From Enemies to Friends: People’s Imperial Confederation and Winged Hussars Form an Alliance

As the second month of the year begins, a new friendship blooms as the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Winged Hussars establish an alliance among themselves. After recently being at war against one another, the two armies have sorted out their past differences and have decided to support one another in the near-coming future.

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On the 7th of February, the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Winged Hussars became allies following their war – Wojna Prestiżowa coming to an end after two weeks of constant battles. Shallissa, one of the current leaders of the Confederates made an announcement about the same in the army’s server stating that the Winged Hussars had earned their respect and proven their strength through the battles fought, and while this war was to have a healthy rivalry and showcase the power of the small/medium community, the two armies had formed a wonderful bond along the journey.

Announcement of Alliance

The two armies have been a part of two wars so far, battling on opposite sides. Their first encounter was during the Christmas Crusade, in December 2023, when the United Front Alliance comprising the Army of Club Penguin, the Coup Crusaders, the People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Templars had declared war on the Elite Guardians, and the Winged Hussars, being allies of the Guardians had decided to support their ally army in the war. After the war concluded with a peace treaty, the People’s Imperial Confederation made the call to have their own war, this time without the support of allies, and thus went on to initiate the Wojna Prestiżowa (The Prestige War) against the Winged Hussars. This war went on for two weeks, featuring intense battles between the two armies, and certainly displayed the strength and prowess of the Small/Medium armies’ community.
Apart from these wars, the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Winged Hussars also faced one another in the recent tournament, the New Year Bonanza, wherein both armies performed phenomenally, and the Confederates emerged victorious among the Small-Medium armies.

Wojna Prestiżowa

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to leaders from both armies and interviewed Shallissa from the People’s Imperial Confederation and Shinzo from the Winged Hussars to learn more about this newly formed alliance.

Given you were at war only recently, what is the reason behind establishing this alliance?

Shallissa: PIC had no malicious or bad intentions when declaring war on the Winged Hussars. Throughout the conflict, we were very open to establishing positive relations with WH in the future. As time and more battles went on, we started liking WH more and more. Our leadership and staff team found ourselves spending more and more time in the WH server, getting to know their army. We noticed WH spending a lot of time in the PIC server as well. Seeing WH’s performance and good graces throughout our few weeks of conflict made it really hard to not develop respect and fondness towards their army. Once the treaty was signed, establishing a formal friendship with the Hussars was a no-brainer.

Shinzo: Of course, the PIC and WH started off on rough terms. The declaration of war came very suddenly. But we soon came to realise that this war was truly an S/M War and nothing too personal. It turned from an enmity at first into mutual respect for each other’s troops and leading. Finding similarities in each other and our armies’ structures. At the end, we saw that neither of us was to be underestimated and it became a truly friendly rivaly, which opened doors to the cooperation that we are seeing now. Needless to say, without the war we surely wouldn’t be where we are now. It was a great prospect, not only for personal and S/M Army growth, but also for our armies’ relationship, which I am very happy for. We see our similarities and respect, but also our differences and found that we can work really well together based on this, as people and armies alike.

How do you think this alliance will benefit your army in the long run?

Shallissa: Having a close friend in your army’s same size classification is always a beneficial thing. Our war really shed light onto our strength and weaknesses in specific divisions. PIC thrives in AUSIA timezones, but our EU needs some work. However, WH performs great in EU timezones, but has expressed desire to grow their AUSIA. I strongly believe that together, our individual strengths can help us overcome our divisional differences.

Shinzo: I’m sure that this alliance will see a great increase of security for both the PIC and the WH. As you could see, the war was often characterised by great AUSIA performance by the PIC and great EU and US performance by the WH. However, we all kept fighting. Based on that, I think we can help each other in areas where we are lacking. As well, having an S/M army as an ally of ourselves is a good prospect for practice battles and growth. We can help each other out and test what works and what doesn’t, likewise. Hopefully we can all help each other grow and improve in terms of CPA, as well as on a personal level.

What can we expect to see in the future from this alliance?

Shallissa: For now, you can expect some practice battles and a little bit of tomfoolery. As I said earlier, PIC has some work to do internally to put us on the strongest path possible for this year. We love our new allies and would love to take some time to grow closer while we are figuring stuff out. I wouldn’t be surprised though if you see the Winged Confederation dominating 2024.

Shinzo: For sure, you will be able to observe a strengthening in our armies’ structures. I’m sure there will be many occasions where we will get to prove each other on a friendly battlefield and at the same time prepare for any potential issues and incidents. The future of this alliance will hopefully be long lasting and genuine, forming a good connection between ourselves and our armies. Working together to erase threats and achieving growth for the all of us. It is a very unique alliance, which at the beginning of the war was surely not in many people’s mind. But maybe this created a basis for a cooperation better than there would have been otherwise, if there had even been any. I’m sure you can expect great cooperation in many areas of CPA, yet at the same time a healthy competition that will benefit both the PIC and the WH, as well as the S/M Army Community as a whole.

What are your army’s plans regarding foreign relations and diplomacy moving ahead?

Shallissa: To put it bluntly, our enemies will remain enemies. I consider PIC to be a very friendly and mostly tolerant army, so if your army is listed on our Nations page as an enemy, it didn’t pass the vibe check and something to earn its place there. PIC’s diplomacy is strong, and we are always open to making new friends, but lines have been crossed on multiple occasions and we don’t wish to revisit past falling outs. There are a lot of kind and respectable armies throughout the community though that I’d love for PIC to grow closer to, so I’m excited to see where 2024 keeps taking us.

Shinzo: The WH will for sure seek friendly relations and cooperation with other armies, moving forward. We have come out of hard times, but I hope that we have managed to prove ourselves through that. We have the will to cooperate with many armies and the greater CPA community, but also seeking friendly competition to help others and ourselves to grow. As well, I hope that the WH has managed to gain some soft power through the whole endeavour and we hope to expand upon that. Regardless, we will of course not neglect hard power and still prepare for the worst case, should anything happen. It is clear to say that we are not seeking hostile relations with anyone, but we will be prepared if anything should arise. This constant state of war has helped us develop in those terms, but also helped us reach agreements, which we hope to expand upon further. All in all, we hope to move along with great relations with many armies, in cooperation to benefit everyone.

It seems that this alliance will only grow stronger with time, and we look forward to seeing it evolve. From the Club Penguin Armies, we wish the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Winged Hussars the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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