March Madness VIII: Semi-Finals Results

After another eventful weekend, only two armies still remain in the tournament. We are now just a week away from the grand March Madness VIII finals.

The third round of the tournament saw four armies battling against each other for the spot in the grand finals. Help Force vs Templars took place on Saturday and Dark Vikings vs Rebel Penguin Federation on Sunday, but unfortunately both battles got slightly affected by the Club Penguin Armies Battleground issues. The last room of the first match was cut short by one minute due to people disconnecting and not being able to log back in, while the second one required adding a break before the third room so the servers could be restarted. Even after this more controversies arose surrounding the tactics used by Dark Vikings.

Help Force vs. Templars

The first battle of this round caught a lot of attention in the community, as the winner was hard to predict. The match between Help Force and Templars was very close, with both armies maxing over forty, but eventually ended with an overtime room won by the Helpers. Although the last room was cut short due to the game going offline, the judges were still able to decide on a clear verdict. Templars quickly requested for a review of the fourth room, but the results were upheld.

Winner – Help Force


Dark Vikings vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The second battle of the round happened to be much more controversial in the end. The game going offline was thankfully quickly resolved and the battle could continue after a short break, but it was the Dark Vikings’ tactics that caught the most attention. One was considered racist by the spectators, while another referenced the most recent Pandora leaks in an explicit way. For that reason, Dark Vikings were disqualified from March Madness, although, according the the judges’ verdict, they would only be able to tie one room.


Winner – Rebel Penguin Federation

The competition is now down to just two armies. The March Madness grand finals between Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation will be taking place next weekend. It is certainly going be one of the most anticipated battles of the season, as Rebel Penguin Federation is a very well trained army that won many trophies while Help Force’s performance in the tournaments managed to surprise everyone several times before. The administration would like to wish both armies good luck in the upcoming round!

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