Top 5 Moments of April 2024

The fourth month of the year has been filled with surprises. With leaders getting inducted, wars starting and ending, and the server map launching finally, April has been a witness to some impactful moments.

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As it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of April 2024. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Dark Vikings Shutdown

Written by: Sidie9

The month of April featured the closure of the Dark Vikings, a long-standing small/medium powerhouse. This was preceded by a document published by DV leader Thunder222, outlining numerous alleged instances of misconduct perpetrated by Viking creator Krosive. Their last event on the 24th of March celebrated four years of the army. The Dark Vikings had developed a controversial reputation due to behaviour on and off the battlefield, which had resulted in a permanent ban of the army from Club Penguin Armies tournaments. With the army succumbing to internal conflict, the future of any potential revival remains uncertain.

Dark Vikings’ 4th Anniversary Celebration and Last Event of this Generation

4. People’s Imperial Confederation declares War on Special Weapons and Tactics

Written by: Mei

On April 28th, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. In their declaration post, PIC stated that they had already conquered all the small/medium armies this year. Therefore, they decided to initiate another conflict with an army they have a long history with – SWAT. PIC also mentioned that they had been enduring insults and slander from SWAT for too long. Furthermore, the reason for the war was also allowing Klutzy to stay in the army, despite making many inappropriate comments, for which PIC blamed Ganger90, the creator of SWAT. The agents of SWAT made a statement in response to PIC’s claims, stating that they were misinformed. The two armies fought three times, and in every battle, PIC was the winner. Finally, on May 3rd, both armies signed a treaty that declared the Confederates as the winners. The treaty also left the “opportunity for further peace” between the two armies.

Special Weapons and Tactics’ Response to the War

3. Army of Club Penguin declares War on Water Vikings

Written by: Mare

After over two exhausting weeks of battling between the Water Vikings and the Templars, the Sluttpådawn war finally ended on April 23rd. But peace did not last long for the Vikings. Just three days after settling their differences with the Templars, the Army of Club Penguin boldly declared war on the Vikings, dubbing the conflict ‘The Dawn of Godwinson’. Tensions had been brewing for years as the Clovers grew increasingly convinced that the Vikings were continually working to undermine the army. Throughout their extensive history, this war is the first one-on-one conflict fought between the Clovers and Vikings. So far, there have been 13 battles that have taken place, with the Vikings currently holding a lead of 11-1-1.

Army of Club Penguin declares War on Water Vikings

2T. New Server Map launches at Club Penguin Armies

Written by: Shallissa

Nearly seven months after a full reset, Club Penguin Armies launched a brand new server map. Comprised of 90 Legacy servers consisting of historically named territories, the map features 250 servers. Df44 has been at work for several months, designing the graphics and geography of the new map. Following a capital server draft, each army selected their capital server, kicking off a series of freeland invasions. This map features a temporary grace period, allowing armies time to accumulate land without the threat of war. Intense collaboration among Df44, the CPA administration, CPA Judges, and the Army Board has contributed significantly to the creation of this map, reflecting the time and care invested in its production. While the map hasn’t witnessed any conflict yet, that will surely change over the summer.

Club Penguin Armies Server Map by Df44

2T. People’s Imperial Confederation Announces Victory in April Ambush

Written by: Disha

Towards the end of March, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Penguins of Madagascar, referring to it as the ‘April Ambush.’ The war was initiated with the aim of increasing their size and expanding their strength on the battlefield. In an attempt to learn and practice their skills in leading and coordinating battles, April Ambush would witness a total of seven battles taking place throughout the first week of April. The Confederates emerged victorious in all of these seven battles, following which they decided to announce their triumph in the war. The two armies then would go on to sign the ‘April Agreement’. This treaty would mark the conclusion of the war, acknowledging the Confederation as winners after their continuous battle victories.

‘April Agreement’ Treaty

1. Sidie9 inducted as Templars Leader

Written by: Lunita

On the 7th of April, Templars quietly inducted their new Leader in Training, Sidie9. What was supposed to be a calm induction turned into a test by fire as the Water Vikings declared war on the army on the same day. Sidie9 stood up to this challenge with grace, as her prior experience with the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Army of Club Penguin proved their worth. Three days later, on April 10, Templars saw her promotion to the rank of Grand Prior (Leader). In an article following her promotion, she seemed to be content in her new home. In addition, she made a mention of her army plans. Whatever her plans may be, Club Penguin Armies wishes her good luck.

Sidie9 inducted as Grand Prior at Templars

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what the next month shall hold for the army community. Do you think May will be an exciting month? What were the top moments in April for you, and why are they so?

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