Breaking News: World War IX Ends With A Treaty

Just hours ago, World War IX finally ended with a peace treaty after nearly two weeks of intense invasions. The Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat have mutually agreed to cease hostilities without either of them claiming victory.

A surprising turn of events unfolded on June 13th as the Blue Sunset Alliance and the Sapphire Concordat signed a peace treaty. This came as a shock to many, as leaders from both sides asserted that the war was far from over right until the publicizing of the treaty. World War IX, which lasted for nearly two weeks, saw the Sapphire Concordat suffering defeat in 32 battles and losing control over 18 servers. In contrast, the Blue Sunset Alliance remained undefeated. However, with the Sapphire Concordat still holding nearly 100 servers, many speculated that the conflict may last for several more weeks.

This war was the largest conflict since World War VIII that took place in 2021. The war involved a total of nine armies. Army of Club Penguin, supported by Help Force, Special Weapons and Tactics, People’s Imperial Confederation, Templars and Napalm Corps formed the Sapphire Concordat alliance. Meanwhile, Water Vikings, Rebel Penguin Federation and Elite Guardians fought under the name of the Blue Sunset Alliance. The first official battle of the war, the invasion of Alabama, turned out to be the biggest battle of this year with 120+ penguins online.

Servers Map at the end of World War IX:  Army of Club Penguin – Dark Green. Elite Guardians – Dark Grey. Help Force – Blue. Rebel Penguin Federation – Black. Special Weapons and Tactics – Lime Green. Templars – Yellow. Water Vikings – Navy Blue.

After People’s Imperial Confederation and Napalm Corps’ left the war due to losing their capitals, both sides held themselves back from scheduling more invasions. The only exception was the Templars who tried to reclaim Moscow from the Guardians but suffered another defeat. This obviously raised questions regarding ongoing peace talks between the warring armies.

Treaty Ending The World War IX

The treaty was signed up by all the armies participating in the conflict, with two exceptions. The first are the Napalm Corps, who are already subjected to a separate force treaty. The Blue Sunset Alliance revoked the earlier force treaty imposed upon PIC. The Confederates are now included in the new treaty signed between both alliances. Throughout the war, the Help Force limited their role in the war to supporting the Clovers. This makes them the second army excluded from the new peace treaty. As per the terms, both sides agreed to declaring no winners in this war. Moreover, neither of the two alliances can declare war on each other until July 25th. However, the victors will retain possession of most of the servers.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the leaders of the armies involved in the war for their statements regarding the war ending.

Coolguy, Army of Club Penguin Leader: I think that the war ending was bitter sweet for all armies involved. The war had a lot of twists and turns with it originally being a 3v1 war and breaking out into a world war, alliance versus alliance. No one could have expected what happened in each and every battle to happen, no one could’ve predicted that a world war consisting of these armies, at this time, would happen. However it did and we fought tooth and nail for each and every battle.
I say it’s bitter sweet for both sides because, while none of us could’ve expected what was to come, we all have the hunger and motivation to fight and keep on fighting. I think there were people in each army who did a lot for their army and their alliance and no doubt they were burning. However, these people would also fight until they collapsed if they had to, to try and gain the win. Both sides wanted the win and fought for it, despite the neutral outcome and treaty. However, at the same time, both sides were burning out, whether it be troops, staff or leaders. And yet, despite the intense war, we all came together and did what was right for our armies and the community. Because we could’ve carried on but where would that have led us as a community? Possibly into a declining period where armies can’t max 20 or where armies are stagnating and are scared of war because of the affects that it will have on the troops and armies. No one can say for sure what would have happened but SC, alone had over 100 servers, so if you add in invasions too, successful and unsuccessful defenses and invasions then you’d be seeing a lot more than 100 battles. It could’ve quite literally reached 200 which both invasions and defenses and with the war being a lot more competitive with sizes coming closer together. I feel like, no matter what the sizes were, the battles were always so close and well fought. Personally, I’ve learnt things from the war and I know other people have to.
There’s no doubt in my mind that the war has made both sides see the positive and negative aspects of their own battle tactics and skills. I’ve no doubt that both sides have picked up a few tips from the judges about what not to do and where to improve upon. The ending of the war sees peace and a neutral ending for all those involved with both positives and negatives coming from it. As the war draws to a close, my first thought is about how competitive Legends Cup is going to be. Let’s face it , the war should make each of the armies involved stronger, therefore, we may see one of the closest tournaments that we’ve had in a long time. So I look forward to the competition and to be able to be apart of it, once more. As I move on I hope to accomplish much more with the army and my fellow co leaders, properly introduce our leadership and make sure that’s we stand tall and never give up. We aim for many things, and we have stated and hinted towards some things so with the peace, maybe you’ll get to see us make our mark on the army 😉 a leader’s job is never done, after all. I also help CPA reach its full potential as I continue to work as an EIC. :heart::pray:

