Cabin Takes the Helmet as the New Viking Commander

As the Quarter-Finals of Christmas Chaos approaches, the Water Vikings have announced a set of projects to keep the hype flowing in the army. Among the announcements, the leadership revealed a new addition to the Viking headship to fill a vacant seat.

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On December 2nd, Water Vikings commander Dino addressed the army through an important announcement. In his dispatch, Dino introduced projects to foster excitement among troops and staff for the Christmas Chaos XIII Quarter-Finals. In this round, the Water Vikings will face the Help Force, an army that demonstrates a similar performance. Therefore, anticipating a fierce battle, the leadership of WV has been preparing measures to ensure their success in the tournament. In the face of this situation, Dino officially announced the induction of Cabin as the newest Viking Commander.

Viking Induction

Dino Announcing Cabin’s Induction

Cabin is an experienced army leader, most known for his work on the TemplarsPeople’s Imperial Confederation, and Napalm Corps, a Small/Medium army he created in January 2023. It was only on October 11th, 2023, however, that he was hired as a second-in-command in the Water Vikings. Therefore, because of his commendable work in the armies he was in, Cabin was inducted as both a Templar Legend and a PIC Legend, winning Legends Cup XII and Beach Brawl III, for the former and the latter, respectively.

Viking PB against TCP

Cabin in a Recent Practice Battle against TCP

Additionally, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Cabin in order to learn more about their thoughts and feelings regarding his induction.

How do you feel about your induction as a Viking Commander?

It feels great to be leading a major army once more, especially one with such an immense history and culture.

Could you share some of your ambitions?

I aspire to aid the Water Vikings in reaching greater heights and I hope to do that with my work ethic and determination.

Do you believe there is anything to be improved in WV? If so, what is it, and how are you willing to assist?

I am willing to put in the work to increase the chances that my presence within the Water Vikings leadership can have a positive impact on the army in all facets.

What are the key attributes of leadership, in your perspective?

I believe that leadership is built on the virtues of patience, perseverance, philanthropy, and pride. These are the ideals that I strive to abide by.

Could you tell us about what you like the most in Water Vikings?

The community. Nothing within the army is more fascinating or meaningful to me.

Through the answers provided to us, it is reasonable to conclude that Cabin will certainly turn out to be an outstanding leader. A passionate commander who loves the community under his leadership. With this new addition, the Water Vikings seem ready for another chapter in their history. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish the very best of luck to Cabin in his new endeavor. Do you believe the Water Vikings will be able to win Christmas Chaos? Are you expecting to see WV rise under Cabin’s leadership?

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