Battle Report: The Elite Crusade War

Over a week ago, the Elite Guardians declared war against the Templars of Club Penguin, not long after the Templars’s war with the Water Vikings had ended. This post will recap the nine battles that were held during the course of the war.

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On May 11th, 2024, the Elite Guardians released a post declaring war against the Templars. Although there was no direct reason for the declaration, it was the beginning of a long week of battles for the community to witness and look forward to.

Battle One – Templars’ Invasion of Ventilador

The first battle of the war started with the Templars’ invasion of Ventilador. With close sizes of 15-10 (EGCP-TCP), the battle was set to be close. The Guardians were able to win the first room but Templars soon matched their strength. Following the first room, the armies continued to fight for the remaining two rooms. The battle was close, leading to a tie being declared for both rooms. Ultimately, this meant that the win went to the Guardians. However, the Templars were commended for their efforts. The battle showed how close the two armies were in combat, leaving much anticipation for the upcoming battles.

Battle Two- Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Sabertooth

Before the second battle began, technical difficulties were discovered by the armies/judges. This led to questions being had about whether or not the battle would have to be rescheduled. Luckily for the Guardians, the battle was able to go ahead with a slight delay. However, as the battle started, the Guardians entered the first room alone, with no sign of the Templars. Because of this, the Elite Guardians gained their second win.

Battle Three – Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Christmas

The third battle of the war saw the Templars quickly enter each room as they tried to gain their first win of the war. Yet, this was not enough to allow the Templars to gain the win. Both armies fought valiantly but the Templars were a lot smaller than the Guardians, with the sizes being 10-23. The size advantage that the Elite Guardians held allowed them to sweep every room of the battle, giving them their third win.

Battle Four – Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Alexandria

Much like the third battle, the fourth battle of the war saw the Elite Guardians enter the battle as the favourites. With three wins under their belt and the size advantage, they aimed to gain their fourth win. Throughout the battle, the Guardians were able to maintain their size advantage, with the sizes starting at 14-5. The sizes increased throughout the battle however both sides suffered from slow/afk troops. This made each active troop even more important. Ultimately, the Guardians swept all rooms due to their size advantage, forms, and their troops being more awake than the Templar troops.

Battle Five – Templars’ Invasion of Deu Branco

The fifth battle saw the Templars attempt to successfully invade Deu Branco from the Elite Guardians. Much like the previous battles, the Guardians were able to sweep all three rooms. The judges noted in their summary that the Guardians had larger size advantages, and better forms, making this another win for the Elite Guardians.

Battle Sixth – Templars’ Invasion of Cookkygrado

The sixth battle was the last invasion scheduled by the Templars in this war. Unlike all the previous battles, the community witnessed the first overtime room of the war being held. To start, the first room saw the Templars enter first. Upon entry, both armies had 10 troops in the room, with a couple more troops entering as time went on. The first room was a tale with three parts, the first saw the Templars dominating with better forms and good tactics. The second part saw the opposite happen with the Guardians starting to take control. Finally, the third part saw both sides suffer from slightly sloppy formations, leading to the room being a tie.

The following room saw the sizes increase but they remained tight, neither army had a big enough size advantage to take full control. The Templars started the room off strongly, however, the Guardians quickly picked up their pace. While the battle remained close, the Guardians’ fast/clean forms allowed them to gain the win. The third room saw the opposite happen, this time TCP had the better and faster formations, exposing EGCP’s struggles. This gave the Templars the win in the third room, leading to the first overtime room of the war.

In the overtime room, both armies suffered from messy forms, slow troops and repeated formations. Fatigue hit both armies and this left the judges with little choice but to determine the room to be a tie with neither side gaining the upper hand. This made the battle the first tie of the war.

Battle Seven – Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Cairo

Despite the great display of tactics from both armies during the sixth battle, the Templars decided to no-show the seventh battle. This gave the Guardians an automatic win.

Battle Eight – Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Rome

The eighth battle of the war was also a no-show from the Templars. One Templars troop logged on during the battle, however, this was not under the direction of the Templars. This meant that the battle was seen as an automatic win for the Guardians, seeing them gain their seventh win of the war.

Battle Nine – Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Antioch

The ninth and final battle of the war saw the Elite Guardians aim to gain their eighth win. Before this took place, the Templars published a post, declaring themselves as the victors of the war. The Elite Guardians disputed this, leading them to continue their charge of Antioch. The Templars did not show up to the battle, making it their third consecutive no-show. The Elite Guardians subsequently published their own post, also claiming victory due to the Templars breaking war term number 8, no showing three battles.

In conclusion, the Elite Guardians came out on top with a war score of 8-1-0. However, the result of the war is disputed. The Templars claim the Elite Guardians raided their server, harassed their leaders and more. Therefore, they believe that they have won via the Elite Guardians breaking their own terms/CPA’s terms. However, the Guardians claim differently. With that being said, who do you think were the true victors of the war? What can we expect to see in the future for both armies?



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  1. Zomb May 20, 2024 (2:49 pm)

    Don’t ask us, ask the tens of inappropriately named accounts doing a max entrance and exodus on our server. EGCP is a complete joke.

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