Breaking News: Alliance Prepares To Invade Elite Guardians

On December 22, following a multitude of accusations, an alliance formed to begin invasions on the Elite Guardians. These accusations uncovered questionable explicit behavior of which the armies demand accountability be taken for.

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Trigger warning: Sensitive topics and potentially offensive language will be discussed in this post

A day before the war began, former Elite Guardians leader Edu14463 made an announcement that he would be officially resigning as an advisor. He explained that he wanted to come clean about attending events on an alt known as Juno, and felt that this was dishonest to the image of “unaffiliated” that he was portraying. As a result, he ended up completely transferring the server to other Elite Guardian legends. This would only be glimpse of what was about to come.

A Declaration Frenzy

In the span of four minutes, four armies declared war on the Elite Guardians. These armies included the Army of Club Penguin, Coup Crusaders, People’s Imperial Confederation and Templars. All armies cited reasons of racist messages found in the Guardians’ Discord. Additionally, the Winged Hussars found themselves under similar pressure for allowing neo-Nazi imagery in their server. The unnamed alliance uncovered that the Elite Guardians have still been benefiting from a special relationship with the private server known as Avalanche. Finally, most of the armies seemed concerned with the behavior of Edu14463.

Although there is currently no active map, the armies intend to fiercely invade the Elite Guardians. However, this is not the first war since the server map has been reset and put on pause during the creation of a new server map. Ironically, both wars now have included the Guardians. It is unclear if this war will only entail scheduled battles or if the armies will begin raiding as well.

In an effort to break down the declarations of this war, we will be looking at each post individually.

army of club penguin

The Clovers open their post showing instances of the Elite Guardians having a partnership with the private server known as Avalanche. When this controversy first came to light, it resulted in Club Penguin Armies adding a multiplier to all of the Guardians’ Avalanche events. At the time, their leaders confirmed to the administration and Top Ten Committee Heads that the partnership had “expired.” Recent footage of Avalanche was obtained that shows the Elite Guardians’ uniform is still active as an unlockable code. Otherwise, the rest of the Avalanche accusations have already been covered in a special report by Club Penguin Armies.

Avalanche’s active codes in November 2023

From there, the narrative of the post switched to showing discriminatory language used in the Guardians’ server. Some of these screenshots showed threatening language that we do not wish to share on our platform. Edu14463 found himself to be included in these screenshots, potentially perpetuating the use of racial slurs and microaggressions.

One such picture

While there might be missing context to this picture, it does enough to touch the tip of the iceberg of the sort of microaggressions that were found within the army’s server. It was noted by some native Protugese speakers in our Discord server that relying on translation tools to decipher the meaning of these screenshots may be unfair to the people present in the screenshots.

Next, the Army of Club Penguin pointed their spotlight on the newly reformed Winged Hussars. Screenshots showed the leaders of their army praising neo-Nazi ideology, with Shinzo commonly joking about becoming the “next Hitler.” The unnamed alliance found this behavior unacceptable, and considering the Winged Hussars are a close ally to the Elite Guardians, the armies felt that the coincidence of both armies missteps were too interlinked to ignore.

Incredibly distasteful sense of humor

People’s Imperial Confederation

While the Confederation chose to forgo showing screenshots, their declaration made up for in providing their own, individual insight into the conversation. According to them, the People’s Imperial Confederation were welcoming to the returning Elite Guardians earlier in May. Following their registration with the league, the two intended to work towards an alliance stemming from their agreed upon respect. However, with the “uncovering of countless instances of malpractice,” the Confederation leaders had this to say:

The leadership of the People’s Imperial Confederation has been informed of countless instances of malpractice, perpetrated by the Elite Guardians (EGCP) and its Winged Hussars ally. Screenshots of Discord chats have illuminated the breaching of rules during Christmas Chaos XIII, continued exclusive collaboration with a [private server], mafia-like behavior, racism, misogyny and even open Nazism. We endorse the application of appropriate repercussions, including the disqualification of EGCP from the Christmas Chaos XIII tournament as well as the removal of EGCP from the Club Penguin Armies league.

At this time, the administration intends for the Christmas Chaos XIII Grand Finals to proceed as planned.


Based off community perception, this war may be spearheaded by Templars’ Empress Dawnables and retired Emperor Xing. Immediately after the posts outlining the intent for war were made public, Xing hosted a voice channel livestream covering the indecent deeds performed by the Elite Guardians.

Most of what the Templars mention has already been covered in this post. Overall, their post included further images of inappropriate behavior that should not be found in a Club Penguin Discord server, or any server for that matter. Additionally, the Templars claimed that the Guardians often used Portuguese slang for homophobic slurs.

It is unclear if Guta was aware of this image

Now, the Templars went further to actually deflect some blame onto the Club Penguin Armies administration. Within their post, they denounced the administration for knowing about an alt that Edu14463 had used to attend for Elite Guardian events. They also claimed that the administration actively protected Edu14463 due a “friendship” that has been formed as “the admins have been working with Edu[14463] to push him into becoming admin.” The administration wants to make it clear that there is no validity behind this fact, nor has the administration ever once approached Edu14463 about joining our ranks. In regards to the alt, it is not the duty of the administration to out every single person who has an alt. We do not know why Edu14463 chose to attend on an alt over his main account as there is nothing restricting him from doing so.

