Cabin Departs PIC Leadership Following Beach Brawl Victory

In a surprise turn of events, following People Imperial Confederation’s win on Saturday, Cabin has announced his departure from the army.

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Cabin is a well-known figure within modern-day armies and is often recognised for his leadership skills. However, his leadership tenures of late have been short. Despite that, he’s kept fighting to help armies within the community, including his own. Earlier in the year Cabin created Napalm Corps and opened up the army on February 21st. However, on March 9th, Cabin announced the army’s temporary closure.

On April 2nd, just under a month later, Cabin announced the army’s triumphant return. Upon returning, the army was able to max 26 penguins, which was a record-high for Cabin’s crew. During this run, they invaded the Wet Army Penguins and, later, became a part of the Sapphire Concordat alliance, taking on the Dark Vikings.

The Corps army went on to win what was deemed as the Bloodbath Barrage war against the Vikings. However, on June 6th, Cabin went on to retire from the army, once more. The reason for his retirement was partially because of his work/life balance but also his lack of motivation in armies.

Napalm Corps during one of their events

His recent tenure in the People’s Imperial Confederation came as a surprise to many as he announced his return as a leader. Just 2 months before he announced his return to PIC, Napalm Corps merged into the confederation. This move saw Cabin’s former army and his own creation becoming one. With this move, he was able to work alongside both armies’ troops upon his return.

Cabin officially returned to the Confederation on August 7th. Since then, he has helped the army to grow and even led them to win the Beach Brawl tournament. Despite this, just one day after leading the army to victory, Cabin, once again, announced his departure from the army.

SWAT vs PIC in the Beach Brawl tournament

Club Penguin Armies contacted Cabin to find out more about why he decided to retire.

Why did you decide to retire from the Confederation?

The main reason for my return to the People’s Imperial Confederation leadership was to help secure the army’s first ever tournament victory. Since we won, I see no reason to continuing leading the Confederation, especially as I had no plan to continue leading if we won the tournament. That aside, I will continue to serve as a significant member of the army’s Congress of Soviets.

How was your short return to the army? Any special moments?

I enjoyed my short return. Winning Beach Brawl III was definitely the greatest special moment for me.

Do you see yourself returning to the community in any capacity in the future?

I am not going to state that I am retiring forever as that is a promise I obviously cannot keep. Depending on the circumstances, I may return in the future. If so, you can expect me to lead the People’s Imperial Confederation again if its active.

What do you think the future holds for PIC?

The future holds great things for the army if this momentum continues.

Do you have any advice for the army moving forward?

Pay little attention to events within the community if it does not directly affect your army. Your army will not be successful if you are too focused on irrelevant news and situations.

It seems like Cabin never intended to stay for long, however, a return could be on the cards in the future. He has great hopes for the army after their recent Beach Brawl win. Will PIC continue to grow from here? Will Cabin return to the community in the near future? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish both Cabin and PIC the best of luck in the future.

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