Top 5 Moments of December 2023

December has been a relatively happening month compared to the previous. With Christmas Chaos taking place, five armies declaring war on the Elite Guardians, and the Water Vikings taking the Christmas Chaos XIII trophy home, the month has been of ups and downs, but undoubtedly ended on a high note.

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As it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of December 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Cabin Takes the Helmet as the New Viking Commander

Written by: Edu14463

Cabin is an experienced army leader, most known for his work on the Templars, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Napalm Corps, a Small/Medium army he created in January 2023. It was only on October 11th, 2023, however, that he was hired as a Second-in-Command in the Water Vikings. On December 2nd, Water Vikings commander Dino addressed the army. In his dispatch, Dino introduced projects to foster excitement among troops and staff for the Christmas Chaos XIII Quarter-Finals. Therefore, anticipating a fierce battle, the leadership of Water Vikings would prepare measures to ensure their success in the tournament. In the face of this situation, Dino officially announced the induction of Cabin as the newest Viking Commander. Since then, Cabin has worked effortlessly to make his army grow. And of course, his hard work paid off, as the Vikings were crowned the victors of the latest iteration of Christmas Chaos.

Cabin’s induction as Commander at Water Vikings

4. Club Penguin Armies Hosts Winter Awards 2023 and Winter Wonderland Gala 

Written by: Disha

As tradition may have it, this year too, the Club Penguin Armies hosted the Winter Awards, to mark the end of the year, in an attempt to acknowledge and recognize people’s as well as armies’ hard work and achievements throughout the second half of 2023. There were several awards that were not only army-centric but which also took into account a person’s dedication and commitment to their work within the army community. The Awards Ceremony was followed by the Winter Wonderland Gala, hosted by the Community Committee, which featured many fun activities, like competing in Cart Surfer, and a channel where one could submit their “Nice” or “Naughty” Gala outfits, based on this year’s theme. Many people logged on to CPA Battleground to join in the fun and frolic that came along with the occasion contributing to an eventful end-of-a-year in the community.

Winter Awards and Winter Wonderland Gala 2023

3. Club Penguin Armies Hosts Christmas Chaos XIII

Written by: Coolguy

On November 22, after much anticipation, Club Penguin Armies released an announcement on their website revealing Christmas Chaos XIII. In 2022, the Rebel Penguin Federation won the tournament, once again. However, this time, there was a lot of fierce competition for the coveted trophy. Three days later, the first round was announced, revealing the structure of the tournament. The first round saw the People’s Imperial Confederation and Penguins of Madagascar fight on December 2nd, in the Qualifiers, for a place in the Quarterfinals.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Penguins of Madagascar – Christmas Chaos XIII Qualifiers’ Round

2. Water Vikings Win Christmas Chaos XIII

Written by: Coolguy

Following many fiercely fought battles, the Finals were set to take place between the Water Vikings and the Elite Guardians. For the Vikings, it saw an underdog story come into its final stages. Upon making their way into the Semi-Finals against the Army of Club Penguin, most of the predictions favored ACP. However, they proved themselves to be underestimated as they broke through the barriers and paved their own path to the Finals. The Guardians also paved their way through a tough path as they faced the Rebel Penguin Federation who always show up in tournaments. Despite that, they pulled a massive 50+ troops to defeat the 2022 champions. When the finals took place, there was a lot of speculation over who would come out on top, leaving the community split. However, the Vikings’ determination to win surpassed the Guardians’, ultimately leading them to victory despite having a smaller size. This marked the Vikings’ first-ever Christmas Chaos tournament win. It also made the community acknowledge the underestimated force that is known as the Water Vikings.

Water Vikings vs. Elite Guardians – Christmas Chaos XIII Finals

1. United Front Alliance Declares War on Elite Guardians

Written by: Izzy

On December 22nd, a conflict arose between the United Front Alliance – consisting of the Army of Club Penguin, Templars, People’s Imperial Confederation, and Coup Crusaders – accusing the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, with several allegations of explicit behavior, exposing controversial actions within the army. The Penguins of Madagascar later joined in the war as well, declaring war against the Guardians. This all began with one of EGCP’s founders, Edu14463, severing ties with the army, prompted by revelations of him attending some events under the name of “Juno”. These allegations culminated in a declaration of war by the armies that take part in the alliance, citing distasteful messages within the Guardians’ Discord server and similar issues with the Winged Hussars, a close ally of EGCP. These declarations of war highlighted the questionable behavior within the army, while also revealing an alleged connection between EGCP and Portuguese CPPS, CP Avalanche. As of January 6th, 2024, after several no-show confrontations, the current war score stands at 7-0-6 in favor of the UFA, encapsulating the intensity and competitive nature of this conflict.

Christmas Crusade – First Battle

As another month and a whole year come to an end, the question arises about what the next year shall hold for the army community. With the war raging, do you think January will be an exciting month? What were the top moments in December for you, and why are they so?

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