Club Penguin Armies Presents Around The World Cup

After dropping hints here and there, Club Penguin Armies is thrilled to announce the newest unique tournament of the year. Undoubtedly, armies’ willpower will be put to the test as they compete in a weeklong tournament.

Designed by Master DS

Under the current administration, Club Penguin Armies has been dedicated to providing a unique community experience. Going above and beyond for the iconic tournaments is one thing, but being able to think outside the box is a task that not many can see through. Since AUSIA Arena is seasonal by nature, we knew we had an opportunity to go to the drawing board. Therefore, the league approached the Army Board with the Around the World Cup.

How it works

Around the World Cup is a weeklong tournament that culminates in a Grand Finals the following weekend. There will be both a major army winner and a small-medium army winner. The tournament will start in the Round Robin format. Therefore, one loss does not equal elimination. The major and small-medium armies that secure the most points in their respective groups will be labeled as champions, as they move on to the Grand Finals. Both groups will consist of four armies.

During the group stage phase, the armies will receive points based on the battle results: three points for a win, two points for an overtime win, one point for an overtime loss, and zero points for a loss. Groups were predetermined by the Top Ten Armies of the Month, with a randomized distribution to balance the ratio of major:small-medium armies per group.

Around the World Cup

Information and Rules

AUSIA: May 18 and 19

EU: May 21 and 22

NA: May 23 and 24

Grand Finals: June 1

In order for the tournament to run smoothly, we are putting the following rules in place. They are based on the previous tournament’s rules decided upon by the Army Board (adjusted for tournament format):

  • Reviews will only be allowed for Grand Finals and will be conducted by unaffiliated (to the battle) Head Judges.
  • Just like in the previous tournaments, there have been deadlines set in regard to the review process:
    • Leaders cannot request a review after three hours from the long results being posted and they cannot submit evidence more than 21 hours after requesting a review (videos should be submitted as soon as possible).
    • Head Judges must inform both armies about the review and if it is going ahead as soon as possible.
    • The deadline for the Head Judges to review the battle will be 24 hours after the evidence deadline.
  • Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. Participants must stick with their chosen army for the duration of the tournament. In the case of attending visitors, holding a rank in any active army found on our active armies list will be considered failing to adhere to this rule.
  • The judging will be undertaken by Club Penguin Army Judges and organized by the Head Judges.
  • All armies have a right to veto two judges per battle. Once an army has vetoed two judges, it cannot decline any more for that battle. Vetoes cannot occur past the four hour mark and the Head Judges can not be vetoed per new judging guidelines.
  • Judges will be announced well in advance (typically shortly after the schedule is announced).
  • All battles will have three judges, with the exception of the Grand Finals, which will have five judges.
  • Each army will have two vetoes per battle. However, in the Grand Finals, the participating armies will be allowed to have three vetoes, only if there are enough judges to ensure the places are filled. If there aren’t, the current veto rules will remain.
  • Anybody banned from Battleground cannot participate in tournament battles (including but not limited to attending on alts, leading from Discord or other third-party websites, etc.) If found guilty of violating this rule by administrator discretion, the army they are involved with will be disqualified.

Timings: group a

May 18

Army of Club Penguin vs. Winged Hussars

8am EST | 7am CST | 6am MST | 5am PST | 1pm UK

Help Force vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK

May 21

Help Force vs. Winged Hussars

2pm EST | 1pm CST | 12pm MST | 11am PST | 7pm UK

Army of Club Penguin vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK

May 23

Army of Club Penguin vs. Help Force

7pm EST | 6pm CST | 5pm MST | 4pm PST | 12am UK

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Winged Hussars

8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST | 1am UK

Timings: group b

May 19

Elite Guardians vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

8am EST | 7am CST | 6am MST | 5am PST | 1pm UK

Water Vikings vs. Dark Pirates

9am EST | 8am CST | 7am MST | 6am PST | 2pm UK

May 22

Water Vikings vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

2pm EST | 1pm CST | 12pm MST | 11am PST | 7pm UK

Elite Guardians vs. Dark Pirates

3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST | 8pm UK

May 24

Elite Guardians vs. Water Vikings

7pm EST | 6pm CST | 5pm MST | 4pm PST | 12am UK

Dark Pirates vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST | 1am UK

This tournament would not be possible without the hard work of Club Penguin Army Judges and Master DS. Both work endlessly to provide top-quality cooperation in order for tournaments such as this to succeed. These new tournaments take us outside our comfort zone but they make for memorable moments that will contribute to defining 2024 as a year that we, as a community, set out to try new things. The administration believes this tournament will be a strong start to the summer, while also providing armies an opportunity to focus on the server map with a bit of rest in between. Who will be the first ever Around the World Cup Champions?


Chief Executive Producer

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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  1. AhsokaTano24 May 13, 2024 (2:08 pm)

    Looks fun! But I expect ACP to win against SWAT and HF plus WH!

    And uh… whose idea was it to put Allie’s against each other is my other concern!

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