Legends Inductions 2023: Community Nominee Voting

Another year has come and gone, which means it is time for another round of legends inductions, brought forth by the legends committee team. However, there are a couple of changes to the process this year.

Legends Nominations
Firstly, as the newest head of the Legends committee, I would like to introduce myself to the community. Hello! My name is DMT. I first joined Club Penguin Armies in 2011 with the Club Penguin Crew.  The niche I carved out for myself over the next decade or so mostly pertained to that of army media.  I served as the various colloquial terms for “boss person” for numerous sites, including Small-Medium Army Central (2014), Club Penguin Armies (2019), and Club Penguin Army Headquarters (2021-2022).  Though my career also included a notable stint as one of the first leaders of the second generation of the Army of the Republic, media management and being a spokesperson for organizations is what propelled me into legend status in the 2020 inductions.

Thus, with Mchappy’s meteoric rise to completely unchecked power within Club Penguin Armies, he approached me with the offer of taking his place as a head of the legends committee.  This means I now have the honor of working with already standing heads Iceyfeet1234 and Orange, both extremely established legends in their own right.  With our combined efforts, a committee of legends was put together.  This is the first year in recent history where the activity status of legends was not considered when inviting them to the committee, as established in the Legends Town Hall recap posted by Mchappy.  As a result, the committee is larger this year when compared to previous years.  The members are as follows:

  • Iceyfeet12342008 Army Legend
  • DMT 2019 Army Legend
  • Orange2016 S/M Army Legend
  • 32op2020 Army Legend
  • Aaronstone42 2022 Army Legend
  • Csy2020 Army Legend
  • Edu144632018 Army Legend
  • Elexonck2022 Army Legend
  • Epic1012018 Army Legend
  • Ganger902011 Army Legend
  • Kally 2022 Army Legend
  • Kingfunks42013 Army Legend
  • Mchappy2011 Army Legend
  • Mustapha102015 Army Legend
  • Regan2020 Army Legend
  • Silverburg2017 Army Legend
  • Superhero1232019 Army Legend
  • Twitchy5432018 Army Legend
  • Wwebestfan2011 Army Legend

The committee also includes these Small/Medium Army Legends.  They will only vote on the S/M nominees alongside the rest of the committee.

  • Freedomist2020 S/M Army Legend
  • Mare2021 S/M Army Legend
  • Revan2015 S/M Army Legend
  • Sidie92012 S/M Army Legend
  • Ulysses Nardo2017 S/M Army Legend

As always, these S/M legends still contribute to the conversation on major legend nominees.

The other big change this year is that there is no longer a community vote.  Rather, the community will vote on who they would like to see nominated.  Everyone will be allowed to vote for up to three individuals they would like to see nominated for legend.  The top two vote-getters will receive the community nominee spots.

As was discussed in the aforementioned Legends Town Hall post, the committee hopes that this will allow the community to make a more tangible difference in the induction process.  This is something that was lacking with the community vote system.  That being said, the Legends Committee nominees are as follows:

Major Nominations-

  • AustinfraudArmy of Club Penguin
  • Calgocubs21Army of Club Penguin
  • Spotty – Club Penguin Army Judges
  • Wynn – Club Penguin Armies
  • Fitsuki – Elite Guardians
  • Lass – Elite Guardians
  • Rooboo – Help Force
  • Link3000 – Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Dawnables – Templars of Club Penguin
  • Dino – Water Vikings
  • Mabel – Water Vikings

S/M Nominations-

  • ThunderDark Vikings
  • Toxic Storm – Coup Crusaders/Tormentors
  • Cabin – Napalm Corps/People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Shallissa – People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Rye Bread – Penguins of Madagascar
  • Legoman – Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Sweater – Special Weapons and Tactics/People’s Imperial Confederation

*Please note that biographies for the nominees were not included in the post since the community is not voting on the nominees.  However, the Legends Committee is still producing biographies ahead of the results, as they are a useful tool during discussion for members of the committee.

This year, in order to avoid voter manipulation via Google Forms, voting will take place via Discord Direct Messages.  In order to vote, a user must DM one of the committee heads (DMT7, Iceyfeet1234, iamorang3) with the following information:

What is your name?

What is your army affiliation, if applicable?

Who would you like to nominate as a legend?

As a reminder, DO NOT vote for individuals who are already nominated.  This vote is for individuals who are not listed above.

Anyone found to have voted multiple times will have all of their votes nullified.  Armies are allowed to encourage people to vote for community nominees but are not allowed to discourage people from voting for certain individuals.  Voting is open until Sunday, January 7th, at 11:59 PM EST.  

The Legends Committee heads would like to congratulate all the nominees this year and look forward to seeing who the community adds to the list.  As always, we wish everyone good luck and happy voting!

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  1. AhsokaTano24 January 3, 2024 (4:23 am)

    I fucking suggest y’all remove Thunder and DV from legends. After all the crap they have DONE! I still love them but hate what they have become.

  2. sss January 7, 2024 (2:51 pm)

    how to vote when discord dmmers cant dm

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