Peace At Last: World War VIII Comes to Shock End

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After a month of endless battles, it has been announced that World War VIII is coming to an end with a shock peace treaty. What led to this unexpected treaty of peace, and what does this mean for the future?

On October 15th 2021, both the Vengeance Alliance and the Western Bloc made the surprise announcement that the war would be ending in peace. Following a month of constant battling, World War VIII has come to an end with no winner.

The Help Force first declared war against the Silver Empire back on 22nd April 2021, and after over a month of fighting, the Help Force eventually declared themselves as victorious. Both armies then experienced six months of peace, until suddenly the Silver Empire reignited the war against the Help Force on the 8th October.

First Invasion of the War, 11th October 2021.

However, this war was to be different from the last. On the 11th October, it was announced that the Silver Empire would be forming the Western Bloc, alongside their allies the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics. Two days later, Help Force leader Ayan announced the creation of the Vengeance Alliance, alongside allies People’s Imperial Confederation, the Army of Club Penguin and the Red Ravagers, on the 13th October.

The First Battle with Both Alliances in Attendance, 15th October 2021.

On the 27th October, the Templars entered the war alongside the Red Dawn Alliance, after they declared war against SWAT. With endless fighting and eleven armies involved, the alliance war was soon upgraded to World War status, and was later given the name of ‘World War VII: War of No Judges’. However, as the war continued, battles were often cancelled due to the lack of judges and communication.

Last Battle of the War, 7th November 2021.

The community saw the last battle take place on 7th November, with the treaty being announced by the Help Force on the 15th November. They stated that the war eventually came to an end due to the lack of judges and communication that they received. They then went onto explain that both sides had come to an agreement to have ‘no winners’ due to the peace pact.

The Treaty Agreed and Signed by Both Alliances. Click to Enlarge.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Aaronstone, Mare, and Electrumm from the Western Bloc, and Fat Chicken, Vedant, Sidie and Yeti from the Vengeance Alliance.

The Western Bloc:

Aaronstone: It was a good war I’m glad to see it end peacefully. I enjoyed every second of it and how close each battle was it had me on the edge of my seat.

Mare: All the armies fought extremely hard and did a great job overall. Western Bloc Bester Block we 4 lyfers!!!!

Electrumm: After more than one month of war, Help Force approached us with the idea of peace. After HF invaded our land, we declared war on them to make a point that we can and would fight back against a major army like the Help Force; that we wouldn’t just be pushed around because we are smaller than them. We succeeded in showing that we are a powerhouse as the results were there for everyone to see. The Western Bloc kept dominance of the map throughout the entire war and proved that we can stand our ground.

The Vengeance Alliance:

Fat Chicken: In summary, I do think that the war was a fun one. It was definitely a bit long-winded and had a lack of judges quite commonly, but in the end I am glad to see the Vengeance Alliance take the win and a fair treaty to bring this massive war to an end.

Vedant: gg

Sidie: I’m very proud of the Confederation’s performance during the war but I am glad we have achieved peace. I am thankful for our Vengeance allies and I look forward to what the future has in store!

Yeti: The war was fun because of its events but it’s really disappointing the way everything was handled by CPAN. So much could’ve happened and I consider it a completely missed opportunity. Hopefully from now on wars are more dynamic and more enjoyable for everyone. :catwhip:

It seems that despite the war coming to an end due to unforeseen circumstances, both alliances enjoyed participating in close battles throughout the war. However, with all armies now involved in various different peace treaties, only time will tell whether or not this conflict will ever be reignited again for a third time.

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