Top Ten Armies Of The Month: April 2024

The fourth month of 2024 was a relatively happening month, marking some notable changes in the ranking of the armies. With five of the armies maintaining their position from last month, two of them have received a lower rank for this month, while the other four see a rise in their positions.

Designed by Koloway

Top Ten Armies

1. Army of Club Penguin ⟨76[]

2. Templars ⟨75[↑4]

3. Water Vikings ⟨74[]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation 69[]

5. Help Force 62[]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation ⟨57[↑1]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics ⟨53[↑2]

8T. Dark Pirates ⟨47[↑4]

8T. Elite Guardians ⟨47[↓6]

10. Winged Hussars ⟨45[]

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As April comes to an end, the Army of Club once again retains the first spot in the Top Ten. With the war going on, the Templars have seen a major rise in terms of size and strength, moving up four places in the charts, while the Water Vikings have managed to keep their third position from last month. The same applies to the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Help Force, and the Winged Hussars as well who have maintained their spots for this month. The only army to have faced a downfall this time is the Elite Guardians with a six-place drop, and this partially may be due to the week-long hiatus that the army decided to take during this month. Apart from this, both the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Special Weapons and Tactics have witnessed growth, moving up one place and two places respectively from last time, and the Dark Pirates, despite having recently revived, should be given credit for the immense improvement they have shown this time around, ascending to the eight position after having the last rank in March.

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  1. Elsa May 5, 2024 (3:53 am)

    Impressive, most impressive.

  2. […] win, one point for an overtime loss, and zero points for a loss. Groups were predetermined by the Top Ten Armies of the Month, with a randomized distribution to balance the ratio of major:small-medium armies per […]

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