Fight For The Right To Judge: Judging Olympics Overview

Over the past week, the Club Penguin Army Judges have been competing against each other in a series of games. Let us uncover the week of game-filled fun.

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On Sunday, April 28th, 2024, the Happily Ever After Olympics, hosted by the Club Penguin Army Judges, officially began. Filled with excitement, the contesting judges engaged in several activities and games, including Club Penguin mini-games, Chef Showdown and many more. The participants were divided into two teams, the Pixar Powerhouse and the New World Wonders. The teams were themed on entertainment companies: Pixar and Walt Disney. According to CPAJ Head Judge Mare, the Olympics aimed to intrigue hardworking Judges and Judges-in-Training.

The Olympics’ schedule

The two teams were filled with both Judges and Judges in Training, with all of them aiming to win the grand prize. The prizes for winning consisted of Discord Nitro, a raffle entry to bypass judges/backups during battles, an emote within the server, a sound on the soundboard in their server and a trophy. Therefore, the stakes were high, with each judge wanting to win big.

However, the judges were not the only ones who were competing. Each team was led by a group of Head Judges. The New World Wonders were led by Spotty, Yvng and Popcorny while the Pixar Powerhouse was led by Paddy and Mare. The judges participated in the daily events to earn points but this was not the only way to receive points. The competition allowed judges to receive points for judging throughout the week. This incentivised judges to judge/continue to judge whilst the competition was ongoing.

After a week of competing, the winner of the tournament was announced on May 7th. The winner of the Olympics was the New World Wonders, securing 12,500 points. The Pixar Powerhouse secured a total of 6,840 points. Despite the New World Wonders winning, both teams received prizes for the judges who earned the most points. Altogether, there were seven prize winners. Four of the prize winners were from the winning team whilst the other three were a part of Pixar Powerhouse.

The announcement of the winners of the tournament

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Head Judge Spotty and Judge and Pixar Powerhouse member Zooy to hear their thoughts on the week.

What motivated you to set the Happy Ever After Olympics up?

Spotty: I’ve wanted to do something fun in CPAJ for a while just so the server doesn’t feel like a chore 24/7 and super serious. Mare suggested a few weeks ago that now could be a great time for the Olympics, as we wanted to get everyone active again ready for the new map, and a summer of war and tournaments.

How do you think the Olympics will influence judges?

Spotty: Hopefully it’ll make people more active again with judging. We’ve already noticed a difference as this week for some battles we had over 7/8 judges accept one battle.

Do you have any plans to reiterate something similar in the future?

Spotty: Not as of yet, however it we see a successful aftermath of the Olympics then we may possibly host a similar week again in the future.

Did you feel excited about the Happily Ever After Olympics when it was announced?

Zooy: Yeahh! I was so excited during its announcement!

What activities did you enjoy the most in the Olympics?

Zooy: ALL OF THEM!!!

Do you think CPAJ is benefitting from such developments?

Zooy: Definitely, there was a huge spike in activity from CPAJ judges during the event, and it was a great way for us as a team to get together and bond!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Spotty: I just want to thank all of the Head Judges, Mare specifically for helping organise / run this week. Additionally thank you to everyone who’s attended this week, and to everyone who continues to support CPAJ. If anyone is ever intersted joining our team, our apps are always open in our server!

Zooy: JUDGES FOR THE WIN #vetospotty

The week was certainly exciting for the Judges working at the Club Penguin Army Judges. Furthermore, the Olympics have allowed judges to rejuvenate after the several wars that have taken place. However, the competition has officially come to a close. Unfortunately, the New World Wonders will not be able to celebrate for too long as many invasions continue to take place following the release of the map. Do you want to see something similar in the future? Have you planned to be a judge at CPAJ in the future?

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