Elite Crusade Retrospective

It’s been a little over a week since the Elite Crusade broke out between Elite Guardians and Templars. During the war, the Elite Guardians were able to regain their major army status as well as win most of the battles of the war. However, Templars declared victory days before the end of the war.

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The latest community conflict sparked on May 10 when Elite Guardians (EGCP) attempted to declare war, and invade, Templars on the server map. However, the server map was (and still is) on a grace period at the time of this post. Therefore, the war was initially invalidated alongside any other conflicts until the server map could be properly updated.

Learning of this news, Elite Guardians went forth with the war, redeclaring it as a mapless one. Templars accepted the conditions. The war was to happen one way or another. Invasions started on May 13 and went until May 16. Despite only lasting for four days, there were nine battles in total. Elite Guardians would go on to win all of them aside from the Battle of Cookkygrado which resulted in a tie.

Tied result of Cookkygrado

Following the battle, the Templars announced themselves as the victors of the Elite Crusade, citing that the Elite Guardians had broken Club Penguin Armies‘ (CPA) general rules. In a post titled “Unholy Heretics,” Empress Dawnables uncovered screenshots involving Elite Guardians leader, SavageCroba, and his controversial past. Currently, SavageCobra remains banned on the Club Penguin Armies Discord server for his affiliation with a doxing server years ago.

More concerning was an allegation that the Elite Guardians had raided the Templars’ Discord server with bots. Templars pointed towards the Elite Guardians Discord server as proof of the raid where two members of the army discussed entering Templars’ Discord.

Alleged bot raid

Unfortunately, no other proof was able to be procured. In fact, a reddit post on May 15 on the /r/discordapp subreddit points to many servers suffering the same issue. Potentially, Discord may be doing a mass purge of inactive accounts.

Discord purging inactive accounts?

Additionally, Dawnables’ post concluded with screenshots of notable Elite Guardian members allegedly using inappropriate language: slang for the f-slur and n-slur. This is not the first time there have been such allegations. The last war of 2023, named the Holiday Crusade, erupted over Elite Guardians’ similar use of inappropriate slang. Furthermore, Dawnables stated in the post:

Regardless of any attempts to recover their public image, it is clear that the Elite Guardians are still as vile as they used to be. We offered them a treaty in goodwill to organize an end to the conflict, but in response they botted our server and have continued to act inappropriately. After continuously failing to change for the better, when will the army community and CPA administration finally decide that they’ve had enough?

Df44 provided an explanation on such terms in December. While one term’s literal translation is a homophobic slur, he himself would not consider it to be homophobic depending on context.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Elite Guardians leader SavageCobra for a statement on the matter:

In the post, they brought up some screenshots of us using what were presumed to be slurs. There was a blatant usage of the f-slur, regarding a Taylor Swift fan, which obviously shouldn’t be normalized but I’m aware that appending the f-slur to the end of a phrase usually denotes someone is apart of a fan base. Kedi is a JoJo (an anime) fan, and people in social media refer to these fans as “jojof*gs”, not in an offensive way. I just presume because it’s a very normalized way to refer to communities. Which is why Kedi, knowing that as a fan, used it to refer to Toddyn who is a Taylor Swift fan as “Taylor f*g.”

Moreover, why would she target a friend and co-worker with the f-slur while both are Brazilians? It doesn’t make sense. Leaders punish every person who direct slurs at each other in a harmful, serious, and offensive way. Of course, this usage should not be nornalized.

In the case of usage of “neguinho” and “viado,” we have to remember that those connotations do not mean the same in Brazil. Edu14463 using “neguinho” did not actually mean the n-slur. It doesn’t mean that at all, it literally translates to “little black person” and it was a joke about me having a culture shock in Brazil. The usage isn’t actually racist (it’s used all over Brazil in a friendly way), but it is a form of absurd humor. In the case of “viado,” we have to remember that it doesn’t directly translate to the f-slur either (it can be used that way), but it is often used as either a friendly way to refer to your friends casually or even mildly insulting way to refer to your friends (in a fun way), so no it’s not the same at all. I’ve been friends with EGCP for seven years, I’m very much aware of Brazilian culture and I can attest to the fact that while Google translate has gotten better at recognizing slang, it isn’t so good at understanding connotation. I’d recommend for everyone to look up connotations further before being quick to assume.

It is worth noting that a quick Google search of the term “viado” does link its translation to the f-slur. In the meantime, Elite Guardians continued their invasions up until May 16, with the Templars no showing three in a row; thus, the Elite Guardians themselves declared the war a victory.

In the end, the war has proven to be successful for Elite Guardians who not only regained major army status after losing it during a hiatus, but also ranked first in the latest Top Ten. Since no treaty was signed, it is unsure how the two armies’ relations will be moving forward. Do you think the Elite Guardians participated in a bot raid against Templars?


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