PIC Declares War On SWAT; Sweater Rejoins Confederation Leadership

In what has been an eventful week for the army community, the People’s Imperial Confederation has declared war on Special Weapons And Tactics. Alongside this, a familiar face has rejoined the army.

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After the People’s Imperial Confederation mutually ended their war against the Army of Club Penguin, they are at war once again! On April 20th, the Confederation declared war on their allies ACP. The war was a joint decision by both armies yet saw two allies paired up against each other. Despite the hype for a “fun war”, the armies only battled once, on April 24th. The battle and the war ended with ACP being the victor.

Both of the armies went on to sign a treaty on April 26th. However, in a shocking turn of events, both then went on to new wars. ACP immediately declared war on the Water Vikings. Whereas the Confederation went on to declare war on the Special Weapons And Tactics, just two days later. In their declaration post, PIC stated that they had conquered all the small/medium army opposition that they faced this year. Therefore, it was time for them to initiate another conflict with an army they have a lot of history with, SWAT.

PIC’s treaty with ACP

The Confederation went on to say that:

For far too long the People’s Imperial Confederation has withstood insults and slander at the hands of the Special Weapons and Tactics.

This was not the only reason for the war though. They claimed that Klutzy was allowed in the army despite the many comments he made and the roleplay he partook in. The Confederation blame Ganger90, SWAT creator, for allowing Klutzy to remain in SWAT. Not only this, they blame him for leaving minors to deal with a situation that supposedly led to paedophilia. The army also states that the community has already taken action against Klutzy, exiling him to safeguard everyone in armies. Therefore, they were left asking why SWAT enabled Klutzy’s behaviour.

Despite PIC’s damning post, the Agents are yet to put out an official response regarding the content of the declaration. However, in rebuttal to the declaration, they stated that PIC is jealous and misinformed. With that being said, it is clear that this war is one of purpose, with PIC aiming to take out SWAT for their actions, or lack of.

SWAT announcing the war to their troops

Following the declaration of war, the Confederation made some additions to their High Command. To start with, they announced the return of ex-SWAT member Ggogle, who returned to the Confederation for the rank of 3ic. Alongside this, Sweater officially returned to the Confederation’s leadership to help them win the war. His most recent run as a Leader ended less than two months ago. Following his retirement, he was inducted as a PIC Legend. Now, he returns and faces a war against his former army. Will Sweater be able to lead them to victory, once again?

Since the declaration of war, only one battle has taken place with the Confederation coming out on top. Club Penguin Armies approached SWAT leader, Krill to find out his reactions to the war declaration.

What were your initial reactions to the Confederation’s declaration of war?

At the time of the declaration of war, I was at a CPA Army Board meeting that was about to conclude. I saw a ping in the #invasion-scheduling channel of the server, which made me realize that an army probably raised war against SWAT. I opened it. I laughed. However, I was listening to music being played by the SWAT Discord Bot in a voice channel. And, the music I was listening to seemed to have influenced my reaction to increase my fear a little. Overall, I did feel excited that we will finally be able to revenge the Confederation which had bad-mouthed many armies over the years, including their present allies, and the members of the SWAT Corporation peaked motivation.

Do you have any comments regarding their accusations towards SWAT’s lack of action against Klutzy?

While we do agree with the wrongdoings of Klutzy, the war does not seem to have started due to Klutzy’s actions. We understand and admit that Klutzy should have been banned weeks earlier. However, if we relate this to war, other armies like took time to ban Klutzy, too. Why did the Confederation declare war on SWAT only? This certainly justifies that the immediate cause of the war is not concerning Klutzy. PIC declared war against SWAT because they wanted to get land since the map had returned. That is why they kicked off the war now. SWAT banished Klutzy as soon as we found out he was a pedophile, which was done at the same time CPAB did. About the stuff involving “daddy” or “dada”, it is not something new. Sweater does that, too. While we understand that such terms should be avoided, it did seem that the persons these terms were being called on agreed to this. After all, I think we did the right thing by banning Klutzy; he does not deserve a place in SWAT. Not sure why PIC is declaring war because we banned Klutzy? It is just that PIC wants a war for land, which they do not deserve since they lose it all pretty quickly, LOL!

What are your plans going forward? Do you believe SWAT has what it takes to win the war?

“SWAT remains SWAT.” I have said this many times in the past when a war struck, and will continue to say this. SWAT has the dignity and morale to win the war. Till now, PIC has spent hours finding irrelevant information, pinging their poor troops when they used to find something. I did find a lot of allies helping PIC, including Ugly and Alemax from ACP, and Elsa from TCP. PIC making use of allies does not justify their victory at all. Shallissa wanted her girlfriend to attend, which is why she allowed allies. SWAT does not wish to receive help from allies since we feel that we are better ourselves, and also because we do not want to put DPC at risk. Therefore, SWAT has the potential to win this war with utmost confidence. SWAT will continue hosting awesome competitions, and events, and keep recruiting. After all, PIC will not achieve anything other than burnout with the onset of this war.

It seems like the war is already heating up despite only one battle taking place. The Confederation is doing everything it can to win the war. With both Sweater and Ggogle returning to take on their former army, the war will certainly be one to watch. Despite PIC’s additions, Krill is positive about SWAT’s chances in the war. But who will come out on top in this war? Will PIC be victorious once again? Or will SWAT cause an upset? Will Ganger90 respond to the Confederation’s war declaration post? Can Sweater lead the Confederation to victory once again?


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