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: I’m glad this World War is over; I’m sure my compatriots in WV would agree. Despite us doing very well, it was definitely taking its toll on us seriously diplomatically and internally. It was still fun though. WV plans on just focusing internally on a very wide-reaching long-term plan to grow the community more (like we planned right before the World War), Legends Cup in a month, and the Alabama Plan (our Marshall Plan, since we ultimately want to make sure the community can get back on its feet after this war—even for our SC foes—since it is the right thing to do before LC).
This won’t be the war to end all wars haha but this is a culmination of years of building tension and I’m glad this is over. We can now enter a clean slate of the community and start building towards something better. Maybe this is our modern equivalency of WW6; a tiresome, massive world war that did leave the community a bit burnt out afterwards but helped paved the way for the second golden age. Would love to see the community enter another golden age (the first in CPPS without a very serious IRL situation to force the community to grow) like it looked like it was heading towards in 2019.
Great war by ACP, NC, SWAT, TCP, and even PIC who despite getting the rough treaty of that one treaty, did truly keep the SC’s momentum going. Remarkable for a S/M army to do the heavy lifting. Loved it. Looking forward to the next few months of CPA.

Elexonck, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader: While the days of battles were fun, I think all of us involved were becoming a little weary of the nonstop action. I feel there was never any real animosity between the armies involved in the conflict, so reaching a mutual agreement of peace was something everyone was open to after a certain point. I’m glad to have had the fun and excitement of the experience, but I’m also glad to let my troops have a rest with some fun events for a little while too, especially after their hard work coming out to battle after battle.

Legoman, Special Weapons And Tactics Leader: The war had dragged on for quite some time and it was clear that both sides were tiring. BSA was very much pushing for a treaty, which seemed opportune to all of the participating armies. It was an enjoyable war while it lasted, both sides did very well. SWAT was able to win the first room of the conflict on behalf of the SCA. Shoutout to all SCA members as they made it a fun time.

Dawn, Templars Leader: The war ending means lots of things as far as the community goes but as an individual army this means Templars finally has the time to just rebuild. A treaty is not how we viewed this war to end but an offer to end the war and come back later and show the real strength we have outside of finals season is a great one. The tides would’ve turned and BSA probably saw that as they were more tired than SC as they viewed the final battle against PIC as the official end, we didn’t. I’d hope that there’s another opportunity for world war at some point as well as more activity in CPA during this time where we are all treatied. It’s going to be a long boring period of peace, but it is necessary to have an even greater war further down the line. As far as Templars goes we rebuild and continue regrowing since we haven’t finished and we will come back stronger and complete more conquests when the time is right.

Lass, Elite Guardians Leader: The end of the war will finally make the armies envolved to take a breather (finally). After 2 weeks of intense battles, we are finally happy to have mutual interests settled and establishing the position of EGCP into the international CPA scenario. Having a time of peace shall prove fruitful for the development of internal affairs and projects, so we can make a countermeasure to how tiresome the conflict turned out to be. In short, I am happy that we accomplished what we wanted and would like to thank our BSA Allies.


The World War IX finally comes to an end. Yet another important chapter of the Club Penguin armies history comes to an end. The World War has certainly provided an exciting beginning to what looks like a promising summer. Regardless of their experience in this war, everyone could see the positive impact it had on activity in the community. The escalated conflicts served as a reminder of what our community can be, thanks to the rigorous efforts and time invested by leaders and staff members of the armies. Following the peace treaty, all involved armies will be looking to rebuild their strength. However, the treaty will expire in less than two months. Only time will tell whether this will result in another conflict arising soon.

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