Elite Guardians Hiatus Leads To Small-Medium Classification

At the beginning of last week, Elite Guardians declared that their army would be going on a week’s hiatus. Alongside this, leadership changes have been announced, seeing a change in their hierarchy.

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Casual Decline

On April 16, Elite Guardians (EGCP) released a statement on their Discord server regarding the future of the army. Fitsuki revealed that the Guardians had been facing a crisis since the end of January. Ultimately, they revealed that they were tired and that a hiatus was needed. They decided that the army would not be hosting events for a week so that they could focus on themselves and their problems.

In February, the Guardians were able to start off strongly, achieving second place in the Top Ten by maxing 25 during the first week. However, by February 10, they found themselves holding an event for Belga‘s retirement from EGCP’s leadership. This helped them to gain their place at the top of the Top Ten for that week. However, following this week, the Guardians proceeded to slip down the Top Ten going from first to third. In the last full week of February, their highest max was 23, showing a big decrease from Belga’s retirement event which saw 33 troops attend.

Belga’s retirement

In March, the March Madness IX tournament encouraged all armies to pick up their game and aim higher. Elite Guardians were just one of the armies which took to the iconic tournament, giving it everything they had. This enabled them to increase their maxes and improve their Top Ten ranking. They were able to make it to the Semi Finals of the tournament before getting knocked out by the Rebel Penguin Federation, eventually placing third overall.

Hiatus Announced

Unfortunately, they were unable to carry the momentum, as the Guardians slipped into sixth place which was abnormally low for the army. Following the Guardians’ announcement regarding their hiatus, they made a couple of changes within the army.

On April 18, SavageCobra announced that leadership changes would occur within the army. EGCP’s former leader and army legend, Edu14463, was welcomed back into the Guardians’ leadership. Alongside this, Dalloway, a former EGCP Higher Command, was designated as the army’s official representative. This means that they would take RammLass‘ place on the Army Board, actively representing the Elite Guardians.

The official hierarchy of the Guardians sees Fitsuki remaining as the primary leader of the army, continuing his “Ministry of Recruitment” duties. The other leaders also have dedicated roles which enable them to work efficiently as a leadership team. Their official leadership duties, as well as the announcement regarding the leadership changes, are shown below:

The hiatus goes into effect with changes on the way

Despite their efforts to improve the army, the Guardians have officially dropped to small-medium army status. This comes after they failed to host any events last week and their poor form in recent weeks.

To find out more about the leadership changes and their hiatus, Club Penguin Armies contacted Edu14463 to learn more about their plans.

What led to the decision of announcing a week long hiatus?

The leadership agreed that a hiatus was long overdue. Elite Guardians are an army like no other. We are the only army that hosts more than seven events per week. Our hardworking staff has several duties and play a crucial role in every ministry of the army, [and] our loyal troops also display their devotion to the army in countless manners aside from simply attending events.

Long story short, we are an army that always aim for excellence, and I am proud to see this new generation has been able to accomplish so much and carry on our legacy. However, there are times in which the leadership, the staff, and our dear troops need some rest. We have noticed our performance hasn’t been as good as we wanted it to be. We do not want the glorious Elite Guardians to be mediocre: reaching only a mere size average of 20 and stagnant. We want more. We want growth. We want domination. The community shall bow down to the Elite Guardians once more. Like it or not.

The hiatus has been providing enough time for the leadership to restructure itself and come up with plans to expand our empire even more. Besides, we had time to talk to our staff and understand their needs, as well as properly deliver their duties. So far, we are happy to see the results. The hiatus is a break that anticipates a strong EGCP going all out. Just as before.

What do the Elite Guardians hope to gain from the break of army activities?

As I mentioned before, the hiatus served as a break period for the troops to relax, and for the staff and leadership to regain motivation and properly discuss new plans; as well as set up new goals. The staff is more motivated than ever. The troops already miss the events. They have been asking for events. We want that feeling of excitement and fun to be present in the Elite Guardians. Armies are not an obligation, and certainly not a job, as many armies right now make it seem to be. Armies were always meant to be fun and a pastime. The leadership is eager to implement said changes and encompass these values once again.

What will these changes mean for the army following the drop to small-medium categorization?

The leadership has underwent a massive restructure, with new leaders being added and functions redelegated. Each leader in EGCP is assigned to a specific ministry of the army. Fitsuki is the new main leader of the army, and Minister of Recruitment. He is now an EGCP legend, on pair with many legends like Cookky, Victoria, and I, for instance.

RammLass, also an EGCP legend, has been redesignated to work on the Minister of Troop Affairs, in which he will focus 100% on the internal aspect of the army, after spending almost an year working as an external leader, dealing with the Army Board, diplomacy, etc.

Replacing him, we have assigned Dalloway, the new Head Advisor. She is a former 2018 talented staff of ours, and we are eager to see how she will handle external affairs. SavageCobra will be assisting her in this regard, as she is just returning after several years away. As for myself, well, I have returned because I want to have fun, haha. Of course, I plan to bring my vast experience to the table once more. Our leadership team is by far the best one. No army can beat us in this regard. So, if I were them, I would be prepared

There appears to be a lot of confidence oozing from the restructured Elite Guardians team. With the next edition of the server map approaching, time will only tell how dominating this new force will be. Will they Elite Guardians be able to immediately climb back into major status?

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