Game Over: PIC and SWAT Sign Peace Treaty, Ending The War

After several days of fighting, the Weeping Weapons War meets its end. In this post, we will explore its reasons, course, and conclusion.

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The war began on April 28, following a fierce declaration by the People’s Imperial Confederation. In their declaration, they accused the Special Weapons and Tactics of incredible disrespect, slander, delusion, and support of Klutzy, who has been a controversial figure for many months. To this, the Agents responded with accusations of jealousy, misinformation, wanting land, and singling SWAT out over Klutzy. Thus, the brief war began.

PIC VS. SWAT: Invasion of SWAT Bot

The two armies fought three times. Despite the fierce and hard battles, the Confederation triumphed in every room and battle. It was increasingly clear that PIC’s experience with warfare gave them the edge in combat. In just this year alone, the Confederation defeated the Winged Hussars in a one-on-one conflict, before moving on to unanimously defeat the Penguins of Madagascar. Additionally, PIC participated in a fun war against their Army of Club Penguin allies. It was therefore no surprise that their forms, tactics, and sizes were much better and larger than that of their counterpart. Despite their lack of tactical mastery, SWAT fought to the best of their ability, doing their best to prove their superiority and dominance.

Oliver branch treaty

The Oliver Branch treaty

To learn more about PIC’s future after the war, Club Penguin Armies approached PIC leader Shallissa for an interview.

Do you feel like now that the war is over, the bad blood between PIC and Swat, will go away?

Anything is possible, it really just depends on how each of us treat each other moving forward. When PIC presented the treaty to SWAT I wanted them to see it as a wake up call. Their diplomacy is a nightmare, and while they tried their best, they really did struggle during battle. These next few weeks will be essential in seeing what type of relationship PIC and SWAT will have post-war, however if they are serious about redefining their position within CPA and take steps to improve their conduct towards others, I don’t see why we couldn’t be neutral at the very least.

What are your feelings about the performance of your army and its leaders during this war?

We absolutely killed it. PIC is lucky enough to have a leadership consisting of some of the best small/medium leaders in the community. Our leadership and high command’s communication during war is top tier, and with a newly reformed Congress of Soviets (senior advisory), we were prepared to keep the war going several weeks. Tactically, PIC has always excelled, which is why we have defeated three S/M armies in war this year. Against an army our size, we come out on top every single time. This is our second war this year in which we didn’t suffer a single defeat. Next war, I hope to see PIC reach consistent sizes of 15-20, as our size is definitely something we need to improve on. However all things considered, especially given our war with POM ended not even a month ago, PIC exceeded all of my expectations.

Do you believe that PIC will be able to become a major army once again?

Absolutely. Our rise to Major earlier this year wasn’t something we planned or really coordinated. Our Club Penguin Journey events were really successful, and by the time it hit week two of maxing 20+ consistently we were kind of freaking out lol. Say what you want about “rogues” or “fake recruits”, the events were popular amongst our team, and lots of fun, and at the end of the day that’s why we did them. As of now our plans within the S/M community aren’t finished, so we are in no rush to become Major again. However now that we know we are capable of growing to Major by accident, our efforts in growing to Major intentionally will be very obvious.

In conclusion, we can see that the ambitions of the Confederation do not end here. Whenever that is the case for SWAT is unclear. Will the relations between the two improve? Will SWAT better their diplomatic relations? Will PIC reach major once again? Congratulations to both SWAT and PIC for an eventful war!


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