a major player, but will forever be remembered as the founder and leader of the Dark Warriors, who still live on today.

Gu Gu Pengu was one of Club Penguin Armies’ first major antagonists. He created Gugu Pengu’s Romans (GPR) in May 2007, making them the first significant UK army in history. Early in their history, they were in frequent conflict with the Vikings, who they defeated in a prolonged war. After they showed intense aggression toward ACP and American armies in general, Oagalthorp declared war on GPR in late September 2007, rallying the majority of the major armies against the controversial army. During the war, GPR nearly matched ACP soldier-for-soldier before being eventually overwhelmed and defeated. Gu Gu Pengu retired shortly after the war, and GPR continued to live on, though never with anywhere near the same level of success as it had under its creator.


2006 was the founding year. Oagalthorp began the Army of CP on the Miniclip Forums, which many believe was the first real Club Penguin Army. As the year went on, others took inspiration from Oagal’s idea, the most famous of which was Explorer7777, who created the Romans. Pink Mafias helped create modern armies with the creation of the legendary UMA and the beginnings of exponential growth in the early World Powers. In 2006, armies fought mainly as rouges but in some organized battles on Club Penguin. 

Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin, one of the very first official armies. He also modernized tactics, and is known as one of the greatest leaders of warfare. His army, ACP, helped paved the way for army history, and was one of the center armies of all World Wars. Oagalthorp is commonly known as the father of Club Penguin Armies and he is known throughout the community. He will be forever immortalized as an essential figure to the founding of this community. Without his ideas on the Miniclip Forums in 2006, it is safe to say that armies as we know it would not exist today.

Pink Mafias is the founder and leader of the legendary Underground Mafias Army. He revolutionized the way armies were run. An icon in the army world in his time, he had the image of a mafia leader. Pink Mafias’s UMA was the first real enemy to Oagalthorp’s ACP, and many legendary battles happened between the two armies. ACP originally went to war with UMA over their hacking of Club Penguin, and the two faced off as two of the first titans of armies. One of the most notable conflicts was the World War III conflict between the two armies, spawning one of the first rivalries in this community. Pink Mafias’s UMA was the first major enemy of ACP, and the conflict between he and Oagalthorp is legendary.

Explorer7777 was the creator of the Romans, one of the three major superpowers of 2006 alongside ACP and UMA. Explorer created the army in the Miniclip Forums and fought countless skirmishes during their founding. He was also a catalyst of World War II with ACP, where Romans were a massive army until ACP defeated them, and Explorer dissapeared. During his time in armies, he created a group which, while dead today, greatly influenced this community during its original founding, and for that he will be remembered.

Sf1998 created the Club Penguin Marines (CPM) in the Fall of 2006 after having been inspired by the creation of ACP by Oagalthorp on the Miniclip Forums. As a brother ally of ACP, CPM quickly became arguably the 3rd largest army of the Forum era. According to Oagalthorp, “The CPM soon grew as big as the ACP, not within the Forums, but rather on a WordPress site”, making them one of the first armies ever to use WordPress. Sf1998 allied with the early leadership of the Nachos and set up an alliance between them and ACP, helping to establish the Nachos as the army we know today. Though CPM died out in early 2007, it had a significant impact on the landscape of early Club Penguin Armies.