Water Vikings

Shortly after the community became aware of the context of the war, Water Vikings leaders had a statement quickly made to reflect on the actions of his allies. Not only did the Water Vikings allude to the fact that they knew the war was coming, but they announced their intention to stay out of it by not providing the Guardians with any reinforcements. Dino, one of the Vikings’ leaders, did make clear that the blue army did not condone the personal attacks on Edu14463’s character, but that the Vikings had suggested caution to their allies. Allegedly, the Vikings advised against the Elite Guardians pursuing an alliance with the Dark Vikings.

Even more surprise is that the Water Vikings cited the Elite Guardians as the reason for a recent fallout between the World War IX allies. Dino commented that the Elite Guardians became what the alliance was initially meant to prevent, an imperialistic empire.

the official Response

The community waited patiently for a response from the Guardians on how they would take accountability for their actions. Many armies in the past have possibly one time or another had to deal with internal issues. It is a process that has become all too common in the army community. The first thing that the community noticed was that the Elite Guardians chose to hide their general text channels from those not enlisted in the army. This set off a red flag for those concerned with their behavior.

Finally, the announcement came from their Discord that they feel no guilt on their end. Ultimately, the response to their statement seems to be that of disappointment. There seems to be a lack of accountability on the actions of the army, with the focus turning on potential leakers that cooperated in leaking the sensitive information.

Official announcement

Once again, it should be noted that a translation feature was used thus could be construing the message. Regardless, the Guardians seem prepared to continue to focus on the important matter that is Christmas Chaos XIII.

We felt that the context of some of the accusations may benefit from being translated by a native Portuguese speaker. Therefore, in an effort to be fair, Df44 reached out to us in hopes to clarify some of the language used by the Portuguese speaking members. Here was his conclusion:

I would like to start by saying that I’ve been offline from the main community for most of the year. I’ve been spending my time in the community as a Battleground developer and a Wiki Admin aside from some contributions as advisor for the Water Vikings. My retirement from the community after Silver Empire and Warlords of Kosmos’ closures gives me, alongside my experience as a former editor and Head Judge, an unbiased perspective of the ongoing conflict as I have no relations whatsoever with any of the involved parties (in fact, I’ve been allied in the past with the majority of the armies that declared war to EGCP and maintained good relationships with them during my tenures either in Smart Penguins and Silver Empire leaderships, so I’m hoping you all to read this review).

Besides that, I’m a Portuguese language native speaker, so I’m here to provide insight on the comments translated from Portuguese to English, as some sentences and words even translated carry different meanings and value in both languages. It’s also important to consider that Google Translate not always delivers good translations. Plus, in Brazil and even Portugal, Portuguese native speakers have a cultural unique way of talking with each other in a friends group which we call “gíria” ou “calão” that can be compared to the English term “slang”.  To exemplify, the F-word in Portuguese is said very often as a meaning for hard, difficult, or even as an interjection to express something funny (“é foda” – “it’s fucked”(literal) – to be difficult; “foda-se kkkkk” – “fuck it hahaha” – just a way of laughing) and there are more examples, of course.

With all this being said, it’s time to actually review the usage of Portuguese language.

  • Regarding the troop treatment and the threats to the troops, without the original screenshots, I cannot provide any comment. I can however speculate that “bad apple” was the translation from “maçã podre” which is a popular expression for people that are bad or nocive to a team. The display of weapons on an army server is however morally wrong, and the statements gathered by TCP are concerning.
  • Regarding racism claims, the word “preto”, “macaco” and “crioulo” were brought into scene with correct translations “black”, “monkey”, and “creoule”. “Preto” e “macaco” when used together are without doubt racist comments. Worth notice that “preto” by itself should not be treated as the n-word in English, and it’s commonly used in Brazilian slang between friends. Regardless of that, and as I said, it’s super wrong to use the combination of the words “preto macaco” together. (see example 1 and 2)
  • “Viado” is a Brazilian adaption of the word “Veado” that means Deer. It’s commonly used between Brazilian men friends as a way to greet each other informally (example: “Ô viado, belezinha rapá?!” – “Hey «viado», all good bro?” – viado takes on the meaning of something like “Hey man”), and although the literal translation is a homophobic slur, it’s important to make clear that in Portuguese “viado” is not as offensive. “Seu viado” as presented in the screenshots takes the similar meaning of expressions like “you dumb fuck” in English. Hence, I don’t consider this as a homophobic act.
  • On the usage of the word “r*pe,” it’s difficult to understand which word in Portuguese was originally there without the original screenshots. The screenshots are also filled with bad translations that I volunteer to retranslate for the Army of Club Penguin, for the sake of transparency for the community.

Tensions between the armies will almost certainly continue as the days go on. Already, one invasion has occurred with a no show from the Guardians. Will the Elite Guardians fight back or can we expect them to continue to focus on winning Christmas Chaos XIII?

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