The Sluttpådawn War Concludes: Templars Reign Victorious

After weeks of intense fighting, the momentous conflict known as the Sluttpådawn war between the Templars and the Water Vikings finally ended. In this post, we will explore further reasonings behind its conclusion and examine the perspectives of the leaders from both armies.

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On April 7th, tensions flared as the Water Vikings declared war on the Templars. WV stated there was unfinished business between the two armies. The declaration further notes that, in the past, TCP and WV previously discussed the possibility of allying. This happened after years of being enemies. TCP was excited about the idea of creating a new alliance. However, their hopes were destroyed when WV rejected their offer. TCP chose to declare war a couple of months later, in late 2022. Due to their unsteady history and betrayal, the Vikings saw no other option other than to declare war after TCP no-showed during the New Year Bonanza. However, they waited for the right time to do so. Since the declaration, both armies have engaged in a total of 20 heated battles, each fiercely striving to gain the upper hand on the battlefield.

Sluttpådawn War Last Battle

Within a short span of two weeks, the conflict came to its conclusion, with the final score tallying at 15-0-5 [W-T-L], favoring TCP. As outlined in war term 9 of the Sluttpådawn declaration, “Once an army achieves 15 or more wins in the war score, that army may declare victory unopposed.” Hence, both armies mutually decided to officially conclude the war on April 23rd without signing formal treaties. The Templars approached the Vikings with a treaty. However, they refused to sign it. Furthermore, with no defined map in place, no force treaties will be enforced. Because of this, Templars, instead, released a post calling out the Vikings, once again.

Following the war’s conclusion, Cabin, the leader of WV, officially announced its end to the army. Despite the war’s outcome, their courageous effort was evident. Cabin also shared a quote by a philosopher. It emphasized the mindset that obstacles shouldn’t be avoided but rather seen as opportunities for growth.

WV Announcing War Concluding

In an effort to understand the viewpoints of the leaders and the impact of the war on their armies, Club Penguin Armies approached Dawn, leader of TCP, and Mei, leader of WV. They were asked to share their overall thoughts on the war’s conclusion.

Dawn, Templars Leader: The war has shown that the Templars haven’t faltered even through peace times. Water Vikings viewed us as an easy target because we were relaxed during our peacetime waiting for the map and we turned that on them. The reasonings for war were enough to justify us ensuring that we drag out this war enough to destroy their morale and it worked. To declare war on an army for no showing a battle due to personal reasons and to be hypocrites throughout the war just made all of the Templars annoyed and hyped up to win. We revived the whole army, brought in new leaders, and are continuing to further the success the Neo-Templars is facing. As far as the war, this has been nothing but fun and enjoying for the close battles and learning how to take from that and make our armies better. I’m proud that Templaria prevailed once more without relying on external influences. This war is the beginning of an era for the empire to make major decisions and dominate the community.

Mei, Water Vikings Leader: Despite losing, we fought as hard as we possibly could. This war made us see what can get better when it comes to a lot of aspects, so we are grateful for that. We hope to learn a lot from it and become better! We all want to thank everyone who showed up for the battles, we know that some people had to make it work alongside their other plans and that makes it even more special. We are also thankful for every single person who helped us even if it might not seem like a lot!

During our post-war period we are going to do our best to take lessons from that war. We will be working on being even better tactically and we will also put more into our fun aspects – we will host more gamenights, themed weeks etc!! We know how tiring this must have been for some people so we hope that our next actions will make our troops and staff team regain some energy over the next weeks and make us ready for anything the future brings. :]

While TCP celebrates their victory and the renewed strength of their army, WV acknowledges their defeat. Despite WV’s loss, the army views it with grace and expressed gratitude for the challenges they encountered. Moving forward into the post-war period, both WV and TCP are committed to improving and strengthening their armies. As this war reaches its conclusion, do you anticipate another clash between these two armies in the near future? Or do you believe they will set aside their differences and eventually strive towards reconciliation and alliance? 

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