Elite Crusade Begins With Invasion Against Templars

In a surprising turn of events, the Elite Guardians begin a war against the Templars on the new server map. However, with the server map’s grace period was extended. This resulted in the Guardians switching over to mapless invasions.

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On May 10, the Elite Guardians (EGCP) announced their crusade against the Templars‘ empire. The two armies were known for an intense rivalry in the early stages of the private server era. Since the Guardians’ return a little over a year ago, the two have not had much interaction. There have been two notable exchanges where both armies were on opposite sides of conflicts: that being World War IX and the Holiday Crusade conflict.

January 11

Following the declaration of war, confusion erupted as the server map was to undergo a grace period until May 11. The league is unable to properly update its server map at this time. Therefore, the administration made the decision to invalidate all wars involving the map declared during the grace period, and the grace period has been indefinitely extended.

This did not deter the Elite Guardians. Dalloway, the army’s Army Board representative, reposted the declaration of war, indicating a mapless war. The first invasion is scheduled for Monday, May 13.

Now when the man left them, he bestowed the empire unto his chosen Empress. From there, arrogance with ingenuine success became arrogance with only failure. Despite the failure, they still try to act righteous, and why is that? Their attempted crusades on us recently have only shown they are nothing without the man, and that is assuming they were something at all.

Their leaders reference an arrogant Empress, potentially referring to Templars’ Empress Dawnables, in the war post.

War terms

Furthermore, it seems that war may have been inevitable. On the same day as the initial war declaration, Sidie9, Templars Grand Prior, released their own statement, answering the call to war:

Ironically, the Elite Guardians claim that we have worshipped Xing as a “false god.” It is interesting that they find the praise of a successful leader to be a crime punishable by war. The entire year of 2023 encapsulated the continuous failure of EGCP to find relevance in the absence of its veteran leaders, such as Edu14463 and SavageCobra. Despite high maxes inflated by an unfair partnership with a Club Penguin private server, this did not translate into any influence or cultural impact. They know this, which is why they felt the need to bring back the likes of Edu14463 and SavageCobra. I will tell you this; though you may give your best efforts, your army will remain in the gutter where it belongs.

Templars, who just recently won a war against the Water Vikings, will face off against Elite Guardians who recently climbed back up from their small-medium fall. Who will benefit most from this war, all while the grace period occurs?


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  1. AhsokaTano24 May 13, 2024 (2:52 pm)

    I find EGCP’s lack of faith disturbing.

    No offense to them.

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