One War Ends, Another Begins: PIC Declares on Winged Hussars

Over the weekend, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Winged Hussars, starting another war shortly after agreeing peace with the Elite Guardians. Thus far, only two invasions have taken place but the war is far from over.

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On Sunday, January 21st, the People’s Imperial Confederation alongside their allies in the United Front Alliance, signed a peace treaty with the Elite Guardians. This peace treaty officially put an end to the second Christmas Crusade War. However, PIC used this opportunity to strike, as they soon aimed for a different target. This time, they declared war on the Winged Hussars who aided the Guardians in their hour of need.

In their declaration, PIC stated that the reason they declared war was due to the Hussars helping EGCP during the war. Alongside this, they mentioned the controversies surrounding the Hussars which were mentioned during the United Front’s joint declarations of war. Despite that, they stated that they wanted the war to just be between the two small/medium armies. They want the s/m community to thrive in 2024, with this war being the start of something much bigger. They see it as an opportunity to encourage competition and rivalry within the s/m community.

After their declaration, the Confederation went on to schedule two battles. Thus far, only two invasions have taken place, leaving the community wondering what will happen next.

PIC during their first invasion

The Hussars no-showed PIC’s first invasion, quickly scheduling two of their own, both of which are set to take place later today. The Confederation’s second invasion took place earlier today with both armies preparing to fight. PIC had a slight size advantage during the battle but the Hussars refused to quit. Ultimately, the Confederation took their second win of the war, overpowering the Winged Hussars.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Alu, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader, to find out more about their declaration.

PIC mentioned the need for s/m conflict in their declaration but was there anything else which prompted the sudden war?

In recent times, our collective enthusiasm has been geared towards rejuvenating the S/M scene, and the prospect of engaging in a war with another S/M army has been a prevailing topic of interest since the days leading up to the Christmas Crusade. The Winged Hussars emerged as the most fitting candidate for such an endeavour, given the intriguing alignment in sizes and the shared Polish theme that characterizes both armies. The prospect of a war with the Winged Hussars not only promises an exciting clash but also provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and explore the rich cultural elements embedded in our collective gaming experience.

What prompted PIC to act so suddenly after agreeing peace with the Elite Guardians?

As we navigated this post-war landscape, the calls for more battles acted as a rallying cry, uniting our forces with a shared purpose. The resilience displayed in the face of adversity during the EGCP conflict had become a source of inspiration, and the prospect of future battles fuelled a collective determination to further solidify our standing as a formidable force within the army. The echoes of enthusiasm after the EGCP war served as a prelude to a chapter filled with anticipation, strategic planning, and a commitment to continued excellence on the battlefield.

Do you believe that the war will enable growth within the s/m community or will it just be one stepping stone to enabling growth?

I firmly believe that this conflict with the Winged Hussars holds potential to catalyse growth within the S/M community. This engagement not only serves as a thrilling clash between two formidable armies but also acts as a catalyst for heightened visibility and engagement across the broader S/M landscape. As our armies prepare for this momentous conflict, the anticipation and excitement generated are palpable, drawing the attention of both seasoned members and potential newcomers within the S/M community.

How do you foresee the war playing out and what will the Confederation be doing to try and win?

Predicting the course of our war with Winged Hussars proves to be a challenging endeavour. Each army, brings to the table a distinctive set of strengths and weaknesses that adds an element of unpredictability to the impending conflict. Speculating on the outcome at this juncture would be akin to navigating uncharted territory, as the dynamics of the clash are shaped by the interplay of these multifaceted factors. As for what we will be doing to try and win, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Alongside this, Club Penguin Armies contacted Shinzo to find out their thoughts regarding the declaration of war.

What are your thoughts regarding PIC’s declaration of war?

While I believe that an S/M War is an interesting and exciting prospect, I do believe that this could’ve been managed in a better war. The Winged Hussars are a very fresh army and we have found ourselves at war nearly every since registering to the CPA. We all can’t deny that the PIC is an army that has had way more time to establish themselves and be a part of the changes that CPA has seen over the years. And then declaring a war on us in such a situation is nothing optimal for the entirety of the CPA Community. Of course, an S/M War is pretty welcome, as I’ll get to talk about later, but when considering the situation of the WH, it could’ve been managed better by the PIC. There would’ve been chances to make this war an even better and more exciting one as it’s going to be already,. But either way, it’s an exciting prospect, especially if this will truly be a war where everyone simply focusses on fighting and improving above anythign else, enabling both armies to grow further.

To what extent do you agree with PIC about the state of the s/m community? Do you believe the war will enable growth within s/m armies?

Personally, I agree with at least the fact about the state of the S/M Community. While I haven’t been back for too long, I can’t deny the fact that it’s good to have more activity in this area. Hence, which is why I don’t disagree with that such a war can be an interesting and exciting prospect for the S/M Community and the Club Penguin Army Community as a whole. Even when we believe that such an initiation of a war could’ve been managed in a better manner that would benefit everyone even more, I do hope that it will enable some growth within S/M Armies. Either way, it will surely bring some more light to this area of CPA.

Do the Hussars plan to respond to PIC’s declaration?

We don’t think that there’s a need to respond to the declaration. We take it as it is. It’s good to see that the PIC seem to not want this war to be about drama, but rather a focus on two S/M Armies, more than anything else. If they will hold to this statement is yet to be seen, but we hope for a fair fight and honesty. Apart from that, there is not much to be said. It’s a declaration of war that we can take how it is and we’re excited for some good battles. We hope this to be a war that both sides and everyone here will be able to enjoy!

How do you foresee the war playing out and what will the Hussars be doing to try and win?

I always try to avoid making predictions, so that’ll also be the case here today. We will simply try our best and fight to the best extent that we can. We’ll try our best and where we can improve, we will improve. We always strive to become better and better and hopefully this war will see us realise this as well. There’s also no doubt that we have a lot of support and love coming from everyone who supports us and this will play a big part in our quest for victory. We are deeply thankful for everyone who is with us and has been with us for however long they have. We are a unity and we are strong and I know that we have the potential to be able to achieve something great here. I believe in the all of us!

It seems like both armies are ready for war, hoping to improve the s/m community whilst doing so. Despite both armies entering the war with the will to win, neither can predict what will happen. While both armies acknowledge that the war is not about any drama, how will the war progress from here? Will the situation between the two armies quickly become heated? Who will win the war? We wish both of these armies good luck as they aim to win the war.

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