Operation Domination: EGCP, RPF and WV declare war on ACP

Less than 12 hours ago, Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Water Vikings jointly declared war against the Army of Club Penguin. Following the declaration, both sides scheduled multiple invasions, sparking concerns regarding the validity of the war terms.

The Origins

Shortly after Special Weapons and Tactics surrendered the War of Unfinished Business, pressured by numerous invasions from both Army of Club Penguin and Elite Guardians, the two of those armies engaged in another conflict. This time they found themselves on the opposing sides, as Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation joined the Guardians. Together, these armies simultaneously scheduled invasions against the Clovers on June 1st.

While Water Vikings are known for not shying away from conflicts, they have not been involved in a war since their revival in January. Similarly, the Elite Guardians have just been revived over a month ago and have no war experience yet in this generation. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation fought against the Special Weapons and Tactics in February of this year. ACP on the other hand have declared a war two times since the New Year – against Special Weapons and Tactics and Dark Vikings.

On June 1st, EGCP, RPF and WV scheduled their invasions under the following terms:

The war terms as stated on the Water Vikings website

Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings named themselves the Blue Sunset Alliance. Among other reasons, they have mentioned the aggressive expansion and imperial ambitions of Army of Club Penguin’s leader, Calgo, as a factor in their decision to declare war. RPF specifically shared a screenshot of him expressing his desire to engage in conflict with the Rebels in the near future. WV, on the other hand, focused on their history of standing up to defend smaller armies from major ones. This could suggest that in their eyes ACP poses a broader threat to the small/medium community. They also expressed concerns about Calgo’s leadership and its potential impact on the security of the Water Vikings, despite their efforts to improve relations with the Clovers.

Just a few hours after the conflict sparked, the opposing armies engaged in the first battle of this war. Both Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings, who were supposed to have a practice battle with Templars, logged onto the same server on CPA Battleground and ended up clashing. The Vikings first raided the Clovers’ waiting room, under the impression that their enemies were planning a raid. According to Calgo, the raid was not initially part of the plan, but they did consider it later on.


The War Terms Controversy

The war terms surrounding the conflict have generated controversy due to the restriction on allies. According to the declarations, the Blue Sunset Alliance’s armies can attend for each other, but no other ally can help Army of Club Penguin this war. Additionally, the terms prohibit anyone else from joining the conflict. Despite these circumstances, ACP has already scheduled invasions against the Water Vikings.

Club Penguin Armies‘ Chief Executive Producer Wynn responded to the situation with a statement 9 hours later:

Army of Club Penguin is now allowed to bring allies into the war, and, according to Calgo’s commentary from the league’s main chat, they already have other armies ready to help ACP.

We reached out to the Water Vikings’ Leader Dino, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander Link, and Elite Guardians War Minister Iosephus to get more insight about their plans, but so far we are unable to get responses from WV or RPF

Considering that the Army of Club Penguin currently controls half of the servers map, how long do you anticipate the war will last?

How do you expect ACP to perform in this war?

What challenges do you to face in this conflict?

How is your army preparing itself for the war?

Is there any message you would like to convey to your enemies?

We also asked Calgo for a statement regarding the recent events:

Beat us down all you want, we do not fear you, we will get right back up. This 3v1 war will only make us stronger. None of these leaders who are declaring will be remembered in history for their “courage.” What takes real courage is to stand up to these three shells of their former self armies and fight despite all the odds being stacked against us. They won’t give us a fair fight because they fear what we are capable of and what we will accomplish. Its time for us to rise up and face them head on.

Although the Army of Club Penguin finds itself in a difficult situation, it is likely that the Blue Sunset Alliance will also face unexpected challenges. With multiple invasions scheduled on both sides, it appears that neither of the opponents are willing to back down. Will more armies join this conflict? Could this be the start of a new World War?

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