War Update: First Week of Wojna Prestiżowa

The first week of the war between the People’s Imperial Confederation and Winged Hussars has come to a close. Both armies remain at a stalemate, as the war score is tied. However, the war doesn’t seem to be concluding any time soon.

A week ago, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Winged Hussars. Since then, there have been two scheduled invasions by each army. Both armies were seeking advantage, but due to a no-show by the People’s Imperial Confederation and Winged Hussars of one of their defences, the war remains tied. The Confederates aim to change the score in their favor, as they have scheduled two AUSIA invasions for Monday.

Winged Hussars war invasion on the People's Imperial Confederation January 24th 4pm EST

A Recent Battle of the War

Battle 1 – People’s Imperial Confederation Invasion on Winged Hussars

In the first battle of the war scheduled to be on January 22nd, 9 am EST, the Winged Hussars didn’t show up, giving the People’s Imperial Confederation an automatic victory. The People’s Imperial Confederation maxed 7 for this AUSIA invasion and was able to secure a win in this battle after the first room.

People's Imperial Confederation war invasion on Winged Hussars 22nd January

Battle 2 – People’s Imperial Confederation Invasion on Winged Hussars

The second battle saw the Winged Hussars joining the battlefield to defend against the People’s Imperial Confederation invasion. Scheduled on January 24th at 9 am EST, this AUSIA invasion witnessed the People’s Imperial Confederation dominate all three rooms. There was a size difference throughout most of the battle. The Winged Hussars maxed 6 for this battle, whilst the People’s Imperial Confederation maxed 11. In the first two rooms, the People’s Imperial Confederation secured victory through their size advantage and better forms. The Winged Hussars seemed to improve on their neatness while making formations, however, lost out on their pace and speed gradually. In the final room, as the sizes of both armies became equal, the People’s Imperial Confederation was still able to reign being the more active army, thus winning the battle with a room score of 3-0.

People's Imperial Confederation invasion on Winged Hussars 24th January

Battle 3 – Winged Hussars Invasion against People’s Imperial Confederation

This battle was the Winged Hussars’ first invasion. Scheduled to be on January 24th at 4 pm EST. This EU invasion had the Winged Hussars dominate all three rooms. The People’s Imperial Confederation maxed 5 for this battle, and the Winged Hussars maxed 8. While there was not much of a size difference throughout the first half of the battle, the Winged Hussars still managed to outperform the Confederates with their better choice of formations and faster pace in the first room. The second half of the second room saw a visible size difference with the Winged Hussars having a size advantage, which had them take control of the room. This size advantage followed in the final room, and given their ability of fast formation switching and covering, the Winged Hussars won this battle with a 3-0 result, making the overall war score 2-1.

Winged Hussars war invasion on People's Imperial Confederation 24th January

Battle 4 – Winged Hussars Invasion against People’s Imperial Confederation

The last battle of this week saw another Winged Hussars’ invasion, scheduled on January 24th at 6 pm EST. The Winged Hussars maxed 8 for this EU invasion, However, the People’s Imperial Confederation did not attend this battle. Thus, similar to the last battle, the Winged Hussars were deemed winners making the war score tied at 2-2.

Winged Hussars war invasion on People's Imperial Confederation 24th January

Club Penguin Armies interviewed the Confederate’s leader Shallissa and Winged Hussar’s leader Shinzo to further give their thoughts on the ongoing conflict.

How do you think your army has been performing in the war so far?

Shallissa: I am beyond proud of PIC’s performance so far. Despite our long list of achievements as a Small/Medium army, it is clear that our size has been a disappointment to the CPA Legends board. Though we have proven to be efficient in utilizing each and every participating penguin, we still have a ways to go in building ourselves up to Major. While it may not seem like a lot to many, maxing 11 penguins without allies during our first AUSIA invasion was a massive accomplishment. Though our EU and US divisions clearly need more work, our performance during the New Year Bonanza prove we are capable of defeating the Winged Hussars in any timezone. We are more motivated than ever, and though the first full week of combat ended in a tie, PIC is more than capable of continuing this long term, while still exceeding personal expectations.

