Beach Brawl III: Final Results

Following an intense day of clashes, the People’s Imperial Confederation emerged triumphant as the victor of Beach Brawl III. Despite the valiant efforts of three small-medium armies, only one could ultimately claim victory.

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Beach Brawl III took place on August 26th, with Friendly Gamers [FG], People’s Imperial Confederation [PIC], and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] engaging in an exhilarating fight. With Penguins of Madagascar [POM] suddenly dropping out of the tournament, Beach Brawl’s format became a three-way battle. All the participating armies surpassed the community’s expectations by extending the confrontation into overtime.

Friendly Gamers vs. People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The third iteration of Beach Brawl went across Inside Mine, Iceberg, and Cove, with Stadium being deemed the overtime room. It was noted that during the last minutes of preparation until the official start of the tournament, the community’s predictions were correct: PIC and SWAT were indeed willing to give their best. The former with a size of 20 troops online, and the latter with a size of 28 online. That was a commendable achievement for both armies, especially for PIC who was not used to reaching these numbers alone. For the duration of the battle, sizes fluctuated around 18-23 for SWAT, 14-17 for PIC, and 6-8 for FG.

Beach Brawl III – Room 1

In the first room, the judges stated that SWAT was experiencing flaws in formations, while FG couldn’t be seen in the midst of the conflict. PIC managed to put up a tough fight in this room. However, given SWAT’s slight size advantage, room 1 was deemed a victory for the Agents. In the second room, nevertheless, PIC was seen to improve its performance, while SWAT was losing momentum by making unclean formations and overusing Big Word Bubbles. Due to PIC’s neater formations and faster tactics, Iceberg was declared a PIC victory. At the Cove, the judges once again pointed out SWAT’s overuse of Big Word Bubbles and lack of creativity and variety in tactics. Now, both armies were experiencing flaws in their formations. Since there was no clear dominance in this room, it was declared a TIE between PIC and SWAT.
In the overtime room, SWAT was still seen to struggle with formations and tactic variety, as PIC was seen as the dominant army in the room, at last securing the Beach Brawl III trophy.

Beach Brawl III Champions – People’s Imperial Confederation

Beach Brawl III Trophy – designed by Dino

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Sidie9, the Confederates’ First Secretary, to gather some details about PIC’s victory.

How was the week before Beach Brawl III for PIC? What did you do to prepare yourselves?

Sidie9: The past seven days have been chaotic but rewarding. With the additions of Sweater and Cabin to the leadership, a lot of pressure was taken off the other Commanders. Cabin excelled at recruiting (as always) and we did our best to contact inactive members/veterans to see if they could attend. I’ve never been the best recruiter, so my effort was aimed towards writing tactics and preparing myself to lead the majority of the battle with Shallissa. We held numerous events leading up to the penultimate day as well. Our turnouts weren’t too impressive, but we used the opportunities to practice forms (such as the < form in room two) as well as speed. Everyone played a huge role in our eventual victory.

Do you have any comments on the battle itself? How was it for PIC to battle SWAT and FG at the same time?

Sidie9: That battle is certainly one I’ll remember. As a former colleague of Legoman, going against his SWAT can be genuinely frightening. Friendly Gamers did their absolute best and they deserve recognition for their determination. I look forward to seeing how they perform in the future! With that said, however, I became significantly confident in our capacity to win very early on. It became apparent that SWAT hadn’t written a single new tactic and, despite their size, we covered them a lot. I’m not sure if Lego was too lazy to write tactics or was overconfident in his ability to beat us with raw power. Regardless, when overtime was announced I knew it was our time to win. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

What would be your advice for any S/M army that wishes to follow in PIC’s footsteps?

Sidie9: Persistence is key. The Confederation wasn’t the first army I created. From 2011 to 2013 I founded numerous small AUSIA armies, learning a lot about leadership in the process. The best thing to do is to never give up, even in the face of hardship. Major armies that are relatively new (TCP, EGCP, HF) all started small. What propelled their success was the determination and willpower of those who believed in the vision of the founder. It can be especially difficult when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, but everything takes time and patience. Armies like PIC and Napalm Corps aren’t anomalies, your army can make a mark on the community too.

With Beach Brawl III drawing to a conclusion, Club Penguin Armies congratulates the People’s Imperial Confederation for the victory and commends the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Friendly Gamers for their performance. We also extend our gratitude and appreciation to CPA Judges and CPA: Battleground for their assistance in the organization of the tournament, and to Dino, for making the stunning trophy PIC is now proud to lift!

Who do you think will be the next S/M army to be on the rise? Will SWAT or FG be able to beat PIC in the next tournaments?

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