AustinFraud Departs After Successful Clover Run

After a successful leadership run, AustinFraud has retired from his position of Commander-in-Chief in the Army of Club Penguin.


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AustinFraud originally joined the army community in 2014. He returned in 2018 as a troop for Pirates, before going on to lead numerous small-medium armies. These armies include Athletes, Elites, and Fire Warriors. He spent some time away from being enlisted in armies following the end of his tenure at Fire Warriors. During this, he served the Club Penguin Army Judges as Head Judge and Club Penguin Armies as a Moderator and Reporter. He finally enlisted as a member of the Army of Club Penguin at the end of 2022.
AustinFraud started his journey in the army as a Lance Corporal, the second lowest member role, climbing up the ranks before finally becoming a Higher Command. Amid continuous efforts, he was inducted as the 50th Commander in Chief of the army on May 28, 2023 alongside Coolguy.

Calgocubs21 inducting AustinFraud and Coolguy as 50th Commander in Chiefs

Under the leadership of AustinFraud and Coolguy, the army managed to add numerous trophies to its collection as it won its first Legends Cup XIII trophy and also succeeded in winning the Trick or Treat Trials. It successfully claimed the first position on the Top Ten six times, before the duo of AustinFraud and Coolguy claimed the top spot another seven times. The army also partook in numerous wars including World War IX and United Front Alliance’s war against Elite Guardians.
The army celebrated AustinFraud’s first anniversary as the AUSIA commander of the army on January 18. Later the same day, AustinFraud released details of his retirement event. The event was held on January 21 where around 56 individuals showed up to bid goodbye to AustinFraud and thank him for his contributions. Following his retirement, he took up the Advisor role in the army.

Best of luck to AustinFraud

Club Penguin Armies reached out to AustinFraud for a statement on his retirement.

After such a successful leadership, it is no wonder that so many came out to show support in his resignation. We are wishing him the best moving forward in his journey. Will the army be able to sustain its success without their AUSIA Commander in Chief?

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