Elite Guardians of CP Reopens Their Doors

One of the most successful Brazillian armies, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, has returned to the army community! This comes three years after their closure.

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The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin are, arguably, one of the most influential armies of the CPPS era. Originally supposed to be a colony of Nachos in 2016, the army came to life on October 19, 2017. Cookky2, a former Nachos leader, founded the army alongside Edu14463, a former Water Ninjas leader. The army barred resemblance to the EPF Agency, and used the main agents’ clothing, with white color. It consisted of two branches, more commonly known as divisions, the Strikers and the Guardians.

The Guardians in an event in December 2017

The Elite Guardians topped several charts during its time and were one of the few armies that gave tough competition to the Rebel Penguin Federation. They were also successful in winning the Christmas Chaos in 2017. They also earned third place in the 2018 Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos.

Having operated within the Club Penguin Online Army League, the Guardians were one of the many armies which migrated to CPRewritten in 2019. They fought numerous wars, with one of the biggest wars being against the Rebel Penguin Federation, which they ultimately lost. The army also fought against the Templars of Club Penguin in the Templars Exodus in 2019. This time, however, the Guardians came out victorious, giving them another win to go alongside their trophies.

The guardians in a training event in July 2018

The army announced its closure in a post named “O Fim de uma Era e o Início de um Legado” on January 27, 2020. They stated there was a lack of interest from the leadership in running the army and preserving its legacy. This led to its closure. The army’s discord server was reverted into a hangout, and the army’s nation was dropped as freeland following the announcement.

After more than three years outside the army community, the Guardians hinted at their plans for a potential reopening through an announcement requesting those interested in its reopening to DM one of the creators. Following this, the ‘Grand Re-opening Event’ was announced on May 2. It was scheduled to take place on Club Penguin Army Battleground, at 8 pm EST on May 4.

Elite Guardians announcing their return after three years

Prior to the Grand Reopening, a leader-naming ceremony took place. The Guardians went on to name the leaders of the new generation during this ceremony. The leadership now consists of Belga, Fitsuki,  Joshep, and Lass. Following this, the army held its Grand Re-Opening event. The Guardians’ reopening was a major hit, as many individuals across different armies joined to help them. As a result of which, they were able to register a maximum size of 32.

The Guardians at their reopening event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Edu14463, creator of the Guardians, to have an exclusive interview to learn more about what influenced them to reopen.

What influenced you to reopen the army?

It is a short, but funny, story. I was talking to Cookky2, who is also an EGCP founder, about the old times. We often had “nostalgia trips” related to our time back in original CP armies, but specifically, we enjoyed having conversations about the community we raised together: the Elite Guardians of CP. We weren’t only an army, but a family; an unforgettable place to be with true friends. Last week, Cookky and I were having this kind of nostalgia. Suddenly, he posed a question: “what If we bring back EGCP?”. Well, I couldn’t say no, lmao! However, due to real life business, we wouldn’t be able to lead anymore. That’s why we spent 2 weeks training the new leaders and calling back our former soldiers and HCOM before we officialized our return.

How does it feel on obtaining such a good size on the first event itself?

I wasn’t expecting that at all! It was a surprise, a breathtaking one! It gave me chills. We were having fun, laughing, celebrating together like we used to a few years ago. Of course, among those 32, we had some friends from Water Vikings and CPA reporters. However, approximately 29 troops were from EGCP. That was amazing to see! If the new leaders truly invest in recruitment, just imagine the sizes we could reach!

How do you expect the Guardians to perform in this generation?

The new generation we have is ready for everything. The last event we held proves it. The new leaders were trained in diplomacy, battle tactics, troops affairs, intel, etc. In short, I am expecting a professional generation that won’t repeat the mistakes we have done in the past, but will tread the same glorious path the previous generation trod.

Would we see the Guardians engaging in warfare?

You can have no doubts about that! The community should expect the Elite Guardians to have a featured role in CPA, as we always used to have. Surely they won’t purposedly pose a threat. Whether we are a threat or no, that depends on the other armies perspective. And that’s basically how any war begins, lmao.

Do you have anything to add?

I would like to say that it is feels exhilarating to be back. It is time for the new generation to reach places EGCP never reached in the past. I’d like to thank the CPA board and reporters for being so kind and friendly to us. It is nice to see the community has grown in every aspect. Long live the Elite Guardians! Power on the Fedora

From the interview, we can see that Edu has confidence in the new generation and expects the Guardians to grow into a powerful army. We can also see that he is excited and he anticipates a bright future for EGCP. Only as time passes will we come to know whether the return will be successful or now. Till then, CPA wishes good luck to the Guardians in their endeavors. Do you think the Guardians will be able to rise to a high spot in the Top Tens in the upcoming weeks? How do you think the Guardians will perform?

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