Wojna Prestiżowa Ends on Friendly Terms

After almost two weeks of intense battles, the War of Prestige finally met its conclusion. Even though the Hussars had the lead in the war score, they deemed as more appropriate to surrender to their opponents. Why was that?

Wojna Prestizowa end

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On January 21st, the People’s Imperial Confederation issued a war declaration against the Winged Hussars. In their declaration, the Confederates mentioned the Hussars’ support to the Elite Guardians during the Christmas Crusade and controversies surrounding the newly-opened WH as their casus belli. Regardless of any drama, PIC made it clear that this war was supposed to be a fun one. Therefore, the community witnessed a one-on-one conflict arguably one of the best Small/Medium wars in recent times.

After seventeen well-fought battles, the Wojna Prestiżowa officially ended with a 9-0-7 [W-T-L] score in favor of the Winged Hussars. This reflects the tenacity and ability of the Polish knights to outperform a well-established S/M army on the battlefield. Nonetheless, the Confederates’ willpower led them to keep scheduling invasions against their adversaries. Thus, a stalemate was bound to happen, as both armies kept taking advantage of each other’s weakest time zones.


One of the Last Battles of the Wojna Prestiżowa

Therefore, on the 3rd of February, both armies sat down and reached a friendly agreement that led to the conclusion of the war. Named the Treaty of Beanie-Frostbite, the pact officially marks the surrender of the Winged Hussars to the People’s Imperial Confederation, with the war score still preserved. However, due to its nature, PIC has been recognized as the winner of the conflict.

Wojna Treaty

The Treaty of Beanie-Frostbite

To shed some light on the circumstances surrounding this event, Club Penguin Armies reached out to WH’s Monarch St. Eden.

What was your first reaction upon learning about the war declaration?

When the prospect of a war between two S/M armies was introduced in the form of the PIC declaring war upon the WH (a newly restablished army) I was honestly pretty okay with this. So for this, I’d say my immediate first thought upon reading the declaration was excitement that we had a chance to prove ourselves worthy despite being newcomers once again!

From a personal perspective do you believe the Winged Hussars were able to prove themselves?

Definitely! Although we may have conceded, we put up an incredible fight and conceded while we were leading 9-7 in our favour. We gave it our all. Initially, we knew as newcomers to the CPA community we would be undermined by others in this community, however despite only being reregistered in December 2023, we put up a pretty incredible fight and reignited a spark within the S/M army community. I feel we’ve definitely proved we are not a force to be reckoned with and not to be undermined. Things are only going up from here!

What were the circumstances that led to the signing of the treaty?

There were a multitude of reasons for this. With the PIC being an AUSIA-heavy army whilst WH is primarily EU/US (including our leadership team) we found ourselves in a seemingly neverending cat and mouse game with PIC, continuously scheduling in time zones that just weren’t cutting it for one-another. However, this was not the main reason. Having only known 2 days of peace since our rebirth, our troops tired quickly amidst this war. When factoring in leadership availability, personal commitments and most importantly the wellbeing of ourselves and our Hussars it was an absolute no brainer to concede from this war and sign a peace treaty. This decision was also decided by all of our enlisted troops, advisory board and Monarchs – we’re satisfied with our choice and know we did what was right for everybody.

Could you share with us some of your plans for the future of WH? Would you consider friendly relations with PIC?

We have many exciting things on the horizon for the Winged Hussars, we are only just getting started! If it wasn’t apparent already, this war has shown to us just how weak our AUSIA division is, therefore this is something we will continue into the future to strengthen. Also, since conceding from the war, we have announced we will be creating our own interactive blog. The aim behind this is to further strengthen our close-knit community by enabling our Hussars to contribute to our community further by publishing exciting blog articles in their key area of expertise whether this be simple WH related or CPPS related. Alongside this, we aim to continue to foster a safe and inclusive community for everybody, regardless of who you are and what army you are enlisted with. I won’t reveal too many of our plans at this point, however we also have what we believe to be a unique and exciting project coming up which will be presented when ready! In regards to friendly relations with PIC – this is DEFINITELY something we are interested in as we have already formed incredible friendships with one-another throughout this war, which seems bizarre but we truly have formed an AMAZING bond through all of this and put our differences aside.

Furthermore, we also contacted Sweater, PIC’s Commander-in-Chief, to understand his perspective on the conclusion of the war.

From a Confederate standpoint, what were your impressions of the signing of the treaty?

I’m glad that both armies could agree on a peaceful way to end the war. Both armies proved that we are capable S/M forces and that the S/M community can still produce good conflicts. Winged Hussars were fantastic opponents and I’m grateful to them for fighting, and for the friendships we’ve made post-war.

Both you and St. Eden mentioned that PIC and WH developed a friendship. Could you provide more details about that?

It’s nothing official (yet?) – but I think there’s a mutual respect for each other’s leadership and skills. I respect their people and have had pleasant conversations with most of them, during and post-war.

Could you share with us some plans you have for the future of PIC, now that the war is over?

The PIC leadership has had plans to become major for some time now, but for specifics we’re going to be looking at upping our recruiting & mentoring game. Personally, there’s another army I’m waiting to take on.

With the Wojna Prestiżowa now concluded, both armies are ready to up their games and start internal development projects. Moreover, a pleasant ending was met, with the Confederates and Hussars bonding and developing a friendship. Could we expect an allyship soon? Or do you believe we will see both armies engaged in a conflict against each other soon?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 February 5, 2024 (1:52 am)

    I think PIC and WH will be very good friends in my opinion!

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