Army of Club Penguin Declares War on Water Vikings

Late last week, the Army of Club Penguin shocked the community by declaring war against the Water Vikings. With the Vikings only just exiting a conflict against the Templars, what prompted this sudden Clover declaration?

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Following a peace treaty signed between the Army of Club Penguin and the People’s Imperial Confederation on Friday, the Clovers immediately declared war on the Water Vikings. In a war declaration published by ACP leader Ugly, he states that the relationship between the Vikings and Clovers has been rocky. Though ACP did not provide any specific reasons for their declaration, this war appears to closely follow the conflict between their Templars allies and the Vikings.

ACP’s war declaration

This is not the first time the Clovers and Vikings have been on opposing sides of the battlefield. In October of 2021, World War VIII broke out between the Western Bloc and the Vengeance Alliance. Fighting on opposite sides, this war appeared to be the start of a complex relationship between the two armies. Though no official winner came from the conflict, the relationship between the Army of Club Penguin and the Water Vikings never appeared to improve. In June of 2024, the Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Water Vikings formed a coalition known as the Blue Sunset Alliance, simultaneously declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Western Bloc VS. Vengeance Alliance

The war quickly became known as World War IX, as the Sapphire Concordat, consisting of the Special Weapons and Tactics, Napalm Corps, Templars, and People’s Imperial Confederation joined to help the Clovers. Throughout 32 battles, the Concordat lost control of 18 servers. However, the conflict concluded with no winner officially recognized. Though there is an intense history between the Vikings and Clovers, this war is the first one-on-one conflict fought between the two armies.

Sapphire Concordat VS. Blue Sunset Alliance

Four battles have taken place so far, with the Water Vikings currently holding a lead of 3-1-0. The conflict is likely to persist into the new server map, as indicated by the scheduling of several more battles.

To learn more about the war declaration and ACP’s plans moving forward, Club Penguin Armies reached out ACP leader Ugly

What prompted ACP’s declaration so soon after the conclusion of the TCP WV conflict? Do you believe the timing gives you an advantage?

WV for years tried to bring ACP down in various ways, it’s not a surprise we’re trying to war them after all they’ve done to ACP and our allies. They can turn a blind eye on what happened in World War XI and their constant slandering of ACP each day and to now warring our allies but we won’t. Unlike WV we aren’t scared to war any army that disrespects us.

What are your goals for this war? Do you have any set expectations?

I expect this war to be fun and exciting that is if WV stop yapping so much and actually show up for the battles maybe.

Having witnessed WV on the battlefield in their war against TCP, do you have any insight you believe may assist you in this upcoming war?

Just dont use a plus formation every room and we should be good.

Do you have any comments you’d like to share with your opponent and the community?

Additionally, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Water Vikings leader Mei, to learn more about her army’s plans for this war

Having just exited a conflict with the Templars, how do you feel this new war will impact your army?

We expected this conflict to some degree, but I don’t think we expected it that quickly. I am not sure how this will impact us in the long run but as of now I feel like we are on a good track with this war looking at the score.

What are your goals for this war? Do you have any set expectations?

Our goal is pretty obvious – to win.

Is there any insight you gained through your TCP conflict that will assist you in this upcoming war?

We are trying to get better when it comes to tactics and their speed. Although we didn’t have time to work on that more than during warm-ups, we are trying to get better and we learn from our mistakes in every single battle.

Do you have any comments you’d like to share to your opponent and the community?

To ACP – let the better one win.
To WV – let’s keep on doing our best.

Though the declaration was abrupt, it is clear that both the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin were expecting conflict between each other. So far, the Water Vikings have earned a favorable war score, however, there is still a way to go before we can be sure of any outcome. With the release date of the map quickly approaching, an even larger increase of intensity is inevitable. Club Penguin Armies wishes the best of luck to both the Vikings and Clovers in their war!


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