Sidie9 Resigns from People’s Imperial Confederation

The creator of the People’s Imperial Confederation, Sidie9, has resigned from her position after over four years of leadership. Having played such an active role in the Confederation throughout its current generation, what prompted her resignation?

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Sidie9 entered the army community in 2010 after witnessing a battle between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Army of Club Penguin. Although she initially participated as a rogue in the event, Sidie’s formal introduction to the CPA occurred a year later when she was recruited into the Ice Warriors. It didn’t take long for Sidie to notice a lack of army events that accommodated her Australian time zone. This prompted her to create the Army of Darkness, establishing the first known AUSIA division in the CPA community.

Army of Darkness vs. Nachos rogues (2011)

In 2013, Sidie took on the role of AUSIA leader of the Hot Sauce Army, leading them into a Golden Age. Over time, Sidie expanded her influence by colonizing the Heroes of CP under the HSA, formalizing it as an AUSIA division. Through her dedicated efforts, the army achieved sizes of ten to twenty penguins, an accomplishment previously unheard of in AUSIA time zones until that point.

HSA/Heros AUSIA Invasion of Doritos

Due to Sidie’s AUSIA innovations, Flipmoo/Slimball2007 was inspired to popularize the AUSIA community within the Army of Club Penguin. Following a stint as leader of the Golden Troops, Sidie worked her way up within the Clover ranks, eventually earning the title of AUSIA leader and Commander-in-Chief in 2015. Sidie’s Clovers grew through conflicts against the Rebel Penguin Federation, Dark Warriors, and Nachos. Throughout her leadership, ACP’s AUSIA division thrived, reaching sizes not seen since 2014. Later as Commander, Sidie led a community-wide campaign against multilogging, eventually conducting a coup of her fellow ACP leader, Trader. Sidie’s intense contributions to the Small/Medium army community eventually led to her induction as a 2012 S/M Legend.

ACP AUSIA Event (2015)

Following a three-year break from the CPA community, Sidie returned in 2019 to assist with the revival of the Army of Club Penguin. Following a few short weeks as Clover Second-in-Command, Sidie broke away with Proditor to establish the People’s Imperial Confederation. Throughout her time as PIC leader, the Confederation has remained an integral part of the S/M community. Reaching the finals in both Challengers Cup One and Two, her Confederation finally achieved their first and second trophies during Beach Brawl III and the New Year Bonanza (2024). Sidie led her army through a variety of conflicts throughout her four years as Commander. Most recently, Sidie9 helped spearhead PIC’s Prestige War against the Winged Hussars, defeating her opponents on the battlefield.

PIC vs. WH: Prestige War

On the 7th of February, Sidie announced her resignation as Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation. In a retirement post published on the PIC website, Sidie details the reasons for her resignation. Though she describes her decision as bittersweet, she plans to remain an active part of PIC’s advisory. During her final event as PIC Commander, 17 penguins showed up for the occasion.

Sidie9’s Resignation Event

To learn more about the reasons behind her retirement, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Sidie9.

You have been leading PIC since its’ very inception. How would you describe this journey of four years?

It’s been such a long road, but I could not be more happy with how things have turned out. PIC has been the premier Small/Medium army since the pandemic, and we have an extensive list of achievements. I’d have loved to reach Major status but I’ll leave that to my comrades.

What is the reason behind your resignation?

As I stated in my post, the decision to resign came from a shift of perspective. During my time on the Legends Committee for the 2023 Legends Inductions I saw certain individuals undercut the achievements of PIC and my co-leaders. It seems to some that my presence overshadows the other Commanders, so for the recognition of my colleagues it is best for me to leave. I will still be around and helping them as much as I can, PIC won’t have to worry about me disappearing!

You have certainly been an integral part of the army since its creation. What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

I think the coming months will be extremely important in PIC’s history. It’ll be interesting seeing how they will develop without me, but I’ll still be around to help them as best as I can. I have immense faith in Alucard, Shallissa and Sweater, and the whole team is extremely capable. I think they are set to accomplish very much.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army, during your time as a Leader?

As I’ve said, I’d have loved to achieve Major status, but it’s hard when PIC has a track record of inactive HICOM members. That has generally been our biggest weakness. It seems as though things have changed now, the whole team is set to accomplish very much. There’s a few more things I’d have liked to do as well, but I’m sure the PIC team has very similar ambitions.

What would you say has been the best thing about being a Leader for PIC?

Seeing it all grow, something from nothing. That has definitely been the best part for me. I don’t think there’s anywhere else quite like PIC, and I’m so proud to have witnessed it develop. From a small project with Proditor/David into a Small/Medium powerhouse, it has been such a pleasure to be there the whole way.

Could you share some of your favorite moments and memories from the army, if it’s not too personal?

Starting to date my partner and co-leader Shallissa has been one of the highlights for sure. Shoutout to the two times we kicked SWAT’s ass and the war in which we decimated the Golden Troops.

Do you plan to come back at any time in the future?

I have no plans for where to go next and I doubt I’ll need to return to PIC. I guess we’ll have to see!

Any final words or advice that you would like to give to the staff team and the army at large?

Viva Victory! I believe in all of you, and I will still be there as your biggest supporter.

Sidie9’s impact on the People’s Imperial Confederation and the S/M community is undeniable. Though her role within the Confederation seems hard to fill, Sidie appears to have complete confidence in PIC’s current leadership. While the future of PIC without Sidie is yet to be determined, the Confederation seems to have been left in good hands. Club Penguin Armies wishes Sidie9 a happy and relaxing retirement!

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