AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Announcement & Qualifier Information

We are proud to present the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition. It’s been over a year since armies went head-to-head to fight for the AUSIA champion title. Discover which armies signed up for the tournament and how will it be organized.


Tournament Format

Following the leaders’ suggestion, we switched from the usual single-elimination tournament style to a group-stage format. As a result, we divided all participating armies into two groups, in which they will fight with each other.

As this is a round-robin format, one loss doesn’t equal elimination. The army that secures the most victories will become the winner of its group and will then fight in the Grand Final against the other group’s victorious army. Both groups will consist of four armies, but since ten armies signed up, the tournament will start with a qualifiers round, which is going to have two battles taking place.

During the group stage phase, the armies will receive points based on the battle results – 3 points for a win, 2 points for an overtime win, 1 point for an overtime loss, and 0 points for a loss. After all the armies fight each other, the one with the most points will advance to the finals.


Information & Rules

The AUSIA Arena is due to start in almost two weeks and will have ten armies participating. The tournament will run across five weekends filled with exciting battles, with the Grand Final taking place on May 27th.

Qualifiers: April 29th & 30th

Group Stage: May 6th & 7th; May 13th & 14th; 20th & 21th

Grand Final: May 27th

To ensure that the tournament goes smoothly, we put forward the following rules. They are based on the previous tournaments run by the league, with some additions to reflect the group stage format.

  • Reviews will only be allowed for Grand Final and will be conducted by unaffiliated (to the battle) Head Judges.
  • Just like in the previous tournaments, there have been deadlines set in regard to the review process:
    • Leaders cannot request a review after 3 hours from the long results being posted, and they cannot submit evidence more than 21 hours after requesting a review (Videos should be submitted ASAP).
    • Head Judges must inform both armies about the review, and if it is going ahead ASAP.
    • The deadline for the Head Judges to review the battle will be 24 hours after the evidence deadline.
  • Dual enlistment is not allowed, and individuals may only attend for one army. They must stick with that army for the duration of the tournament, even after an army is eliminated.
  • The judging will be undertaken by CP Army Judges and organised by the Head Judges.
  • All armies have a right to veto two judges per battle. Once an army has vetoed two judges, it cannot decline any more for that battle. Vetos cannot occur past the four-hour mark.
  • Judges will be announced well in advance (typically very soon after the week’s schedule is announced).
  • All battles will have 3 judges, with the exception of the finals, which will have 5 judges.
  • Each army will have 2 vetos per battle. However, in the Grand Finals, the participating armies will be allowed to have 3 vetos, only if there are enough judges to ensure the places are filled. If there aren’t, the current veto rules will remain.
  • In the case of an army dropping out mid-tournament, their opponents will be awarded the maximum amount of points, as if they secured a win in all 3 rooms. The schedule will go as planned.
  • In case of a group witnessing a tie between two armies, the army that won their head-to-head battle will advance to the finals.



The seedings for AUSIA Arena were calculated on the basis of each army’s Top Ten ranking from the past four weeks. In case of a tie, the administration took the AUSIA average size into consideration. The list is as followed:

[1] Water Vikings

[2] Army of Club Penguin

[3] Special Weapons and Tactics

[4] Help Force

[5] Dark Vikings

[6] Penguins of Madagascar

[7] People’s Imperial Confederation

[8] Warlords of Kosmos

[9] Magma Clan

[10] Napalm Corps

Click here for the seeding statistics.


Qualifier Timings

In order for the tournament to run smoothly and lower the risk of armies pulling out during the group stage phase, we decided to introduce the qualifiers round. On the first weekend, we will see four armies battling for the last free space in both groups.

Saturday, April 29th
People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Magma Clan
9am EST | 2pm UK | 5pm GST | 6:30pm IST | 9pm SGT | 11pm AEST

Sunday, April 30th
Warlords of Kosmos vs. Napalm Corps
9am EST | 2pm UK | 5pm GST | 6:30pm IST | 9pm SGT | 11pm AEST

A special thank you to our amazing designers, Master DS, Dino, and Koloway, who provided us with amazing graphics for the tournament and the server. We would also like to thank the Head Judges of CPAJ, who agreed to support the tournament and help organise it.

It’s been over a year since the last AUSIA tournament. The Rebel Penguin Federation – who are the previous champions – are not taking part in the tournament, so will Help Force be able to emerge victorious like in the 2020 Aces of AUSIA, or will we see a new winner claiming the trophy?

The administration would like to wish the best of luck to all the participants! We hope you enjoy this new tournament format.

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