Around The World Cup: Grand Finals Predictions

The Grand Finals of the first-ever Around The World Cup are set to commence this Saturday. This time, we see two major armies and two small/medium going head-to-head to conquer the coveted trophy. Let us know the community predictions for the winners of this tournament.

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Around The World Cup is an innovative week-long round-robin tournament, with battles occurring across all three time zones. This unique format allowed armies to showcase their strength in all divisions; and so did this happen during the last week. The Army of Club Penguin and the Winged Hussars emerged as the victorious armies from Group A, while the Elite Guardians and the People’s Imperial Confederation were the ones who moved from Group B.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

The Clovers are no strangers to the final rounds of tournaments. Since Legends Cup XIII, they have been on a good run in all five subsequent tournaments, winning two of them. ACP has undergone several leadership changes, increasing the expectations on whether the new Commander-in-Chief will conduct the army to victory. On the other hand, the Guardians have made their name as a force to be reckoned with, always managing to show up with a large size advantage over their opponents. Despite EGCP just recovering from a reclassification to Small/Medium, they are hungry to conquer their second generation’s first trophy. Therefore, what are the community’s predictions for this battle?


ACP vs. EGCP in the Legends Cup XIII Semifinals

Orange, CPA Advisor: EGCP beats ACP 2-1. I think this tournament comes at the perfect time for EGCP who is aiming to collect their first trophy since their return. This one will be relatively close, but I see EGCP taking this one as they have been peaking at the right time

Aisha, Head Moderator: I’d say EGCP win. My reason is based of the maxes that all four armies have had recently and the difference in the maxes from normal events to the tournament.

Mabel, Reporter: With ACP vs EGCP I feel like it’ll result in at least a tie in one of the rooms, but the battle going in favor for EGCP. I really just see this happening because EGCP is pretty powerful with size and speed, and although ACP is good in their own ways, they lack a lot of creativity in their forms and as of recently, their size has been decreasing too. I think this is going to be a pretty similar battle to the WV vs EGCP battle since WV and ACP are both similar in their own little ways, but in the end EGCP had won that battle, making me believe it’ll likely be a tie with two rooms to EGCP.

ZOMB, Templars: ACP vs EGCP is a complicated one. ACP has had a victory streak in the cup but EGCP will prove to be a challenging opponent. I’d have half a mind to consider this a tie, but we will see.

Elaina, Ice Warriors: 2-1-0 EGCP.

JevTheJester, Water Vikings: Tbh considering how EGCP bested us in this, id say they’d beat ACP too.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Winged Hussars

The Confederates and Hussars have already clashed several times on the battlefield during the War of Prestige. Surprisingly, the recently-formed Hussars managed to outperform the Confederation and secure an advantage on the war score. Nevertheless, their stamina succumbed to their opponents’ and surrendered after a week of conflict. This is the first time both armies will clash against each other in a tournament. Let us learn what the predictions are.

PIC vs. WH in the Wojna Prestizowa

Orange, CPA Advisor: PIC beats WH 3-0. Since the year has started, PIC has just been the most hungry S/M army as they’ve been very involved with the community. They’ll continue to collect the achievements with an easy sweep here.

Aisha, Head Moderator: I’d say PIC win. [for the same resons as EGCP-ACP].

Mabel, Reporter: I can see PIC dominating probably most of the rooms here, I don’t know. I don’t really know what the Winged Hussar’s battle strategies are and considering they beat SWAT, it’s probably nothing too crazy anyways 💀, both armies would just need to have decent sizes to make the battle work. But I think PIC will end up winning this battle, maybe one room will go to the Winged Hussars if they’re lucky enough, but considering PIC has a pretty strong leadership at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see which route they take.

ZOMB, Templars: Definitely PIC. Don’t let their low maxes fool you, that army can be a powerhouse when they put their mind to it.

Elaina, Ice Warriors: 3-0-0 PIC.

JevTheJester, Water Vikings: for S/M, im quite confident PIC will make it through!.

It seems that the community predicts a clear winner for both battles, as the Elite Guardians and the People’s Imperial Confederation have the odds in their favor. Both clashes will undoubtedly entertain the community, as these armies were former rivals of one another. Thus, it is safe to assume that these final battles will be close, given none is willing to relinquish the trophy so easily. Do you think the Clovers and the Hussars will keep up with the underdog tradition? What are YOUR predictions for the final rounds?

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