Christmas Chaos XIII: Grand Finals Results

The Christmas Chaos XIII finals saw a historic battle go down, and now the results are in. We were fortunate to witness an incredible and intense final battle, but ultimately, only one army emerged victorious.

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The finals of the Christmas Chaos XIII saw two major armies going head-to-head after they both progressed from the semi-finals. Their sole objective since the beginning was to secure the trophy and bring it home to their respective army. The Elite Guardians, who won the trophy two times already, faced the Water Vikings, who had never held the trophy before, in a fierce battle. But who won this battle of two goliaths?

Elite Guardians vs. Water Vikings

During the battle, both armies faced challenges in keeping their lead, resulting in a close fight. There was no clear winner for the first room, even though Elite Guardians had the size advantage. The Water Vikings managed to look bigger, thanks to their clean formations and varied tactics, therefore, earning a tie. The same scenario occurred in the second room, as the Water Vikings managed to increase their pace. Their use of counter-forms made the Elite Guardians struggle as they suffered with many AFK troops. Despite the size difference, the Vikings were declared the winners of the second room. The last room saw a similar pattern to the first room. While the Water Vikings managed to perform creative forms like the infinity sign, they chose formations that allowed the Elite Guardians to take advantage in some instances. After the battle, the judges put a reminder that size isn’t a clear winning factor for battles like these, additionally indicating the excessive use of Big Word Bubbles in this battle. Taking these circumstances into consideration, it was decided that the third room was a tie. Thus, the Water Vikings were crowned as the champions of this tournament, marking their first Christmas Chaos trophy in the army’s history.

The final moments of Christmas Chaos XIII

Christmas Chaos XIII Champions – Water Vikings

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Water Vikings’ leader Dino to capture how they felt after their win and to give more details on how they won:

How do you feel as a leader winning the Christmas Chaos XIII for your army?

It feels great. WV has been snubbed for so long so it’s such a great feeling, not only because I led an army to a tournament win but also the hurdles that specific army had to go through. Just 3 months ago we were worried we would fall to S/M and then we go on this Cinderella run, not losing a single room. It’s euphoric. The first tournament I can remember in my army career was ironically Christmas Chaos in 2015 when I was a RPF mod. We would go on to win it all despite a rocky year. RPF and WV aren’t comparable, but to start my army career with that and finally lead my own army to a win (keeping in mind both weren’t doing hot before CC) just feels so fulfilling and poetic.

Can you share any details about your preparations? In your opinion, what gave you the edge in the final battle?

We did quite a few things which I’ll go into detail:

  • I led my own DM project with 14 other staff members where we DM’d every enlistee that had a CPAB account (around 700 members) and also every vet informing them about the upcoming finals;
  • Aaron had his own DM project where every day for the next 2 weeks we’d DM the reactees reminders;
  • We hosted a recruitment contest in which Cabin, Mei, and ESPECIALLY Chey recruited around 400+ new members;
  • We made sure to stay on top of ping reminders and bumping the event;
  • We had all staff write some tactics for the event. I personally wrote about 60 tactics for this event;
  • We kept staff happy and encouraged them along the way;
  • Me, Cabin, and Aaron planned out what we wanted to do in advance. Didn’t mean we strictly did those things but we planned out what forms we wanted to do and how to counter EGCP;
  • and most importantly, we in our heart knew we could win this. That doesn’t mean we wrote EGCP off. In fact I told my staff plain and simple that EGCP would out-max and do well. We just needed to give it our own

This, in my opinion, gave us the edge over EGCP in this battle. There was some other smaller stuff we did but otherwise yeah.

What has been your biggest personal achievement during Christmas Chaos XIII?

Getting over the hump vs. HF. I know that sounds weird to say because that was a quarter-finals match and there was some people saw us beating HF, but we have a loooong history with HF. Before this tournament, the only times we beat HF at all was in WW8 but that was alliance vs. alliance so not a fair sample size. HF had beat us otherwise in PBs and tournaments. AA finals and FoF in 2020 comes to mind. So to me beating HF was such a great achievement that it’s almost on par with winning it all. We finally broke the curse.

Was there anything in Elite Guardians’ performance or preparations that impressed you?

EGCP is a very creative army with their formations so that impressed me going into this. That and also EGCP is just an absolute unit lmfao so that was defo also impressive

Is there any message you would like to give to the community on behalf of the Water Vikings?

Happy Holidays and happy New Year to everyone! This was a great finish to this year. Looking forward to 2024. Hopefully next year WV isn’t easily written off, though 😛

Congratulations to the Water Vikings, who emerged victorious in the Christmas Chaos finals for the first time in their history. Huge applause to the Elite Guardians for their amazing performance during this tournament and for tying two rooms. Commiserations to every army who participated in this tournament and for putting on a great show to end the year. Who do you think will be the Christmas Chaos XIV winner? Did you predict that the Water Vikings would win?

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