Top 5 Moments of May 2024

May has come and gone and is now in the history books with multiple surprises taking place along the way. Many memorable moments were made including the introduction of a new tournament.

Top 5 Moments

Designed by Koloway

Club Penguin Armies‘ staff have voted on the ‘Top 5 Moments of May’ and the results are now in. The voting was close but the top five moments were clear. Without further ado, let us explore the top five moments.

5. Rebel Penguin Federation Celebrates its 17th Anniversary

Written by Mare

The Rebel Penguin Federation, created on May 8, 2007, by Army Legend Commando717, has been a prominent force in the army community. Consistently appearing in the Top Ten rankings, the Rebels have earned numerous trophies, awards, and victories in wars.

Most recently, the Rebels celebrated their 17th anniversary with a Retro Disco theme week, an homage to the iconic ABBA song “Dancing Queen.” From May 6 through May 12, the Rebels hosted a variety of engaging events, including a murder mystery, themed freeland invasions, branch battle, a themed Skribbl game, and a culminating party where members showcased their best disco outfits in a grand celebration, reaching a peak attendance of 46 troops. The army also held an anniversary bingo night, completing as many squares as possible for giveaways.

Rebel Penguin Federation during their 17th anniversary

4. The Elite Crusade War Ends in Controversy

Written by Shallissa

Amidst a Club Penguin Armies map grace period, the Elite Guardians attempted to declare war on the Templars on May 10th. Though this led to the invalidation of the war, the Guardians continued their crusade against the Knights in a mapless war. Nine battles took place over the course of four days, with the Elite Guardians accumulating a war score of eight wins and one tie. Following the battle of Cookygrado, the Templars announced themselves as the victors of the war, declaring that the Elite Guardians had broken the war terms. In a detailed post, Empress Dawnables cited several allegations of misconduct, including accusations against Guardians’ leader, SavageCobra. Additionally, Dawnables provided alleged proof that the Elite Guardians had bot-raided the Templars’ Discord.

A Club Penguin Armies investigation revealed that Discord might have been doing a mass purge of inactive accounts on the day of the alleged bot raid. Moreover, Cobra provided a statement on behalf of his army, hoping to clear the air regarding some of the allegations. In the end, the war concluded with both the Knights and the Guardians declaring their respective victories via term breakages, with no treaty being signed.

The Elite Guardians vs Templars during the Elite Crusade

3. CPA Judges Hosts CPAJ Olympics

Written by Shadow

On April 28th, 2024, the Happily Ever After Olympics began, hosted by the Club Penguin Army Judges. The judges were divided into two teams, the Pixar Powerhouse and the New World Wonders, themed on Pixar and Walt Disney. The teams aimed to intrigue hardworking judges and judges-in-training, with prizes including Discord Nitro, a raffle entry, an emote, a sound on the soundboard, and a trophy. Each team was led by a group of Head Judges, with the New World Wonders led by Spotty, Yvng, and Popcorny, and the Pixar Powerhouse led by Paddy and Mare. Judges participated in daily events to earn points, with the winner being announced on May 7th. The New World Wonders won with 12,500 points, while the Pixar Powerhouse secured 6,840 points. Both teams received prizes for judges who earned the most points, with seven prize winners.

Graphic designed for the Olympics’ thumbnail by Master DS

2. Club Penguin Armies Releases The New Server Map

Written by Coolguy

On May 5, Club Penguin Armies revealed the newest edition of the CPA Map. The new map was made by DF44 who was working tirelessly to try and provide the community with a new map. After it was released, armies were filled with hope and started to schedule a mass amount of invasions. These invasions were of freeland. However, some armies decided to take it one step further. The first set of invasions took place on May 6. Despite the invasions taking place throughout the week, wars started to break out by May 11. Ultimately, despite the map being released, it was not fully complete, meaning that it could not be updated. This put a stop to all on-map wars as the map was once again frozen.

Even though the map has been frozen since then, freeland invasions have continued to take place. Alongside this, a war raged on off-map. Currently, the map is set to unfreeze, once again, on June 9. With that, the freeland cap is set to expand from six to eight servers. Despite it being a shaky start for the new map, it has been somewhat successful, encouraging armies to be proactive.

Dark Pirates’ Invasion of Icicle

1. Club Penguin Armies Host The Around The World Cup

Written by Edu

Over the course of May, Club Penguin Armies decided to once again innovate and introduce a unique tournament. Coined as ‘Around The World Cup‘, this round-robin tournament presented armies with battles across all three time zones. This distinctive format allowed armies to showcase their strengths in all timings and fight against all odds to conquer the so-coveted trophy. Even though eight armies had joined the competition, only two – a Major, and a Small/Medium – could be declared the first-ever CPA World Champions.

Designed by Master DS

Now, May is in the rearview mirror and we prepare for the many moments June may provide. One thing is certain though, there are many exciting moments set to take place throughout June including CPA’s Pride Parade. Do you think June will produce even more memorable moments than May? Was your top moment of the month in the top 5? What was your top moment of May?


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