April Ambush: People’s Imperial Confederation Declares War on Penguins Of Madagascar

The People’s Imperial Confederation has officially declared war on the Penguins Of Madagascar. The first battle of the ‘April Ambush’ war is set to take place on April 1st.

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On March 27th, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Penguins Of Madagascar. The two armies are no strangers to war. PIC recently went to war with the Winged Hussars in January. They had 16 intense battles with the Hussars showing their strength each step of the way. While the Hussars showed that they were more than ready (and able) to step up to the challenge, the Confederation was determined as the winner of the war, ending with a war score of 9-0-7 [W-T-L].

The Wojna Prestiżowa war led to the Confederation and Hussars becoming allies following the friendly, but competitive war. POM, on the other hand, last entered war in December 2023, during the second Christmas Crusade. While they did not have a big impact on the war, they showed they were not scared to fight in the big leagues. They faced the Elite Guardians as a small/medium army and pushed themselves further than they had been pushed before.

Despite being on the same side of the Christmas Crusade II war, the Confederation has now declared war on the Penguins. In their declaration post, they stated they wanted to increase their sizes during their CPABattleground events. They believe that the war will help them to do this. In recent weeks, the Confederation gained Major army status. However, they stated that their sizes on CPAB were equal to that of a small/medium army, allowing for a fair fight.

PIC’s declaration of war

Club Penguin Armies approached Alu, PIC Leader, to discover what led to the war declaration and their thoughts on what may happen.

What led to the declaration of war?

We wanted to boost activity in our army and POM have similar sizes to us. So naturally we sent out a declaration on them.

With the first battle taking place on April Fool’s day, can you confirm it’s not a joke?

It is pure coincidence. We did not want to have a battle on the easter weekend and next weekend is too long a wait.

Do you believe that more non-map wars should happen? If so why and how?

So long as there is a win condition decided between the parties involved, yes. Otherwise you end up with a war that has seemingly no end unless a treaty is signed. As we’ve seen in recent during WWIX and Christmas Crusade.

How do you think the war will boost your sizes on CPAB?

A lot of our CPJ troops seem interested in battles so we introduce them to CPAB via the war and hopefully motivate them to actively participate.

It seems like PIC’s declaration is solely to boost their CPAB sizes. The April Ambush War will be an addition to one of the many mapless wars that have taken place since the previous map was last used, encouraging army warfare. What were POM’s reactions to the declaration?

Club Penguin Armies approached Rye Bread for a statement.

The declaration came as a complete surprise, and ngl we thought it was an april fools joke, but POM is ready to get back on their feet!! My main goal is to pack a punch, I want this war to be fun and entertaining for both armies as well as the community watching.

Now that the April Fools “joke” has been cleared up, the two armies are preparing to go to war with each other next week. Only time will tell who will come out on top. Will the Confederation continue to rise and dominate the Penguins in battle? Is the Confederation overlooking their opponent? Perhaps the Penguins will take the Confederation by surprise and outmanoeuvre them. We will keep you updated as the war progresses

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