Battle in Review: Double Deck the Halls

As the time for Christmas draws near, the Army of Club Penguin hosted its own community event to celebrate this jolly time of the year. Let us look at all this event comprised and how it went!

On November 26, the Army of Club Penguin hosted Double Deck the Halls, a tournament that not only saw participation from the army community but also was an attempt in having a friendly battle with other armies, and to start off the festive season on a good note. The tournament was inspired by a former tournament that the army had organized back in 2008, known as the Double Team Tournament which would feature two armies in a battle against another two armies.
Double Deck the Halls followed a similar format, wherein a Small-medium army was paired with a Major army. The armies that participated in this event, were the Dark Vikings, the Help Force, the Mercenaries, and the Army of Club Penguin, the host army. The battle that took place happened between the two pairs of armies – Dark Vikings & Army of Club Penguin vs. Mercenaries & Help Force, in 3 10-minute rooms. The Clovers maxed a size 15, the Dark Vikings, a size 16, making it a total of 31 online for Santa Army while the other side had a total of 12 troops from Help Force, and 8 people online for Mercenaries, making it a total of 20 online for Evergreen Trees.

Double Decks the Halls

Room 1 – Inside Mine

The Santa Army was the first to enter, but as the first minute progressed, the Evergreen Trees were faster in forming a horizontal line across the room, while the Santa Army formed an anchor. There was an evident difference in size all throughout the room, which did not seem to have acted in favor of the Evergreen Trees. While the Trees had some good comebacks, the Santa Army proved to be consistent in this room with their speed and holding tactics. The Evergreen Trees, however, put up a fight, despite the size difference, but given that their activity was comparatively lesser in this room, the Santa Army emerged victorious in this room.

Inside Mine – Room 1

Room 2 – Snow Forts

This room had Santa Army enter first, holding onto their size and making quick formations, while the Evergreen Trees were faster in switching tactics. The Evergreen Trees did not let size affect their performance, as they avoided being covered and picked up their pace and speed in the latter half, taking advantage of the fact that some troops of the Santa Army were not sending tactics. The Santa Army had more people in the room, however, the win was given to the Evergreen Trees for maintaining their consistency throughout this room.

Snow Forts – Room 2

Room 3 – Forest

The Evergreen Trees entered the room first and were quick to settle themselves in a form. The Santa Army having a greater size was able to establish dominance in this room by covering. Both sides showed creativity when it came to tactics in this room. While the Evergreen Trees were quicker in switching tactics, the Santa Army was faster in terms of speed and movement and had more active troops, which made them win this room.

Forest – Room 3

According to the Judge’s verdict, the Santa Army, which comprised of the Dark Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin won this battle. This is what the summary of the event looked like –

Judge’s summary

Ultimately, all four armies put in an excellent effort for the entirety of this tournament. Despite the Santa Army maintaining a size advantage throughout the battle, the Evergreen Trees gave it their all and put up a great fight. Events like this remind us of the importance of a community, and this tournament has definitely been a wonderful start to the festive season that lies ahead of us. We wish all armies, the very best in all of their future endeavors! See you all at Christmas Chaos!

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