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In an effort to provide more transparency to the community at large, the latest news provides a look inside the inner workings of the Army Board. With the map finally releasing and a new tournament on the way, the Army Board has been busy at work.

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I originally came up with the What’s Up Army Board column as a way to relay information going on behind closed doors to the rest of the community. An Army Board is a group of army leaders that works as a representative body for armies’ opinions in the league. It has lately become a routine for the league administration to put together meetings instead of the Head Representative. These meetings range from scheduling tournaments to minor league complaints.

At the end of April, Club Penguin Armies held two back to back meetings. Most importantly, the capital draft for the new server map took place. Additionally, the announcement of freeland invasions starting May 5.

Launch of server map 2024

Following the draft, Head Representative Dalloway requested a vote to meet and increase the freeland server cap. We were more than surprised the vote went through considering the amount of time and number of map discussions we have already had. During these past eight months, six server cap was consistently agreed as the best way to avoid the map inflating as it normally does. Regardless, a meeting is in the works to address this topic.

The other meeting pertained to the Around the World Cup tournament. This tournament was created by Mchappy, presented to the Army Board for approval. While we can’t spoil too much, the community can expect the tournament to begin on Saturday, May 18.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to two leaders about their thoughts on the new, unique tournament.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the Around the World Cup?

Fun X Time, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader: Around the World Cup is an interesting concept. However, I do not have any say about it at the moment. The Army Board brought their inputs to the army community well. I appreciate the [league] administration for their efforts and readiness for this exciting mini-tournament!

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: I’m looking forward to experience what it’s like leading an army in a tournament facing a unique set of challenges. This tournament will me to focus a lot on all time zones and actually strengthen each time zone. It’s definitely one to prepare for.

What is your stance on new, unique tournaments compared to old, traditional ones?

Fun X Time, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader: The pattern of tournaments is visible. There is a lot of diversity in the tournaments [the league] has been hosting, including incorporating the Round Robin format. I am fascinated to see that there are some tournaments where a winner from both the major and small-medium army categories are selected. Many old, traditional tournaments lacked such diversity.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: Traditional ones are historical and will always hold a huge part in the community’s heart. We can’t change the legacy of thousands of troops knowing how much important those tournaments are to the armies.

The additional modern and unique tournaments are other types of flavors that can eventually also be main hits one day. That’s why it makes me happy for us as a league and community to try new stuff so things can evolve and, who knows, maybe that Around the World Cup can actually be historical one day! It’s refreshing, new, and exciting just like the traditional ones. They also give a new refreshing boost for us to enjoy and look forward to something new.

How does your army plan to win?

Fun X Time, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader: Consideration that Special Weapons’ brightest months include June, having the tournament nearer to the month should bring us an advantage. While I choose not to be generous to my army, I would say that I have faith in my army. We are in a position to oust other armies in the small-medium army category.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: A simple plan would always be to make sure that every week we host events for all time zones. Boosting our activity in all aspects like activities, events, and recruiting in all time zones is a basic plan to do.

With freeland invasions already being scheduled to be spammed, and a new tournament on the horizon, May 2024 is shaping up to be a month to remember. The administration hopes to continue providing you all with the best army updates to match. What are you most looking forward to in May?


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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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