Server Map Launch: A Full Recap

On May 5th, Club Penguin Armies hosted the launch of the long-awaited army map. Since then the community has become more and more active by claiming lands for themselves and declaring war on each other.

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Since the map was released, much anticipation has been building over what will happen next. Before armies started to invade freeland pieces, they were allowed to choose a capital. After doing so, armies freely scheduled freeland invasions to expand their empires.

To start, the first freeland invasions on the new map took place on May 6th. The Elite Guardians invaded Fiesta whilst the Templars invaded Rome. Unexpectedly, despite being the first two armies to capture freeland, tensions started to rise. On May 11th, the Guardians declared war against the Templars, aiming to wipe them off the map. However, their plans were soon thwarted by the map being frozen indefinitely. Despite this, they continued the war off-map.

The Guardians were not the only army which was affected by the map being frozen either. Before the map was frozen, Help Force declared war on their brother ally the Army of Club Penguin. However, unlike EGCP, they decided not to continue the war off-map. It can only be assumed, they are waiting for the map to resume to continue their charge.

Invasion of Breeze

As the war Templar-Guardian war continues off-map, 10 armies have made their way onto the map. Here is a rundown of all the events that have taken place:

The Army of Club Penguin declared Mammoth as its capital before invading freeland on the new map. They started off by invading Breeze on May 7th. Whilst this was happening, they were locked in a war against the Water Vikings which they went on to lose 12-1-1. Even though the war raged on during the period of time when armies entered the map, it did not stop them from claiming more freeland. They went on to claim Snow Fort, Snow Globe, White House on May 8th, 9th and 14th respectively. Currently, they own five servers.

The Water Vikings, on the other hand, started by declaring Frostbite as their Capital. However, their first invasion did not take place until May 9th when they invaded Mittens. From there, they claimed Summit on May 11th and Cabin just two days later, on May 13th. Their latest invasion came just yesterday on May 15th as they claimed Fog, bringing their total up to five.

The Dark Pirates started by making Migrator their capital server. Starting off quickly, on May 7th, they invaded Glaciar, claiming their first piece of freeland via invasion. From there, they went on to invade Frozen on May 9th before unsuccessfully invading Icicle on May 11th. This brings their total amount of servers to three.

Invasion of Cabin

As previously stated, Elite Guardians were the first army to invade a freeland server. This server was Fiesta. They did this quickly after choosing Zero Grau as their Capital. Thereafter, they invaded severs daily starting with Avalance on May 7th. They were able to acquire Geladeira on May 8th, Deu Branco on May 9th, and Ventilador on May 10th. The invasions stopped once they reached the cap of six servers, leading to their declaration of war on Templars.

The Templars chose Jerusalem as their capital before invading Rome on May 6th. Following their successful invasion of Rome, they invaded Sabertooth on May 7th. Two days later, they claimed their fourth server, Christmas. Their final invasion of Sherbet came on May 11th, before engaging in combat with the Guardians just days later. This brought their total to five.

The People’s Imperial Confederation started by declaring Beanie as their capital. From there, they invaded Tea on May 7th. Three days later, on May 10th, they claimed their third server, Tobbogan. Following on from this, on May 11th, they invaded their fourth and final server, Half Pipe.

Invasion of Marshmallow

The Rebel Penguin Federation declared Tuxedo as their Capital, once again. They went on to invade Chinook on May 7th, a familiar server for the Rebels. The following day, they invaded Alaska, successfully capturing their third server. Three days later, on May 11th they invaded Ascent, their fourth and final server.

Help Force, much like ACP, has captured five servers. They started by declaring Zipline as their capital server. They then started their invasion of land on May 7th, successfully invading Hot Chocolate. The following day, they captured Ice Breaker before claiming Northern Lights on May 11th. To mark their final invasion, they marched on Marshmallow to claim it as their own.

Special Weapons And Tactics have had a less active schedule on the map in comparison to other armies. They started by declaring Outback as their capital before invading Cozy on May 12th. This marked their second and final successful invasion. Since then, they invaded Parka on May 15th, however, were unsuccessful.

Winged Hussars started their journey on the map by declaring Kościuszko as their Capital server. On May 7th they successfully invaded Flippers before invading Crystal two days later. May 10th saw the Hussars invade Bouilotte and then Great White the following day. Their most recent invasion was of Frosty, on May 15th, however they were unsuccessful.

So far, armies have not shown any signs of slowing down. Activity within the community has risen massively. With 10 armies being on the map, we will surely be in for a treat once the map unfreezes. Will we see other declarations of war soon? Do you think the community has been resurgent recently?

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