Fire Warriors Win Challengers Cup 2

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  We have reached the end of the Challengers cup tournament. Who did we see win the tournament? Was the community or the staff right on their predictions? Let’s read on more to find out. 

Fire Warriors vs People Imperial Conferdation. 

Both of the armies had entered the Grand Finals of the Challengers Cup 2 tournament. But only one came out victorious, in which Fire Warriors ended up being the winner.  They had won all three rooms with it being a 3-0. PIC had put up a good fight despite similar sizes between the armies but, wasn’t able to fully overcome the Fire Warriors. The Fire Warriors had a maxed size of 17 and PIC showed a max size of 19. Fire Warriors was placed at #9 in the TopTen while, PIC had been placed at #7 in the TopTen.

Fire Warriors vs PIC in the Grand Finals.

Results of the final round for FW vs PIC CC2.

Fire Warriors trophy for winning the Challengers Cup 2 tournament.

As you could tell, the CPAHQ community had quite a busy week for the tournament. The tournament lasting the entire week, with a total of 8 armies competing for the finals. Only one came out victorious, the Fire Warriors. The Staff/admins of CPAHQ would like to thank all the armies that participated in the tournament and we hoped that you guys had fun as well. Thank you and congrats to Fire Warriors for playing along and for winning the tournament.

What do YOU think? Which army do you guys think should have won? Should PIC have won the Challengers Cup 2 tournament? Let us know in the comments down below!


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