Around The World Cup: Group Stage EU Results

The newest tournament is in town and its name is Around the World Cup. The tournament has had its second round of battles take place during the EU time zone. Let us delve into how these battles transpired.

EU Battles ATWC

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Around the World Cup is a unique round-robin tournament that had its start on May 18th and is set to conclude on May 24th. The top armies from each group will meet in the Grand Finals on June 1st. Eight armies have decided to dip their toes into the unique tournament format. The second rounds of battles took place over the week for the EU divisions. Day one saw Help Force take on the Winged Hussarsfollowed by the Army of Club Penguin up against Special Weapons and Tactics. Finally, day two saw Water Vikings up against People’s Imperial Confederation, followed by Elite Guardians versus Dark Pirates.

Help Force versus Winged Hussars

Despite the Help Force’s max of 19 online, this was an easy battle for them, as the Winged Hussars ended up not showing up to the first EU battle of the tournament.

EU Battles HF vs WH

Winner – Help Force

Army of Club Penguin versus Special Weapons and Tactics

Unlike the first battle of the day, both armies had shown up to this battle, with the Clovers maxing 22, and the Agents with a max of 5. With the size advantage of 15+, the Clovers swept all three rooms.

Winner – Army of Club Penguin

Water Vikings versus People’s Imperial Confederation

On the second day of battles, the Vikings went up against their allies. Similar to the last battle, there was a noticeable size advantage of 21 max for the Vikings, whereas the People’s Imperial Confederation had 11. The size advantage gave the Vikings an advantage to sweep all three rooms, but both armies put up a good fight against each other according to the judges.

Winner – Water Vikings

Elite Guardians versus Dark Pirates

Similar to the first battle of this division round, the Dark Pirates had not shown up to the battle, giving the Elite Guardians, with a max of 21, an automatic win.

EU Battles EGCP vs DP

Winner – Elite Guardians

In the end, out of the four battles, each day had at least one battle where the other opponent had not shown up, putting the small-medium armies behind on points compared to the major armies. Next up are the NA time zone matchups, occurring on Thursday and Friday. After that, the Grand Finals will occur on the following Saturday next week. Which battles are you most looking forward to on Thursday and Friday?


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