Administrative Statement: Dark Vikings Future Participation

Following the conclusion of the first battle of Legends Cup XIII, the administrative team came to a decision regarding the Dark Vikings and their future participation with our league.

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Before getting to the main announcement, the administration feels the need to clarify the valid criticism of allowing the Dark Vikings to participate in the Legends Cup XIII tournament in the first place.

Providing Context

Problems with certain individuals in the Vikings mostly began during March Madness VIII. During the Semi Finals, the result of an inappropriate tactic that went against Club Penguin Armies‘ rules led to their disqualification from the tournament. While no decision was made at the time about the Vikings future involvement in league affairs, it was becoming evident something needed to change. Thus, during the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition, any further inappropriate tactics would lead to no longer sending the Vikings an invitation to tournaments.

In late May, the Dark Vikings and People’s Imperial Confederation were in conflict with one another. During one of their battles, the leaders of the Vikings did the unforgiveable: they targeted and harassed an individual with bigoted tactics. On June 2, administrators decided to hand out a reduction to the Vikings’ Top Ten points for that week. Additionally, Battleground went forward with deactivating the leaders who proposed the tactics. Since then, we’ve continued to ban alt accounts by their leaders, including an account named ANYA22855.

Announcement of deactivated accounts

Present Day

This brings us to the announcement of Legends Cup XIII with the Vikings included as one of the invited armies. Of course, there was a lot of criticism following this decision. We took this very seriously and wrote up a message for the Army Board.

First and foremost, I want to take this time to apologize for the disappointment some of you may have experienced. It’s never been our intention to make some of you feel excluded or unwelcome, and we hope that we can open a discussion here on the matter.

We are aware that on multiple occasions Dark Vikings [DV] have performed tactics that are inexcusable and unacceptable. For these tactics, DV leaders Krosive and Thunder222 have not only been banned from our server but Battleground altogether. Club Penguin Armies’ [CPA] short-sight in this situation was that we were basing DV’s participation off of AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. It was stated there that if they had broke any rules during the tournament then they’d be barred from entering any other CPA affiliated tournaments. However, DV’s most recent incident was outside of a CPA affiliated event, thus it was missed. For this, we deeply apologize.

Our hope is that this will ban the toxicity of their leaders without punishing their (potentially) unaware troops. Personally, I am banned from their server so I am unsure of their community nature these days.

Attached to our message was the proposal of a new rule regarding tournaments:

Proposed rule

In 2021, Templarsrule breaking during Project: Conquest saw them only suspended from the ongoing tournament. Banning armies is a decision that should not be made lightly. Rather than ban the army in one fell swoop, we believe that this proposed rule would provide more weight to upholding Battleground bans. It was also important to us that the leaders felt heard in this situation due to administration failing to properly read the room prior to the Legends Cup XIII announcement. For this, once again, we sincerely apologize.

With this new rule in motion, administration prepared to watch the first battle of the tournament diligently to see if any rule breaking would occur. And, to be honest with you, it really wasn’t hard to spot. We discovered that Thunder222 was logged onto a penguin that shares a similar IP with ANYA22855.

Size picture in main chat

The penguin in question, Igjemae25, has since been banned. This, along with other proof the administration found, is a clear violation of the rules that were made following discussions, and a decision that was communicated to the Vikings with ample time to prepare. On multiple occasions, the Dark Vikings have consistently shown time and time again that they will disregard rules. Actions will always have consequences.

As a result, the administration will no longer be inviting the Dark Vikings army to any of Club Penguin Armies’ future tournaments. This is not negotiable.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this ordeal. It is important to the administrators to make the right calls to the best to our ability, but as all humans, we are bound to make mistakes from time to time. The actions of the Dark Vikings’ leaders are a great reminder to us that a game centered around Club Penguin has no space for verbal abuse and toxicity.

Club Penguin Armies is confident that the events of today will not deter Legends Cup XIII. Congratulations to the Special Weapons and Tactics for winning today’s battle. Who will win tomorrow?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 July 16, 2023 (12:40 am)

    At least the admins and myself were right about what I said about DV should not be participating in any of these tournaments!

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