Cabin’s Final Ride: Retirement from Templars and CPA

Amidst the recent Templar-Water Viking War, Cabin announced his departure from the Templar leadership. His retirement came only five months after his induction as Grand Prior.

On November 3, a post titled Final Retirement of Cabin surfaced the CPA Coffee Table website. As the title may suggest, the post serves as Templars’ Grand Prior Cabin‘s final farewell to the Club Penguin army community. In the post, he writes:

I feel content with the work I have done here. Subsequently, I have decided to permanently retire.

His career is one to admire, with his very first army being the Golden Troops in 2014, and the Pirates shortly thereafter. The years following saw him hop from army to army, such as the Light Troops, the Army of Club Penguin, and the People’s Imperial Confederation. His final stop was the Templars, whom he joined in February of this year.

Cabin’s TCP achievements as seen in his retirement post

Cabin’s time as leader was a raging success, and the Templars have not surrendered their #1 spot on the weekly Top Tens for multiple months. The community has seen the army engage in multiple wars, countering armies such as the Lime Green Army, Special Weapons and Tactics, or most recently, the Water Vikings. Quoting his CP Army Headquarters interview from the summer: “Hard work is rewarding”, and Cabin has definitely proved to have put in the work alongside his fellow Templars.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Cabin to find out more about his thoughts on retirement.

What made you decide to retire?

I retired from the Club Penguin army community because I am content with my contributions. I have no spirit to contribute anymore. I did everything to the best of my ability and that is what matters to me the most. I could have postponed my retirement, but then I would be nothing more than a walking corpse. I chose to retire happy. I am ecstatic with myself and my work.

How do you think Templars will do without you?

I was the leader Xing relied on heavily for important army duties. Regardless, I believe the Templars will not suffer without me. The army has lost several leaders like myself in the past but persevered anyway.

Were you able to achieve all your goals as a Leader?

I did not achieve all of my goals as Grand Prior of the Templar Empire. I often felt limited in how I could contribute because of how the Templars leadership is shaped. I achieved some of my goals and for that I am happy.

Is there anything in store for you in the future?

I do not plan on returning to the community. I will be focusing on school, work, and relaxing. I do not owe myself or anyone anything more.

Cabin says that he is happy with all that he has done and contributed, and will now take his time to focus on his school and work. Given that he has been an integral part of the army community for the past 8 years, he shall surely be missed, and this retirement is much deserved! We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors! 

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