Dark Vikings Drift Out To Sea

In quite a shocking turn of events, Dark Vikings’ members find themselves looking for a new home as the army shuts down amidst anniversary celebrations. The army, known for its legacy of controversies, closed its doors following an expose by its leader.

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Dark Vikings were formed in early 2020 by Krosive and friends. The army truly got its start in October 2021 once the likes of Alucard joined. As well as Thunder222 who merged his allied army as a way to join forces. Although they found success in the small-medium community, their legacy became known for their controversial behavior. They even went on to become inaugural Double Deck the Halls Champions. As of now, they are the only army banned from Club Penguin Armies tournaments.

However, it seems the army has suddenly shut down. It all began when Thunder222 started sharing an expose of Vikings’ creator, Krosive. The details of the expose covered the chaos that erupted during the fourth anniversary event on March 24. Additionally, it cited arguments between high ranking members as causing an internal collapse. This is not the first time Krosive has been put under the limelight as he has led identity-targeting tactics that have cost his army past victories.

Potentially the very last Dark Vikings event ever

Thunder222, being one of Dark Vikings’ longest consecutive leaders at one year, five months, and six days, could no longer tolerate the negativity. It seems that co-leader Midnight also contributed to the fights, leading to high ranked officials taking sides. In the end, it seems the amount of slurs thrown were too much to bear; the Dark Vikings were shutting down.

In order to understand more about this sensitive situation, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Thunder222 for an interview.

Why did Dark Vikings shut down?

Dark Vikings (DV) shut down is not because it’s starting to max low [as] during the anniversary we had 16 on. It’s because of Krosive’s ego and management of the army as well.

For the past few weeks, before this all happened, Krosive has started to be rude to me to do more work. When I completed an art piece for AUSIA (since we didn’t have one for a while now), Krosive, and also Midnight, started to say that it looked bad. My art propaganda wasn’t good [enough].

During the anniversary event, Krosive told me that he’s taking over the event and I said no. Like typical Krosive fashion, he started to get mad and started to leave and rejoining event voice chat. [He started] threatening people and saying slurs during the event. Troops didn’t comply [with] his orders since he was acting like a total idiot, [so] someone said ”Down with Krosive” and he told the to kill themselves. People started to leave because of him.

After I ended the event, I told everyone to go the gaming voice, and then he joined and started to call everyone slurs and threatening people. He called one of our veterans the Romano slur because he lived in Romania, which most of the population are Romanian people. There are pictures and recordings of this happening which you can take a listen and see for yourselves.

What do you want the army’s legacy to be remembered for?

Winning February Forte and maxing 30 in the Grand Finals; getting major for the first time; last year’s March Madness Semi Finals; and probably, the most arguable one, we’re the best small-medium army during 2023.

Do you think the army will ever return?

No. DV has already made its part into the current community. Krosive wouldn’t revive it because it has already been turned into a gaming server, but I don’t see a very bright future of them reviving back since the troops have heard about his actions.

Dark Vikings versus Sapphire Concordat

It’s not every day that you hear an army celebrating its anniversary shuts down the very same day. Dark Vikings will surely be remembered for being involved in many wars during 2023. Will a new army rise up and replace the legacy the Dark Vikings leave behind?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 April 2, 2024 (4:29 pm)

    May DV rest in piss and never return!

    From a former DV vet, who was happy to be an ally and a friend.

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