New Year Bonanza 2024

As promised, Club Penguin Armies presents the information regarding our next tournament: New Year Bonanza. It has become January’s most anticipated event and we are here to provide you the information on the battle information of this intense showdown.

Designed by Wynn

A little over two years ago, the very first New Year Bonanza took place. Club Penguin Armies made a commitment to the community that we would do our best to host it once more as a thrilling way to ring in the new year. New Year Bonanza is an ultimate battle royale where multiple battles will be taking place on one server. Compared to 2022, our community has many more active, participating armies in the community so we are excited to see big numbers show up and show out.

In the last event, Fire Warriors and Templars took home the win, earning themselves their own trophies. Once again, two trophies are up for grabs for both army categorizations. Additionally, there will be a Most Valuable Player Award presented after the battle, amongst other prizes.

How it works

This unique battle server format will see each army fight for 30 minutes across three different battle rooms, encountering different armies in each of the rooms. However, the twist is that no army will know exactly who they are up against until the moment they enter the room.

So, for example: Army A could encounter Army B in their first room – the Ice Berg – before coming face-to-face with the Army D in their second room, the Snow Forts. Finally, their third and final room could see them fighting against Army C. Due to the amount of armies participating, armies will be given a starting room prior to the battle that they must begin in.


The battles will be judged by the Club Penguin Army Judges team with affiliations taken into account where possible. Of course, there will be constraints due to the volume of armies that are participating. Therefore, some battles may not have the usual three judges that is typical to tournament battles. Consequently, armies will only be provided one veto instead of the normal two.

Each army will have their own Discord channel in which their battle rooms will be posted. This should be your one and only point of call throughout the event.

Example from 2022

Information and Rules

Saturday, January 27

Club Penguin Army Battleground

2pm EST | 1pm CST | 12pm MST | 11am PST | 7pm GMT

After discussions took place, it was decided by the Army Board to hold the New Year Bonanza on the above weekend. The following armies are welcomed to participate, with the sign-ups concluding on Wednesday, January 24 at midnight EST. If you’re an army leader, please confirm your participation in the direct messages with an administrator.

  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Coup Crusaders
  • Elite Guardians 
  • Help Force
  • Penguins of Madagascar
  • People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Templars
  • Water Vikings
  • Winged Hussars

In order for the tournament to run smoothly, we are putting the following rules in place. They are based on the previous tournament’s rules decided upon by the Army Board (adjusted for tournament format), including a newly phrased rule on dual enlisting:

  • Reviews will be allowed and will be conducted by unaffiliated (to the battle) Head Judges.
  • Just like in the previous tournaments, there have been deadlines set in regard to the review process:
    • Leaders cannot request a review after three hours from the long results being posted and they cannot submit evidence more than 21 hours after requesting a review (videos should be submitted as soon as possible).
    • Head Judges must inform both armies about the review and if it is going ahead as soon as possible.
    • The deadline for the Head Judges to review the battle will be 24 hours after the evidence deadline.
  • Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. Participants must stick with their chosen army for the duration of the tournament. In the case of attending visitors, holding a rank in any active army found on our active armies list will be considered failing to adhere to this rule.
  • The judging will be undertaken by Club Penguin Army Judges and organized by the Head Judges.
  • All armies have a right to veto one judge. Once an army has vetoed one judge, it cannot decline any more for that battle. Vetoes cannot occur past the four hour mark and the Head Judges can not be vetoed per new judging guidelines.
  • Judges will be announced well in advance (typically shortly after the schedule is announced).
  • Anybody banned from Battleground cannot participate in tournament battles (including but not limited to attending on alts, leading from Discord or other third-party websites, etc.) If found guilty of violating this rule by administrator discretion, the army they are involved with will be disqualified.

Recent activity in the community has the league beyond excited for this epic, all-out server battle. It is our hope to continue the trend of creating or revisiting innovating tournament formats in a time where the community has seen large amounts of competitive drive. As always, thanks to the Head Judges for their cooperation and willingness to tackle such a taunting battle. And much love to Dino, Master DS, and Wynn who will all be contributing graphics. Are you going bananas for the New Year Bonanza?

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