Shinzo: I think that we did really well, considering the circumstances. Of course, it’s tied as of the moment when I’m writing this, but considering that we were taken by surprise and had not a lot of time to plan everything, I think the response was great. Even though there’ve only been two actual battles as of now, they were both really intense and I’m proud of how well we’ve all held together and I believe that this response will only grow greater as we move along. I’m really proud of ourselves, our leadership, and everyone who has done their best for the success of the WH so far already and surely moving forward as well.

Your army has not shown up for a battle so far, is that to be expected more going forward?

Shallissa: Going into this war PIC leadership and high command planned to show up to every single battle, regardless of size. Whether we had two or ten penguins online we planned to show up and give it our all. This is still the case, and unfortunately our absence from the EU battle was due to in-real-life circumstances completely out of our control. I appreciate all of the effort that goes into arranging battles, especially from the CPA Judges organization. If PIC was willingly not showing up to a battle, out of respect for the staff I would communicate that.

Shinzo: I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest here to not show up here for a lot of times. We’re in here to see exciting battles and a great war between two S/M Armies, so I hope that such things can be avoided by both us and the PIC. Of course, if necessary, it has to be as we can’t predict what might happen. Naturally, it’s also a thing of strategy and planning, but a war with several no-shows is not what anyone wants to see, I believe.

What is your plan for continuing with this war?

Shallissa: As there is no map, and end game for this war will eventually need to be established between PIC and WH leadership. Until we have that talk though PIC will continue our invasions and defenses against the Winged Hussars.

Shinzo: Our plan is pretty straightforward. We’ll simply continue on our course and try to outcompete the PIC in as many areas as we can. We’ve got incredible backing and it’s really a joy to see everyone supporting the WH as much as they do. We’ll continue to grow together, form an even closer bond, and do our best to improve in the areas that we can, in order for us to perform the best way possible. The key here is to acknowledge the flaws that are present and to train to not let them happen again. No one of us is flawless and perfect, so we will make sure to grow even stronger from what we know we can improve.

Any word for your rivalry in this war?

Shallissa: Wars throughout 2023 often erupted due to scandal, and were mostly huge alliance conflicts. The small/medium community hasn’t seen a notable one on one conflict in years, and we have been lacking in rivalries. In PIC’s declaration of war I made it clear that I wanted this conflict to be drama free, and simply a competitive conflict between two S/M armies who found themselves on opposing sides during the Christmas Crusade. Many have speculated that PIC entered this war wanting an easy win, or that we were using this conflict to “get back” at EGCP. I want to be clear that this is far from the truth. We don’t often see a legitimate S/M army revived with leaders and veterans who are genuinely dedicated to it’s success. I don’t want WH to be yet another SM army that revives and closes in less than 6 months, that pattern does nothing to grow and benefit the army community. More than anything I wanted to bring life to SM armies, and give SM leaders purpose and goals in a community that is heavily dominated by Major armies. Though we are rivals in this conflict, the Winged Hussars have been nothing but kind and respectful to our entire team. We have extended that same kindness, and though we jab at each other on the battlefield, there is always kindness and celebrations to either of our victories. Though PIC considers WH rivals, we don’t consider them enemies. We appreciate the mutual respect shown by our armies. From PIC’s perspective anyways, this war has given us an opportunity to appreciate the hard work demonstrated by WH, and admiration towards the effort it takes to maintain an SM army. As I stated earlier, SM armies come and go quite often, but when one performs the way WH has, they deserve immense respect.

Shinzo: I’d simply like to emphasize that it’s it’s been really fun so far and I hope to see it continue in a mutually beneficial rivalry. It’s really a fun prospect and it feels great to have competition, which surely drives both armies. And I guess that’s an important point to the growth in S/M Armies here. As stated in another interview, it’d surely have been better for everyone if the war would have happened at a bit different times, but as you can see it’s nonetheless an exciting conflict that can draw attention, which I cam really happy for. So, I think this rivalry is something good that we can all benefit from, which is the most important thing, in my opinion. Nonetheless, I have to say that there’s no doubt that we can defeat the PIC and hopefully see ourselves come out victorious in this rivalry.

The People’s Imperial Confederation and Winged Hussars are not planning to give away any more chances for victory to one another. As we can conclude from the interview, both armies respect each other, but that won’t be taken into consideration on the battlefield. Who do you think will take the lead in the war in the second week? 

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